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Shoji Meguro, Atlus Sound TeamP5: Persona 5 Soundtrack

Label:Iam8bit – 8BIT-8069, Atlus – 8BIT-8069
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, LP, Grey
Vinyl, LP, Clear
Vinyl, LP, Red Translucent
2 x Vinyl, LP, Blue Translucent
Box Set, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
Genre:Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop, Stage & Screen
Style:Jazz-Rock, Soundtrack, Video Game Music


A1Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
Lyrics ByBenjamin Franklin (5)
A2Life Will Change
Lyrics ByBenjamin Franklin (5)
A3Last Surprise
Lyrics ByBenjamin Franklin (5)
A4Beneath The Mask
Lyrics ByRike Schmalz
A5The Whims Of Fate
Lyrics ByBenjamin Franklin (5)
B1Beneath The Mask -Rain-
Lyrics ByRike Schmalz
B2Tokyo Daylight
Lyrics ByShoji Meguro
B3Rivers In The Desert
Lyrics ByBenjamin Franklin (5)
B4Hoshi To Bokura To
Lyrics ByShigeo Komori
B5Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Opening Movie Version)
Lyrics ByBenjamin Franklin (5)
C1Beneath The Mask (Instrumental)
C2Life Will Change (Instrumental)
C3Rivers In The Desert (Instrumental)
C4Beneath The Mask -Rain- (Instrumental)
C5Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Instrumental)
D1Interrogation Room
D2Recollection And Foreboding
D6Blooming Villan
D8Star Forneus
D9Punch Ouch
D10Train Of Life
D11Power Intuition
D12Legend Of Gambla Goemon
D13Pro Golfer Sarutahiko
D14Crane Game
E2Confession / Secret
E3Blood Of Villan
E5Butterfly Kiss
E6My Homie
E7A Woman
E8Sunset Bridge
E9When Mother Was There
E10Limitless Pride
F1Treading On Scorched Sand
F4Freedom And Peace
F6Swear To My Bones
F7Our Beginning
G4Will Power
G6Layer Cake
G7The Collapse Of Lust
G8High Pressure
H1Keeper Of Lust
H2Life Goes On
H3New Beginning
H4Home Electronics Store
H5Welcome Home, Master!
I1Getaway & Arrest
I2Hymn Of The Soul
FeaturingHaruko Komiya
Lyrics ByShoji Meguro
I3Into The Metaverse
I4King,Queen, And Slaves (Another Version)
I5King, Queen, And Slaves
I7Tokyo Emergency
I8Confession/Secret (Piano Version)
I7Endless Days
J1Have A Short Rest
J2Suspicious Person
J3Wicked Plan
J4A Woman (Another Version)
J5Days Of Sisters
J8Price (Another Version)
J9Memories Of Summer
J10When Mother Was There (Another Version)
J11The Collapse Of Wrath
J12Alright (Elp Version)
K3Break It Down (Elp Version)
K4The Spirit
K5What's Going On?
K7Big Bang Burger March
K8Triple Seven
K9Time To Repent
K11Tanaka's Shady Commodities
K12Impromptu For The Next Prime Minister
K13The Collapse Of Pride
L1Hoshi To Bokura To (Piano Version)
Lyrics ByShigeo Komori
L2Break It down
L3So Boring
L4Mental Shutdown
L5Sweatshop (Another Version)
L6Run,Run, Run!
L7Accident On-Air
L8Escape (Another Version)
L9Getaway (Another Version)

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Deluxe 6xLP Edition of the Persona 5 vinyl collection released by iam8bit and Atlus Sound Team. Contains the complete Persona 5 soundtrack of 110 songs (Limited Pressing of 1,000) and an alternative holographic box cover. Contain a calling card & stickers in the art style of Persona 5 to create your own calling card.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): MPO 1 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 A Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): MPO d 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 B Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C): 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 C MPO ϵ Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D): MPO & 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 D Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E): 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 E MPO (reverse 6) Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F): MPO 9 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 F Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G): 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 G MPO (reverse 4) Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H): MPO 9 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 H Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side I): 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 I MPO f Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side J): MPO (reverse 1) 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 J Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side K): MPO (reverse 4) 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 K² Kr SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side L): MPO S 17-0447NL-8bit-8069 L Kr SST

