VariousI Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You

Various - I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You album cover
Label:Posh Isolation – Posh Isolation 207
24 x File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
Style:Experimental, Ambient, Industrial, Bass Music, Vaporwave, Techno


1PanxingOn Becoming3:40
2Age CoinVesey3:53
4Oli XLPower Over Death3:50
5Yde Girl*LOA _ An Indie Libretto4:18
6Scandinavian StarAlang4:44
7Khalil (16)Gr8st3:49
8InternazionaleViolent View4:51
9Puce MaryI Pray For Deliverance, The Size Of My Desires6:20
10Vanessa AmaraUntitled8:16
11WhitearmorF Extend3:20
12Mini EscoDreamer3:38
13Kyo (18)Knippelsbro3:52
14Vanity ProductionsThe Plane Of Immanence4:01
15Minais BMy Main Source Of Water3:33
16Soho Rezanejad & Frederik ValentinOne Of My Shades3:54
17Astrid SonneCanceled Eyes3:46
18Loke RahbekExcerpt From Translator3:13
19Flora (18)Spira3:55
20Why Be & Organ TapesBamboo Keys3:20
21Severin (12)Any Day Now5:05
22An GellaOn Belonging4:17
23Varg (6)ტკივილგამაყუჩებელი7:24
24Casimir (5)Layer Three (Another World)4:31

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I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You (24×File, FLAC, Compilation)Posh IsolationPosh Isolation 207Denmark2018



  • cbholmes85's avatar
    I will save you some time. This is a hit and miss comp (as most are), but the bad is pretty bad. Obviously this review is my opinion, and yours may differ.

    Standouts and worth the purchase alone: Puce Mary and Soho. Puce Mary's contribution here is solid as always. Soho and Frederik's collaboration is just beautiful. I may/may not have cried during several of the dozens of times I have listened to it.

    Worthwhile: Oil XL. Scandinavian Star. Internazionale. Vanessa Amara. Mini Esco. Kyo. Why Be & Organ Tapes. Varg.

    Good for a listen or two but not much more: Panxing. Age Coin. Brynje. Yde Girl. White Armor. Vanity Productions. Astrid Sonne. Severin. An Gella.

    Don't care if I ever hear again: Minais B. Flora. Casimir.

    Embarrassed to have spent even 60 seconds listening: Khalil. This is probably one of the worst projects in the scene right now. Khalil is what happens when you run a label, and will let any of your friends put their project on it. Even the ones that have zero talent. This is garbage 14 year-old aspiring hip-hop artists put out. Gr8st? Yeah.... I was 14 once too.

    Mostly amateurish contributions with the occasional garbage autotune-loaded track here on this compilation, with adored longstanding and established mainstays in-between. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come, but I think it is. It seems the appeal to draw in the hipster teenage club kids and the money they have potential to bring is taking over.

    Worth the purchase for the mainstays. You should be paid to listen to the rest. Especially Khalil. I threw up a little in my mouth listening to that track.

    One of these songs is not like the others. Two if you count Flora (music isn't that bad though). Gross.


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