Rubber O Cement ‎– Thylakoid Hubcaps N' Chloroblast!!

Brutal Sound Effects ‎– none
CDr, Album


1 Tear Jerker Membrane Of The Thylakoid Membrane System. 2:11
2 Tiny Pervert Thylakoid Rules Of Treatment: A) Blobbubbo B) Goose C) Picker Winner 2:28
3 Find My Thighlights, Pity My Thylakoid Combination Helium Symbols Chart 1:50
4 Repair Of Thylakoid Hubcaps, Beautiful Helium Treatment 1:27
5 Golden Moment In The Carotenoids 1:42
6 Midas Touch...Of The Acid Mine Waste!!!! 0:40
7 Democitus, Matter Of Fact 0:48
8 Music For Music Critics 0:54
9 Tyndall Effect On My Funny Molybdenum Valentine 1:18
10 Self Harvested Superconductor Calci-Chips 3:49
11 Liquid Argon, Sea Salt Frosting, Nit Picky Atoms 2:08
12 Dewer Flask; Thermosful Of Thylakoid Combinations!!! 1:53
13 Superconducting Calcichips, Move Arms, Take Over!!! 3:48
14 Gas World Jitterbug; Argon World Spikes Shifting!!! 2:04
15 Vintage Chloroblast!!!!! 3:02
16 Chloroblast With Heartfelt Dose Of Califronium (CF) 7:06
17 Hundred Billion Whips (Of The Zippy Little 'Lectron) 1:50
18 Discrete Quanta Packets Of Lovely Starshine/Mirror Thong 1:56
19 Elegantly Presented Colossus: Maximum Flourine Combination Plant!! 0:35
20 Put On Your Sunday Best For The Dapper 'Fragment Of Fission'!!! 1:04
21 Hot And Chatty Sweaty Szilard Dupes In "The Hydrogen Affair" 1:41
22 "The Hydrogen Affair" Tritum Fast Talks The Szilard Simpletones. 1:41


The cover and tracklisting are stuck to the front and back of a random comic book. The disc is packaged in a folded piece of paper inside the comic book.