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack: Essential Edition (LP, LP, Grey, LP, Clear, LP, Red Translucent, Box Set, Album, Compilation)Iam8bit8BIT-8069US2017
New Submission
Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack: Essential Edition (LP, LP, Silver, LP, Crystal Clear, LP, Red Translucent, Box Set, Album, Compilation, Reissue)Iam8bit8BIT-8069US2021


amandeep1420's avatar
If you're willing to sell this for cost + shipping, hit me up! Thank you!
Blarefox's avatar
Nice set, was really difficult and rare to find it at a decent price point. The soundtrack is totally worth it tho lol
CaptainErsatz's avatar
What the fuck were they thinking with the packaging and that sticker sheet
czarship's avatar
I messed up and assumed they'd put all the best tracks in the Essential Edition (4x LP) version, but some of my favorite songs are only in the Deluxe Edition (6x LP). If anyone is willing to sell and/or trade me the 6x LP version, please let me know! I hate myself for missing this, thanks!
FLauridsen's avatar
Edited 4 years ago
I think the packaging is severely disappointing considering the price tag. A holographic cover and 2 extra disc is apparently worth $75 extra. It unfortuntaly feels like iam8bit has been preying on fans and collectors who want the full soundtrack and upped the price accordingly. Even worse is that the thin printed inner sleeves have scuffed all the discs, so even right after opening it looks like they've been mishandled. Fortunately that turned out to be visible damage only, as they all play perfectly fine.

At least I am very satisfied with the pressing and sound quality of the release. Maybe I'm lucky, but unlike the commenter below I didn't experience a single pop throughout all six discs. Overall a very clear and quiet pressing. And the music itself is fantastic throughout.
Compupaq's avatar
I expected a better quality set for $175. It feels like a set that was put together for half that price. All six discs are made with 140g vinyl. Wow is noticeable on multiple discs, along with pops in several songs, even after cleaning. All six inner sleeves are split on the bottom. The red disc has a small amount of black vinyl melted into it. I would've liked it if the disc labels had side designations on them (side A, B, C, etc), instead of just a picture of a mask requiring me to look at the back of the inner sleeves to figure out which side is which.
TheDeadTexan's avatar
Edited 4 years ago
I don't understand how iam8bit teased the artwork for this release for six months before finally revealing it. The finished cover art is the laziest thing they could've presented. It's nothing but reused character portraits surrounding a simple logo. I expected some sort of original work with the level of secrecy surrounding the release.

The label's YouTube account went into detail about the importance of custom packaging for this release, but there's so much left to be desired when you actually have it in your hands. The outer box has the lazy aforementioned cover art, a gimmicky message on the back that you're supposed to fill in with stickers included with the set, and no text or art of any kind on the spine. The record sleeves have artwork featuring the clothing of some of the main cast. It's a decent idea, but the presentation is flat and not including new portrait artwork for the characters represented feels like a true missed opportunity. As for the records housed in each sleeve, they come in various styles and colors. Another contradiction from their YouTube video since they said they used black vinyl for the first disc for "supreme audio quality." Why emphasize the importance of black vinyl if you're going to use multiple colors for the set?

The set includes a sticker sheet with individual letters so you can fill out the back of the box's message about how the soundtrack makes you feel. To me, this is just a hokey distraction. There is a calling card with a message from composer Shoji Meguro on it. Appropriately enough he makes no real mention about how the soundtrack sounds, just that it might look pretty in someone's collection. Something that could be said about iam8bit as a whole. The bottom of the box is adorned with a plaid pattern mimicking the protagonist's school uniform.

The audio quality for my copy is decent. A bit of surface noise, and the mixing adequate. The mastering did have special attention if the video series is to be believed. It's just a shame that the entire package feels so underwhelming. This game deserved much better.