Massive Attack - 100th Window mm420rbital

November 9, 2019
I’ve got a NM/VG+ 3xLP Massive Attack - Collected to trade for a VG+ copy of this bad boy if anyone is keen...

Massive Attack - 100th Window bbritooo

September 14, 2018
If only the LP version came with all the sick artwork in the CD booklet.. you're slackin 3D. This shit sounds crisp though

Massive Attack - 100th Window marcoprolo

August 7, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Does anybody know if it's 3x 180 gram vinyl? Nothing's mentioned nowhere..?! The repress was announced but now it's not realised.. Thanks for informations!

Massive Attack - 100th Window 4Train

June 8, 2018
Vinyl reissue finally available via VinylMePlease, members exclusive. Triple vinyl again, still not cheap, but of course I have one ordered. ....happy day.

Massive Attack - 100th Window shade1on1

June 18, 2018
Exactly, those that are listed are listed because they"ve had them up since january when it was announced as a june date. Heligoland got through but 100th did not. Guy in my area who owns a record shop said he understands there were issues with the release therefore it's being pushed back again - likely December 2018 or early next year. I removed my pre-order. Not being charged for something i wont be getting anytime soon. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but like most massive attack release dates, don't get your hopes up. Remember the mezzanine release fiasco?

Massive Attack - 100th Window shade1on1

June 18, 2018
Heligoland on the other hand is fantastic. Grabbed two copies of it from pre-order when it was actually a decent price of 32.00 canadian on amazon.

Massive Attack - 100th Window shade1on1

June 18, 2018
They don't have any. It was never released to distributers. The guy who owns the shop in my area said it likely wont be released until December or early next year now.

Massive Attack - 100th Window 4Train

June 14, 2018
Haha, I hear you. Hey don't shoot the messenger, I am just sharing info with my fellow fans. My card has been charged, the club does shipments only once a month and June already shipped. Thus my order page says it will arrive July. I also just ordered Heligoland from Amazon. We shall see.

Massive Attack - 100th Window schwaggy

June 11, 2018
Available? No. Listed? Yes - just like all the other outlets.
Still not released. Let us know when it ships.

Massive Attack - 100th Window nexxuss

February 23, 2018
Amazon says the reissue will be released in June. Juno keeps pushing the date further.

Massive Attack - 100th Window nexxuss

June 11, 2018
It wasn't in stock, and I'm not surprised.

Massive Attack - 100th Window SheriffCassidy

May 1, 2018
You can order the reissue on Amazon with a release date of 8th June as of now.

Massive Attack - 100th Window SleepyDino

February 24, 2018
So it's basically the same story as last year. Nah.

Massive Attack - 100th Window CLAUMEN

January 26, 2018
Thank God This title will be released on February 16, 2018. !!! .. Cheers !

Massive Attack - 100th Window dale.cooper

January 13, 2018
Come on, 51 copies for sale, cheapest at $75. Dear sellers, you need to rethink your definition of rarity.

Massive Attack - 100th Window CLAUMEN

January 26, 2018
This title will be released on February 16, 2018. .. Pre Orders in Amazon !

Massive Attack - 100th Window josepfernandezmarsal

October 6, 2017

One of my favourite albums of all time. Excelent pressing but I bought it second hand and its quite dirty so many pops and clicks.

Massive Attack - 100th Window aspiniou

February 19, 2017
will this ever be repressed? i just got outbid on ebay again.

Massive Attack - 100th Window killstylez32

February 20, 2017
Yep. represses have been announced, pre-orders available mostly everywhere now. Still no hard release date yet however.

Massive Attack - 100th Window .Richard.

January 20, 2017
I heard there is a repress coming of this, possibly around March/April this year..

Massive Attack - 100th Window as reviewed by honicz

December 15, 2006
edited over 12 years ago

Based on the mixed opinions this record had received at the time of its release, I hesitated to purchase "100th Window" for a long time until I recently spotted it at a discount.

As measured by the high standards set by its consummate predecessor, "100th Window" seemed doomed to fail. Nonetheless, the production struck me as clean and detailed from the beginning, evoking an atmosphere similar to that of "Mezzanine". The wealth of dark soundscapes make this a recommended headphone experience.

After more in-depth listening, however, there seems to be something lacking. Whereas earlier Massive Attack albums had a certain warmth in their overall sound, this one rarely breaks the cold prevailing mood.

I consider the tracks featuring Sinéad O'Connor to be real album highlights - yet, my favourite tracks remain those without guest appearances (for instance, the hypnotic opener "Future Proof" or the superbly produced "Butterfly Caught", which are both reminiscent of the band's finest moments on "Mezzanine").

One can hardly expect Massive Attack to reinvent themselves with each new record; therefore, their qualitative consistency (after 15 years of band history) should be applauded."

Massive Attack - 100th Window as reviewed by jussumen

February 28, 2003

It took a while to realize , that it is indeed a wonderful record , especially the artwork is stunning - when you take out all inside sleeves you can cover the whole package , a three-gate-fold with these all black - sheets-cartons , which looks absolutely wonderful . Plus the music is sometimes very touching and rocking , and sometimes hard , ruff and with nearly no rhythm at all . So it takes it's time to dig it and the diverse ratings from absolutely garbage to excellent are understandable - what did i think when i listend to the whole set on 33 rpm ? liked it somehow .. but that sounded even more disturbing , than this work of art , which is again very political, the fact they put the remaining artist 3D in a childs porn affair , should be proof enuff , how much this massive black statement is disliked by some.
BTW : "To plant a Tree in The Massive Attack Forest www.FutureForest.Com/MassiveAttack "