Kreator - Cause For Conflict Roensk666

November 11, 2019
Noise records.... one of the worst, cheap and poor label of all time. Couldn't prove better than, with this release (and others too).
Remaster kiss my ASS. I have a reissue cd and it sound much better than this fu***ing plastic. Low volume and removed entire low frequency so they can fit entire album in one LP. And after all this u still have audible plastic noise and track A6, B6 with audible distortion from tracking error that cartridge provide due to close written song to the label. Waste of plastic the second one with only 3 track. It couldn't be a very good remaster with album on 3 side and 3 bonus track in 4-th side. I'm very curios what they was thinking.....
Definitely any old CD version is much better than this. (I don't know how the CD remaster sound.)

Kreator - Cause For Conflict ninjur

March 1, 2018
How does it sound? Any have compared it to the original CD or LP?

Kreator - Cause For Conflict scramble4r

October 17, 2019

I ended up buying the reissue off Amazon for $14. Couldn't pass up that price.

Kreator - Cause For Conflict scramble4r

September 11, 2019

That's what I want to know. OG LP is too expensive.