Happy Flowers - Oof LuciferSam1972

May 3, 2015
My copy came out on red colored vinyl.

Happy Flowers - Oof as reviewed by schnoidl

January 8, 2009
One of the most berserk and fun records you'll ever find: ragged punk from the point of view of a freaked out five year old. Apparently it was largely improvised too, a quick scribble on a napkin, a swig of liquor, and press record. "I Wanna Watch Cartoons" will have you in tears. I had the unique pleasure of passing a mix CD to a guy from a silly country band once, and shortly after he comes running up behind me, "I'm Mr. Anus! I'm Mr. Anus!!" He was half this band, and saw a track from this on the disc. Other guy is Mr. HCI, aka Mr. Horribly Charred Infant. "why can't we eat the baby, you said we have chicken cause chicken is cheap, well the baby was free, i wanna eat the baby!!" Perfect.