VariousThe Globe Tapes, 42 New Zealand Poets Read Their Work

Label:Hard Echo Press – 0-908715-15-3
Country:New Zealand


A1Riemke EnsingTrack With Tide Coming In
A2Riemke EnsingFalling Houses
A3Iain SharpThe Nevertheless Incredibly Happy Poem
A4John Hanlon (2)Sligo
A5Stephanie Johnson (6)Today Through Blue Monoxide
A6Stephanie Johnson (6)For Mervyn Adams
A7Piet NieuwlandDiga Diga
A8Piet NieuwlandMoko
A9Bob OrrThe Black Trawler
A10Bob OrrAustralia
A11Bob OrrStrange Land
A12Bob OrrChild
A13Gary MuttonHotel (Near Fjordland)
A14Gary MuttonArchitect's Idea
A15Janni RomanuikFiji
A16Janni RomanuikAutumn
A17Peter HooperAs I Lay Dying
A18Peter TaitDown Darlinghurst Road
B1Martin Sutton (3)Palagi
B2Martin Sutton (3)The Glass Slipper
B3Judy McNeilWho Dances To What Bugle?
B4Sandra BellThe Woman in The Blue Dressing Gown
B5Sandra BellThe World Split Open
B6Sandra BellPicture of Ourselves
B7Michael Morrissey (2)Advice On Auckland
B8Bruce BissetPut It On A Postcard
B9Bruce BissetA Taranaki Poem
B10Bruce BissetAn Estranged Love Affair
B11Vaughan MorganAn Allegory
B12Rae A. WilliamsThe Burning Of Jed Garnett
B13Murray EdmondShack
B14Murray EdmondA Patching Together
B15Susan AllpressHow Many Times Have You
B16Susan AllpressThe Quickening
B17Stephen Oliver (4)Election Year Blues
C1Mike Johnson (56)Palanquin Ropes
C2Kim BlackburnLizards In Love
C3Kim BlackburnKiss Kiss Kiss
C4Kim BlackburnLoverfish
C5Albert Livingstone RefitiLet's Dance
C6Albert Livingstone RefitiL.O.V.E.
C7W. S. JordanThe Bus Man
C8W. S. JordanOn A Cold Mornig After Breakfast
C9Nigel Roberts (5)The Quote From Auden
C10Don McRae (2)Lost
C11Susan LeesTaboo
C12Susan LeesAxe
C13Harry Goodwin (4)0
C14John Dawson (14)Lost To Generation
C15Mark Richards (27)Words - Words - Words
C16Mark Richards (27)Boat Building At Home
C17David EggletonBody Talk
C18David EggletonPrime Time
C19Fiona KidmanThe Newsmakers
C20Fiona KidmanPhotogrpah
C21Fiona KidmanAmelia Born In May
D1Rosemary MenziesI Feel The Summer Coming
D2Rosemary MenziesThere Is A Way Of Doing Things
D3Don ColebrookView
D4Michael O'Leary (4)Nuclear Family - A Fragment
D5Elizabeth SmitherBrutal Pruning Of A Camelia Tree
D6Denys TrussellFor A Woman Teaching English In Japan
D7Lauris EdmondLove Poem
D8Lauris EdmondOne Way
D9Lauris EdmondOn the Te Awamutu Road
D10Lauris EdmondGoing To Moscow
D11Herman GladwinDear Miss
D12Cherie BarfordA Moscow Clown
D13Cherie BarfordAsking For A Good Life In Heliopolis
D14Cherie BarfordComing Around The Bend
D15John PuleSpring Night
D16John PuleSelections From 'Ocean'
D17Alistair PatersonDistances
D18Alistair PatersonA Canticle
D19Alistair PatersonTake Two / An Alchemy Of Machine Guns

Companies, etc.


These cassettes record the voices of 42 New Zealand poets reading their own work at the Globe Tavern in Auckland, the two books which accompany the cassettes enable the poems to be read as they are listened to.

Cat# is ISBN # printed inside each book and on back of box.



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