Howard ShoreThe Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - The Complete Recordings

Label:Reprise Records – RCV1-563589, WaterTower Music – 081227932473
5 x Vinyl, LP, Red
Box Set, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country:UK, Europe & US
Genre:Pop, Classical, Stage & Screen
Style:Soundtrack, Score, Contemporary, Neo-Romantic


A1Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All7:16
A2The Shire2:29
A3Bag End (Featuring "The Road Goes Ever On")
Composed By [The Road Goes Ever On]Fran Walsh
Lyrics By [The Road Goes Ever On]J.R.R. Tolkien
Performer [The Road Goes Ever On]Ian McKellen
A4Very Old Friends3:12
A5Flaming Red Hair2:39
B1Farewell Dear Bilbo1:45
B2Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Featuring "The Road Goes Ever On" And "Drinking Song")
Adapted By [Lyrics, Drinking Song]Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens
Composed By [Drinking Song]Fran Walsh
Composed By [The Road Goes Ever On]Fran Walsh
Lyrics By [The Road Goes Ever On, Original Lyrics To Drinking Song]J.R.R. Tolkien
Performer [Dringing Song]Dominic Monaghan
Performer [Drinking Song]Billy Boyd
Performer [The Road Goes Ever On]Ian Holm
B3A Conspiracy Unmasked6:09
B4Three Is Company1:58
C1The Passing Of The Elves
Lyrics By, PerformerJ.R.R. Tolkien
PerformerPlan 9 (6)
Translated By [Lyrics Translated Into Sindarin By]David Salo
C2Saruman The White4:09
C3A Shortcut To Mushrooms4:07
C5The Nazgûl (Featuring "The Song Of Lúthien")
Composed By [The Song Of Lúthien], Performer [The Song Of Lúthien]Viggo Mortensen
Lyrics By [The Song Of Lúthien]J.R.R. Tolkien
Translated By [Lyrics Translated Into Sindarin By, The Song Of Lúthien]David Salo
D2The Caverns Of Isengard4:54
D3Give Up The Halfling4:49
D6The Sword That Was Broken3:34
E1The Council Of Elrond Assembles [Featuring "Aníron (Theme For Aragorn And Arwen)"]
Lyrics By [Aníron (theme For Aragorn And Arwen)]Roma Ryan
Music By [Aníron (theme For Aragorn And Arwen)]Enya, Nicky Ryan
Performer [Aníron (theme For Aragorn And Arwen]Enya
Producer [Aníron (theme For Aragorn And Arwen)], Engineer [Aníron (theme For Aragorn And Arwen)]Nicky Ryan
E2The Great Eye5:30
E3Gilraen's Memorial
Alto VocalsHilary Summers
E4The Pass Of Caradhras5:04
F1The Doors Of Durin6:03
Soprano VocalsMabel Faletolu
F4Balin's Tomb8:30
G2Caras Galadhon (Featuring "Lament For Gandalf")
Lyrics By [Lament For Gandalf], Music By [Lament For Gandalf]Howard Shore, Philippa Boyens
Performer [Lament For Gandalf]Elizabeth Fraser
VocalsMiriam Stockley
H1The Mirror Of Galadriel6:21
H2The Fighting Uruk-hai11:32
I1Parth Galen9:13
I2The Departure Of Boromir5:29
J1The Road Goes Ever On... (Part 1)5:58
J2May It Be
Lyrics ByRoma Ryan
Music ByEnya, Nicky Ryan
Producer, EngineerNicky Ryan
J3The Road Goes Ever On... (Part 2) (Featuring "In Dreams")
Music By [In Dreams], Lyrics By [In Dreams]Fran Walsh, Howard Shore
Performer [In Dreams]Edward Ross (2)

Companies, etc.



