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Shoji Meguro, Atlus Sound TeamPersona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack: Essential Edition

Label:Iam8bit – 8BIT-8069
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, LP, Grey
Vinyl, LP, Clear
Vinyl, LP, Red Translucent
Box Set, Album, Compilation
Genre:Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style:Jazz-Rock, Video Game Music


A1Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
A2Life Will Change
A3Last Surprise
A4Beneath The Mask
A5The Whims Of Fate
B1Beneath The Mask -Rain-
B2Tokyo Daylight
B3Rivers In The Desert
B4Hoshi to Bokura
B5Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Opening Movie Version)
C1Beneath The Mask (Instrumental)
C2Life Will Change (Instrumental)
C3Rivers In The Desert (Instrumental)
C4Beneath The Mask -Rain- (Instrumental)
C5Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Instrumental)
D1Interrogation Room
D2Recollection And Foreboding
D6Blooming Villan
D8Star Forneus
D9Punch Ouch
D10Train Of Life
D11Power Intuition
D12Legend Of Gambla Goemon
D13Pro Golfer Sarutahiko
D14Crane Game
E2Confession / Secret
E3Blood Of Villan
E5Butterfly Kiss
E6My Homie
E7A Woman
E8Sunset Bridge
E9When Mother Was There
E10Limitless Pride
F1Treading On Scorched Sand
F4Freedom And Peace
F6Swear To My Bones
F7Our Beginning
G4Will Power
G6Layer Cake
G7The Collapse Of Lust
G8High Pressure
H1Keeper Of Lust
H2Life Goes On
H3New Beginning
H4Home Electronics Store
H5Welcome Home, Master!

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The Essential 4xLP Edition vinyl collection released by iam8bit and Atlus Sound Team. Contains a selection of the most popular songs from Persona 5. Contains a calling card & stickers in the art style of Persona 5 to create your own calling card.

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  • Barcode: 0852428007785

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P5: Persona 5 Soundtrack (LP, LP, Grey, LP, Clear, LP, Red Translucent, 2×LP, Blue Translucent, Box Set, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition)Iam8bit, Atlus8BIT-8069US2017
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Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack: Essential Edition (LP, LP, Silver, LP, Crystal Clear, LP, Red Translucent, Box Set, Album, Compilation, Reissue)Iam8bit8BIT-8069US2021
Within_Your_Reach's avatar
Guess I got lucky since all four of my discs are flat and noise free. I do give all of my records a clean before spinning. There was a lot of crud that came out of the grooves after cleaning. I would suggest everyone do the same before playing.

Soundwise this is incredible. Very much worth the wait for the repress.
Ducku's avatar
I got the 2019 repress of this and I personally haven't had the issues other people are talking about. Packaging was perfect condition. some of the records has noticeable surface noise but nothing too bad. No scratches or anything. So the quality control could be a problem with the 2021 repress.
imalexo774's avatar
Idk why everyone's complaining. My box arrived in perfect condition, no split sleeves or scratched vinyl. Seems like some people just feel like their negative experience is universal I guess. If this goes on sale again and you're a Persona fan, you don't wanna miss out on this cute box set. My only complaint is that there was no care done in sequencing; get ready to hear four different versions of "Beneath the Mask" before you even reach side D if you listen from start to finish.
4ng31's avatar
Save your money...this release is a joke. Bought the repress brand new directly from iam8bit...received a warped disc 1 which was also covered (and I mean covered as in the entire record) in paper remnants from I'm assuming the original sleeves? Who knows...also disc 1 came new with scratches within the entire groove for "Hoshi to Bokura" so it has a lovely thump throughout the entire track. All 4 sleeves were split on arrival (again, brand new)...and just all around shitty sounding records. For the price and delays, I expected much better but jokes on me I guess...just awful...
Scrade's avatar
Edited one year ago
Oh boy, do I got a lot to say about this one.
This release is brought to us courtesy of iam8bit, which I am incredibly mixed on. They have some good vinyl releases (Undertale) and some godawful ones (Steven Universe), and this falls somewhere in the middle. The packaging for this release is half good and half bad. The actual cover and especially the sleeve art look gorgeous, and while the usage of the masks the Phantom Thieves wear to denote the sides is a bit cumbersome, they won't be an issue to hardcore fans which is who this is geared towards. The sleeves themselves, however, are incredibly flimsy. Disc 4's sleeve in particular arrived ripped on the left side! And I got this directly from iam8bit's site, so this isn't the fault of secondhand sellers. The back of the box set is really gimmicky too, with a "The Persona 5 soundtrack makes me feel..." section with provided alphabet stickers that's incredibly out of place. We aren't in kindergarten anymore, iam8bit. The inclusion of a calling card from Shoji Meguro is cute, though.
The first, third and fourth discs all sound incredibly good, with some minor distortion here and there that is really only present at the end of the first side in my experience. The song selection is... odd (why aren't Tokyo Emergency, Hymn of the Soul, and King Queen and Slaves on here, but the 8-bit tracks are??) but it mostly gets the job done. Now, you might be wondering why this review has a relatively low rating despite me mostly saying positives. Well, my friend, that's because of one major, MAJOR design flaw: Disc 2 has GLITTER in it!! Why would you do that?! Because of this, during the entirety of disc 2 there's a constant stream of static-y white noise that permeates throughout its runtime. The glitter effect isn't even noticable, so why did they even bother when it gives off a lackluster result at the cost of sound quality? Plus, the price... why is this $100, and why is the deluxe edition with 2 bonus discs $175?! You mean to tell me that two extra discs are worth $75?! That's just a complete ripoff, especially considering the overall quality of the set. In my case, my copy arrived from iam8bit's site damaged on the back, with rips everywhere. Inexcusable, especially for $100. This is why I don't buy iam8bit records anymore.
WhiteFang48's avatar
You get what you pay for in this vinyl boxset. The artwork is great, plenty of things to look at in the box while you're listening, and most important is the quality. Crystal clear sound with great dynamics
Savster's avatar
sell me this shit plz
i really need this vinyl ty
Error1355's avatar
They released a second pressing of the Essentials Edition this week, for anyone who missed it back in 2017.
czarship's avatar
It's a crime they removed some of the most memorable tracks of the series from this soundtrack. Boo!
ddd_david's avatar
Both the packaging and the press are super impressive, worth every penny.
Only downside is that it doesn't have Hymn of the Soul. :(