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Subjected - Selected Works II album cover

SubjectedSelected Works II

Label:Arts Collective – ARTSCOLLECTIVE021
Vinyl, 12"


A1I Want You To Do Everything
A2Black Charm

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New Submission
Selected Works II (4×File, WAV)Arts CollectiveARTSCOLLECTIVE021Italy2018


maroko's avatar
When listening to this release, only 2 phrases jog around my mind:
1) bounce your body to the box
2) shake that booty
Why? Probably because the record's maker has dropped the most shamelessly utalitarian piece of wax in recent history. This release has way more oomph than anyone who isn't a life long peak time DJ or someone who has absorbed the nineties tooly loopy approach to techno could cope with. Fists in the air brain cell incinerating techno is on the circuit. Carnal and instinctive.

All four cuts are as four to the floor as you want them to be. Chunky, funky, oval sounding rhythm sections. Voluptuous bass response. I mean that. These tunes pile up so much swinging bass, it will have you thinking they're competing for a medal or something. Beats are 4x4 throughout, but they are all so tight and rounded up, you'll catch yourself being cast under their banging spell. Each effort achieves its designated goal (dance floor delirium) through a set of different tricks.
I Want You To Do Everything skillfuly toys around with chopped vocal samples, teasing with excerpts, before dropping the full sample deep into the track's last third, to jaw dropping dance floor awe.
Black Charm relies on little else but a punctual beats and robust bass swoops. Fortunately, interest is maintained by shifting focus on second row reverberating synth patterns, which sound like they have been processed through air pipes.
Loop is basically just that. A loop oriented piece that achieves momentum by applying unpredictable, erratic sequenced patterns atop, with an impressive all systems go mad take off nearing the track's end. Perhaps the anticipation here went on beyond its welcome, forgetting to let loose. Was it introduced a little earlier perhaps?
Tropfmeise does its treats through gradual accumulation of sounds and ideas, letting them intertwine later on, during the track's really lengthy, albeit highly impressive, build ups. The steam machine drum pattern holds everything tight, ensuring that the long, clinical break downs are thoroughly focused and restrained.

This record? At home if you are a dedicated fanatic. In the club? Any time, any given track. These tools are toolfull to such an extent that they'd make Developer's Modularz output sound like illbient on a bad field trip. Joking, of course, but it's the open predictability of these tracks from one end, and the superior onslaught of bass, rhythm and drums from the other that will ensure this record's place in many crates. Has this been done before? Yes, a milion times over, but no one has put an embargo on these boisterous, driving, slices of techno joy. There is so much funk and drive on this piece of wax, I would actually love to see a crowd sit still to any of these cuts.