The Vampires Of Dartmoore - Dracula's Music Cabinet as reviewed by ultimathulerecords

July 8, 2015
A vintage quote from "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg"..
The Vampires Of Dartmoore
A psychedelic exploitation combo, who are quite possibly something to do with The Vampires' Sound Incorporation, although they look a little like Amon Düül II in make-up!
Pure pastiche, it's a mixture of pop, beat, psychedelia, kind of chintzy underground and fusion with weird groanings and sound effects. Quaint, and very very dated. But, it's all a fun experience - I can tell you! The composers are Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek. Nothing at all is known about the musicians involved.

As we now know, these composers were members of the "Peter Thomas Soundorchester" and all veterans of soundtrack music since the 1950s, but still nothing more is known about the musicians (unless it tells us so in the Finders Keepers reissues)

The Vampires Of Dartmoore - Dracula's Music Cabinet curly-head

September 8, 2020
The recordings of this record were planned to be used for a radio-play "Dracula`s Kabinett", but the radio-play never happened from my informations (not confirmed). Metronome was a company best known for their stupid cover design on (some) Rock music releases due to cost concerns. The recording was released on the entertainment sub-label Brillant and some folks were paid to get the snapshot - The guy with the halberd is NOT J.Ehrig from Grobschnitt, the girl beside him is NOT Inga from Frumpy and the next dude beside R.Daltrey is NOT D.Fichelscher from Amon Duul & Popol Vuh, also none of these artists are appearing on the recording.

The Vampires Of Dartmoore - Dracula's Music Cabinet dusty-lee

November 2, 2016
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'very very dated' ? ? Good music/art is timeless. And people tend to replicate later on what is done in the past.
Great album.