First time on vinyl. Housed in a collector's box with red leather style spine, limited to 5,000 individually numbered copies.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (A-side runout, etched): BH91759-01 A2 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (B-side runout, etched): BH91759-01 B1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (C-side runout, etched): BH91759-02 C1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (D-side runout, etched): BH91759-02 D1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (E-side runout, etched): BH91759-03 E1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (F-side runout, etched): BH91759-03 F1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (G-side runout, etched): BH91759-04 G1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (H-side runout, etched): BH91759-04 H1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (I-side runout, etched): BH91759-05 I1 081227932473
  • Matrix / Runout (J-side runout, etched): BH91759-05 J1 081227932473

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  • Bota2112's avatar
    No way a copy sold for 65 bucks!??! Yeah right! XD XD XD
    • JMBWITHCATS's avatar
      This needs a repress badly.
      This needs a repress badly.
      This needs a repress badly.
      This needs a repress badly.
      This needs a repress badly.
      • lcarre's avatar
        The price is currently dropping with sales <100$. I am wondering if it's actually true sales? or fake sales to drop the price value?
        • AppleBlossome88's avatar
          The comment below is just trying to hype this pressing up I assume...
          If the sound quality would be truly "phenomenal" as he saying, I am sure there would be many rapturous reviews from 1432 people who owns it :) Also, SHF is pretty much silent about this pressings.
          • Nintendude's avatar
            Edited 16 days ago
            The comment below mine does bring up a good point and not many people have talked about the actual quality of this press.

            I’ve owned two sets of discs - one being pretty scuffed up with hairline scratches and the other set being brand new unplayed discs.

            The sound quality - in my opinion - is phenomenal. Very quiet press for a soundtrack that is very quiet at times. But the music is booming and dynamic just as it should be. Crisp & clear. I’ve played the brand new set I had front to back and yes there’s the occassional pop or crackle (it’s vinyl) but it was world’s better than my scuffed up set (which even then still sounded fine).

            The box is less sturdy compared to the rest of the box sets, so most copies of FOTR do suffer from box damage - mainly on the bottom from the weight of the discs. My TT & ROTK boxes seem to be a thicker material than FOTR.

            Overall, while I do think $1,000 is a tough pill to swallow I do believe this set is well worth it for any die hard LOTR fan. It sounds incredible, amazing quality, very sharp disc color, and the leather-bound box is nice as well.

            I don’t see Reprise reissuing these ever, apparently it was a pretty big hurdle for them to make in the first place - so if you get the chance to grab a set for a “decent” price I suggest you don’t sit on it.

            Lastly, there are a couple of LOTR releases from The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra that I believe are solid choices for anyone who can’t afford these box sets. The green variant “Music from the Lord of the Rings” (Vinyluxe) sounds much better than the standard clear variant, and the standard black copy of The Hobbit sounds great as well.
            • AppleBlossome88's avatar
              Huh ? €1,999.99 ? Why ? Is it that good sounding ?
              Why all the comments are about repress ? No one mentioned quality, omg
              Imo it's not even that exciting to listen to the soundtracks without epic movie picture.
              That's said LOTR being among my all time favourite movies...
              • gangreeen's avatar
                Whoever decided to buy the latest listings of this album at $45 and $78, respectively, please let me know how your transaction goes. The seller, Gringo81, is new to Discogs, and has no reviews. That, combined with the ridiculously low sale prices, makes me skeptical.

                Oh, and the condition comments for his last two sold listings are completely identical, and somewhat about fishy.
                • Arch_City_Zach's avatar
                  I'm sure it's not going to ship, but has anyone received one of these from Merchbar? I placed an order a while back and still nothing.

                  • da.tanzt.der.berner's avatar
                    If anyone ever likes to sell a version for a decent price let me know. Nevermind the box is damaged. I would like to have the sound.
                    • TheLemmy's avatar
                      What's with all the people crying for a re-release... do you even know what a limited edition is? O.o
                      Re-releasing it would greatly devalue it and be a slap in the face of all the current owners. If you can't afford something, don't buy it. Don't ask for a reprint because that would defeat the very purpose of limited editions. And before you ask, no, I don't own a copy of any of these (yet).



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