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Various - Slowscan Vol. 40, Deluxe Edition album cover

VariousSlowscan Vol. 40, Deluxe Edition

Label:Slowscan – Vol. 40
6 x Vinyl, 7"
Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition, Numbered
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Sound Poetry, Sound Art, Interview, Experimental, Field Recording


Record 1
AAlber M. FineFear No Forks
PianoGuy Livingston
Soprano VocalsRianne Wilbers
Record 2
AGeorge BrechtDrip Music
PerformerAl Hansen
BGeorge BrechtDripping
PerformerAl Hansen
Record 3
AJoe JonesSolar Music Hot House (Excerpt)
BJoe JonesSolar Music Hot House (Excerpt)
Record 4
AKen FriedmanZen For Record
BKen FriedmanZen For Record
Record 5
ACharles AmirkhanianThe Type Without Time, Beginning
BCharles AmirkhanianThe Type Without Time, Conclusion
Record 6
AAdriano Spatola, Gian Paolo RoffiAutoroute
BAdriano Spatola, F. TizianoAl Capone Poem
Record 7
APauline OliverosWorld Ear Project (Excerpt)
BPauline OliverosWorld Ear Project (Excerpt)
Cassette 1: George Maciunas
AGeorge MaciunasSeattle Interview September 1977 Part 1
BGeorge MaciunasSeattle Interview September 1977 Part 2
Cassette 2: Dick Higgins
A1Dick HigginsThe Sound Of The Animals Dying Thirteen To One (1958)
A2Dick HigginsThe Doorbell (1978)
A3Dick HigginsSparks (1980)
A4Dick HigginsTrinity (1982)
ConductorHannah Higgins
A5Dick HigginsClouds (1)
CymbalDick Higgins
PerformerRoger Berard
PianoDick Higgins
A6Dick HigginsClouds (2)
CymbalDick Higgins
PerformerRoger Berard
PianoDick Higgins
A7Dick HigginsHydn In The Forest (1974)
PerformerPaul Hoffmann (2)
A8Dick HigginsIn Memoriam (1961)
A9Dick HigginsOmnia Gallia (1980)
B1Dick HigginsRequiem For Wagner The Criminal Mayor (1962)
B2Dick HigginsSonata For Prepared Piano (1981)
PerformerMargaret Leng Tan
B3Dick HigginsSuggested By Small Swallows (1971-1979)
B4Dick HigginsLong Arch (1979)
PerformerPaul Hoffmann (2)
B5Dick HigginsTouch #1 (1973)
B6Dick HigginsThe Luftsymphonie (1982)


Silkscreened wooden box with seven records and an info sheet. The Albert M. Fine and Ken Friedman records include an insert. Edition of 30 copies (27 + 3. A.P.), numbered, plus 20 H.C. copies for the artists.
The box also comes with the catalogue "Visual Vinyl" from Jan Van Toorn and two extra tapes, exclusive to this deluxe edition: the first tape contains an interview with George Maciunas and the second tape is a compilation with pieces from Dick Higgins.

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Slowscan Vol. 40, 7 X 7 Inch Edition (6×7", 7", Single Sided, Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered)SlowscanVol. 40Netherlands2018