RothkoA Life Lived Elsewhere

Rothko - A Life Lived Elsewhere album cover
Label:Trace Recordings – TRACECD002
CDr, Album, Limited Edition
Genre:Electronic, Rock


1Suddenly Becomes Light
4To Silence In Sound
5Truth Burns
6Forty Years To Find A Voice
7Windows Doors And Other Openings
8Sky Blue Glow
9Exits Into Open Spaces
10Red Yellow Blue
11Light Traces
12Sharps Box
13St. Seno
15Zurich Trains
16Nights Air
17Not Gone. Not Forgotten.
19No Space Between
20Breaking The Fall



This is a retrospective album, containing rarities, vinyl only releases and also previously unreleased material, with tracks recorded from 1997 to 2006 and comes in bespoke packaging. This album is not for sale in the shops, it's only available from the Trace Recordings web site.

Limited edition of 350 copies.

Track 1 from 1997, Leaf Records "Invisible Soundtracks Reel 3", REEL 4 CD
Track 2 from 1998, live version was on "Not Gone, Not Forgotten", Lo Recording LCD24
Track 3 from 1998, Livid Meerkat 7", Nung 01
Track 4 from 1998, Organ Records, "All Pleasure Is Relief / Organ Radio 7" compilation, RG053
Track 5 from 1998, Previously unreleased
Track 6 from 1998, Disasters By Choice "13 Elements" compilation, CDNUY004
Track 7 from 1998, Narwhal Records 7", NAR002
Track 8 from 1999, Kraak 10", k020
Track 9 from 1999, Johnathon Whisky 7", Carol Whiskey 9
Track 10, 11 from 1999, tracks on free 7" single given away with "A Continual Search For Origins", Too Pure PURE 128 S
Track 12 from 2000, Day Release Records
Track 13, 14 from 2001, Zeal Records 7", zeal005
Track 15 from 2001, Arbouse Recordings "Bucolique" compilation, arbou003
Track 16 from 2001, Simball Records compilation "45 Seconds Of", simballrec07
Track 17 from 2001, previously unreleased unused from "A Continual Search For Origins" album, PURE 127 LP/CD
Track 18 from 2002, previously unreleased. Recorded same time as Trace Recordings "Wish For A World Without Hurt", tracecd 001
Track 19 from 2004, early mix of the last track on "Eleven Stages Of Intervention", BiP_HOp, [BLEEP 36]
Track 20 from 2006, Discordance " Volume One" compilation, DSCRD/CD001



  • speedjack's avatar
    From the opening distant bass drones of "Suddenly becomes light" to the bell sounds of the sad "Breaking the fall", this is an excellent album. The combination of melodic bass lines and illbient/indietronic approaches is still unparalleled in its emotional impact. The sinister atmospheres are both seductive and threatening. About the only complaint you could aim at this collection is that it leaves out some hard-to-find key tracks from Rothko's three-bass period, e. g. "Winter in the oceans" or "Storm cycle", but there's still enough material here for both long-time fans and novices. Definitely recommended.


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