Olivier BrissonHorizon Capiton

Label:Nashazphone – NP-24
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Non-Music, Pop
Style:Experimental, Musique Concrète


AHorizon Capiton Part 1
BHorizon Capiton Part 2


Instruments, recording & mixing: Olivier Brisson
Voice: Amely Hulin
Thanks to Jean Colombain
Dedicated to Olivier & Dominique, Hôpital de Ville-Evrard
Front Cover Art by Jean (1945, coll. Dr. A.Bader) - Clinique Psychiatrique de l'Université de Lausanne.
Back Cover Art by Natalie Huth (2017)

Guest Vocals (side II) : Cyrille Lanoe, Arnaud Rivière, Matthieu Morin, Will Guthrie, Amély Brisson, Maxime Petit, Julie Cronier, Corentin Siguier, Stéphanie Brisson, Gilles Amalvi, Cathy Heyden, Laurence Luminet, Etienne Foyer, Charlotte Voute, Quentin Dubost, Anne-Sophie Lagrange, Loïc Sourdain, Anne-Cécile Paredes, Agathe Lucas, Matt Konture, Erell Latimier, Pierre Denjean, Lionel Fondeville, Alexandre Bellenger, Geoffroy Séré, Christine Barsse, Julien Bancilhon, Céline Pichery, Vivian Grezzini, Sophie Sable And : Regreb and Lucien Brisson (end of the side II)

"What is Normal Music?” That was the title I chose for an article some years ago and despite the fact that I was searching something else, it was difficult to find anything better to start these lines about “Horizon Capiton”; the new LP by French musician Olivier Brisson. Monsieur Brisson lives in Lille and has been involved not only with sound experimentation but also with psychiatry. The latter is not just a detail but an important fact here: this is a work about frames and boundaries. But who (or what) are inside/outside those frames? That’s not easy to say. The sound collage brings us to a continuous flow where everything seems mixed: “professionals” cataloguing “mental illness”, voices of “patients”, tape failures, suggestive music passages, anomalous noises, field recordings from everywhere and several rivers of sounds sailing together along with the listener. The trip is intense and compelling. Beautiful and terrifying. The horizon might be a cushion but it might be also something else. We’re culturally trained to believe that something is “normal” or not and we put a lot of effort in trying to make the world fit in those categories. But in the end who is “normal” enough to say what is “not normal”? This is what this record is about and Beware! Sound can easily brake barriers, even those you didn’t notice were present". Anla Courtis, nov. 2018



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