VariousYear One - The Best Of Premonition Tapes (So Far)

Label:Premonition Tapes – Prem 27
Cassette, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:New Wave, Electro, Indie Rock, Ethereal, Garage Rock


A1Media: Premonition*Escapegoat
A2The Noseflutes*Leg Full Of Alcohol (Live)
A4The Toffee Apple ForestJourney Into Outer Space
A5AttritionTake Five
A6The Six (2)Pave The Way
A7Pick Meter And Mike Keane*In Your Eyes
A8The NihilisticsBreathing Space
B1Dig Vis DrillFix The Kitchen (Original Version)
B2The PsychoterroristsSee Right Thru
B3Ambrose ReynoldsMiners Strike
B4The Gallery (5)Shimmering With Light
B5The Venus Fly Trap*Catalyst
B6The BlandBang
B7Death TrashDisciples Of Sleaze
B8Tools You Can TrustBrace Yourself For Higher Standards



This tape represents the most popular material so far released on the Premonition Tapes label since its birth (up to and including May 1988).

Ambrose Reynolds appears courtesy of Pink Industry.
Mike Keane appears courtesy of The Royal Family And The Poor.

All of these recordings are exclusive to Premonition Tapes only.
"Year One" (c) Premonition Tapes, 1988
Individual tracks (c) appropriate artiste(s)

Track A1 from Prem 1 "Media:Premonition" (8 track cassette album with lyric book and accompanying "Manifestation" booklet)
Track A2 from Prem 22 "Premspeak 4" (c60 cassettezine featuring an indepth sound-interview and music with The Nosies, plus lots more)
Tracks A3 and B1 from Prem 7 "Premspeak 1" (c60 cassettezine with 20 minute sound-interview with Pulp, plus loads more)
Track A4 from Prem 4 "The Toffee Apple Forest In Spring" (c60 album)
Track A5 from "The 1990's Voice of Electro Row" out in June 1988 (Compilation)
Track A6 from Prem 13 "Shimmering Wishes" (c60 album)
Track A7 from Prem 21 "Don't Panic" (c15 E.P.)
Track A8 and B7 from Prem 20 "Premspeak 3 - The Sheffield Noise" (c60 compilation of the noisiest bands in Sheffield)
Track B2 from "The Psychoterrorists Manifesto" E.P. out in June 1988
Track B3 from "Ambrose And His Muzak" c60 album out in June 1988
Track B4 from "Shimmering" E.P. out in July 1988
Track B5 Studio version of one of the live tracks from "Shadowplay" Prem 17
Track B6 from "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Bland But Were Too Afraid To Ask" Prem 24 (c60 interview and music tape)
Track B8 from Prem 3 "Premonition Art Construct" (c90 compilation of all the best bands in Sheffield, Manchester and Hull.)

Housed in a die-cut 7" single card sleeve and polythene sleeve. Came with an A4 information sheet, badge and tiny brush.



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