Black Dog Productions - Bytes Bigchamp69

April 1, 2016

First electronic - ambient- dance album I ever heard and I was hooked. To me maybe the best so called compilation ever. Bytes is on another level production wise. It never grows old, if your new to electronic - ambient music this is the bible and you must own it.

Black Dog Productions - Bytes as reviewed by MrZyc

September 24, 2014

I love this production.

Black Dog Productions - Bytes player

July 13, 2012
edited over 4 years ago
After all these years since its original release, 'Bytes' still manages to evoke thoughts, feelings, and memories across its varied atmospheric, emotional, si-fi, deep, retro/futiristic, melodic and quirky style of Idm and Techno. A truly wonderful attention holding album that impresses even today almost 10yrs on(2012). Classic.

Black Dog Productions - Bytes kattamuuran

August 9, 2012
actually, that would be almost 20 years on!! but i completely agree. this is one of my all time favorites.

Black Dog Productions - Bytes as reviewed by Toejam

October 28, 2005
edited over 11 years ago

This release, from one of the few truly influential electronic music pioneers in the early 1990's, Black Dog, has been hailed as being one of the most innovative and influential recordings from the early Warp Catalogue, as part of the label's "Artificial Intelligence" series.

The focus on "Bytes" is lively, complex, intricate and emotive sounds that send the listener into states of hypnotic bliss, with their established tones flowing seamlesslessly throughout the album and yet managing to incorporate a diverse array of styles in each track.

The trio behind Black Dog, two-thirds of whom make up another big name on Warp, "Plaid", are renowned for their quirky, at times even kitsch-y melodies and beats, and this shows through in fully unrivalled glory on "Bytes". Playful tracks, such as "Caz" flow perfectly into the more subtle, grooving and sombre pieces like "Carceres Ex Novum", and to be honest, the effect they have is astounding.

The music here, while at first not immediately appealing (probably due to the similar textures used in the tracks - may cause you to hear it as being "all the same"), slowly reveals its unparalleled and timeless beauty only with repeated listens. Often with releases such as this, there is a reason for their "highly acclaimed" status - they have earned it, and quite deservingly, too. "Bytes" is no exception.

Rather than complaining that electronic music today is losing its touch, we should instead pick classic releases such as "Bytes" out from our collections, wipe off any dust that may have settled on it, and enjoy. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can experience such another innovative, inspiring and influential album such as "Bytes" to enjoy for 2005 and beyond.

Black Dog Productions - Bytes as reviewed by magnetisch

May 4, 2003

When you look on the cover of the cd, you see the words ''This Compilation'' This was because in time of
releasing Bytes, they already had a contract with GPR! (It's still a problem to release under the same name on different labels) It looks like a compilation of different artists, but it is still made by Downie, Handley and Turner.
The track Xeper was made by Downie in a very short time. One day he woke up with the idea to make this track and made it..
I have read in interviews that Bytes is still their most favourite work.
A must have for all electronic freaks.