Various ‎– Fuck You And Your Influential Friends

New York Haunted ‎– NYH130
23 × File, MP3, Compilation, Stereo


1 iZueL_ Raising Unfounded Expectations 5:58
2 Ian Martin (5) Strobo Renegade 7:39
3 Demented Machine Q-80 6:33
4 Baz Reznik Let It Go 6:36
5 Coldfuture Freshly Tapped Swill 6:40
6 Andres Komatsu Zapan 5:19
7 B.D.B. Countdown To Nowhere 6:55
8 AcIds (4) Cronynepomonplytftsashls 5:09
9 Pete Hope Pushover 4:51
10 Shit And Shine JAAG AAWWF 6:31
11 FOQL Low Thought 8:29
12 Joel John Circle Test 6:40
13 Dylab Grassroots Activism 6:01
14 Ole Mic Odd 420 Million Dollars 6:10
15 Onderspit Graver 5:57
16 Ekman Loef 9:53
17 Mrs Dink Wouldn't You Like 2 B A Pepper 2 3:00
18 Sirrahttam Too Much Heat On The Line 9:06
19 Mike Davis (47) Heavy Atoms 5:02
20 Scenedrone Starter Mould 4:54
21 Drvg Cvltvre Revulsion 4:42
22 Tuuuun AAVVrecording07KEEP 7:41
23 Henry Caravan Time Exotics 3:34


Another day another dollar. Americans use this phrase to say that everything is ordinary, same routine. Nothing has changed and everything remains the same.

Imagine sitting inside of a box, It's a totally transparent box, You can see a whole world outside of you with all the pleasures it can offer (you know like having fun with friends, playing games, listening to your favorite music, etc) Here's the catch, that box your inside of... Its bolted to the ground. Your trapped inside with no way of ever getting out. You are locked in. You are almost a matrix battery. It won't be long now.

Your cage is controlled. Your cage is friendly fire. Your cage is social media. Your cage is the democratic system run by corporations. Your age is child soldiers. Your cage is drowning refugees. Your cage is your neighbour, now living on the streets. Your cage is the transport industry. Your cage is the weapon industry. Your cage is destroying the fucking planet. Your cage is your cage is your cage.

All proceeds go to NGO's helping the homeless worldwide.
Thanks for your support.