Thomas Krome - Corbonator as reviewed by maroko

June 4, 2010
edited over 10 years ago

Unquestionably some of Krome's most linear, and well, back to basics techno, but one thing I always thought was very interesting is the A side track. Does anybody but me notice how similar does it sound to Thomas Krome's remix of Sven Vath's "Breakthrough", which can be found on the "Breakthrough" 12" vinyl, released in 1998 on Virgin Schallplatten, and on this CD also by Sven Vath: Six In The Mix (The Fusion Remix Collection '99), released in 1999, also on the same label.
That remix was always one of my all time favorite peak time techno tracks, with that incredibly uplifting vocal snippet and the high pitched synth stab.
Carbonator A1 is way too similar to that track, but despite of that, remains a total club killer. Absolutely overshadowing the B side track, Thomas Krome once again, like so many times before and after, crafted a tune which was irresistible on the dance floor and made party goers scratch their heads in amazament whenever they heard it. Basically, whatever charm and appeal Carbonator has, it is rooted in the same sound effects and arrangements which cemented his remix of "Breakthrough" as one of the definitive club cuts of the turn of the millenium!
In fact, it is so great that you should either buy this vinyl, or head straight for the 1998 Sven Vath single. Personally, I would recommend the Vath single, as it also includes an incredibly percussion heavy and harsh stomper by Chris Liebing.
Maybe not Corb's best release, but for those of you who like to watch the paint come off the walls as soon as you make the needle drop, this is essential.

Thomas Krome - Corbonator ells101

April 12, 2020
Nice review mate! Thanks for telling us about the remix of Breakthrough...banger!

Thomas Krome - Corbonator as reviewed by T0MMY_B0Y

September 23, 2003

This is a classic. Two tracks of techno progression. If you are a fan of Adam Beyer or Speedy J style of techno then you'll love this. Crunchy 909 beats pave the way to rumbling basslines. The info side has a lovely deep, crispy analogue line with traditional 909 beats. The logo side is a longer, more intense track. Repetative beats with an EVIL bassline. Keeps building and building until it kicks off with the old 909 ride cymbals (KRUNCHY!). A quality production.