VariousKiwi Gold Disc II

Label:NZ On Air – KGD II
Series:Kiwi Gold Disc – Kiwi Gold Disc II
Box Set, Compilation, Promo
12 x CD, Compilation, Promo
Country:New Zealand
Genre:Rock, Reggae, Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Pop, Folk, World, & Country


Kiwi Gold Disc II 1A 1965-1970
1Ray Columbus & The InvadersShe's A Mod
2Dinah LeeDont You Know Yockomo
3Larry's RebelsI Feel Good
4The La De DasHey Baby
5Mr. Lee Grant*Opportunity
6The La De DasAll Purpose Low
7The Avengers (2)Everyone's Gonna Wonder
8Hi-Revving Tongues*Tropic Of Capricorn
9Larry's RebelsEverybody's Girl
10John RowlesHush Not A Word
11Allison DurbinDon't Come Any Closer
12The Avengers (2)Days Of Pearly Spencer
13Simple Image*Grooviest Girl In The World
14Shane*Saint Paul
15Dedikation*Wait For Me Maryanne
16The ChicksMiss You Baby
17FourmyulaI'll Sing You A Song
18John RowlesCheryl Moana Marie
19Craig ScottPeaceful Mountain
21Hogsnort RupertPretty girl
Kiwi Gold Disc II 1B 1965-1970 [Talk Disc]
1-5Ray ColumbusTalks About: She's A Mod
6-11Dinah LeeTalks About: Dont You Know Yockomo
12-15Larry Morris from Larry's RebelsTalks About: I Feel Good
16-18Kevin Borich from The La De DasTalks About: Hey Baby
19-22Kevin Borich from The La De DasTalks About: All Purpose Low
23-26Hank Davis from The Avengers (2)Talks About: Everyone's Gonna Wonder
27-29Larry Morris from Larry's RebelsTalks About: Everybody's Girl
30-31John RowlesTalks About: Hush Not A Word
32-36Hank Davis from The Avengers (2)Talks About: Days Of Pearly Spencer
37-40Barry Leef from The Simple ImageTalks About: Grooviest Girl In The World
41-47Shane HalesTalks About: Saint Paul
48-54Ray Mercer from The DedikationTalks About: Wait For Me Maryanne
55-60Suzanne* from The ChicksTalks About: Miss You Baby
61-66Wayne Mason from FourmyulaTalks About: I'll Sing You A Song
67-70John RowlesTalks About: Cheryl Moana Marie
71-73Craig ScottTalks About: Peaceful Mountain
74-78Wayne Mason from FourmyulaTalks About: Otaki
79-84Dave Luther (2) from Hogsnort RupertTalks About: Pretty Girl
Kiwi Gold Disc II 2A 1970-1975
1Maria DallasPinnochio
2Craig ScottStar Crossed Lovers
3Hogsnort RupertAunty Alice
4David CurtisTake Your Leave
5Chapta*Say A Prayer
6HeadbandBallad Of Jacques Le Mere
7Creation (7)Carolina
8The Rumour (2)Holy Morning
9Suzanne*Sunshine Through A Prism
10Bunny WaltersTake The Money And Run
11Split Enz129
12Craig ScottWhen Jo Jo Runs
13Anna LeahLove Bug
14Shona LaingShow Your Love
15Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime BandEverybody Knows
16Lindsay MarksSon Of The Sun
17Space WaltzFraulein Love
18John Hanlon (2)Higher Trails
19The Yandall SistersSweet Inspiration
20Mark Williams (4)Sweet Wine
Kiwi Gold Disc II 2B 1970-1975 [Talk Disc]
1-4Maria DallasTalks About: Pinnochio
5-10Craig ScottTalks About: Star Crossed Lovers
11-16Dave Luther (2) From Hogsnort RupertTalks About: Aunty Alice
17-20Dave Curtis*Talks About: Take Your Leave
21-28Kevin Bayley (?), Kevin Toneycliffe (?), Dave Kennedy (7) From The ChaptaTalk About: Say A Prayer
29-33Jimmy Hill (3) From HeadbandTalks About: Ballad Of Jacques Le Mere
34-38Greg Christiansen* From Creation (7)Talks About: Carolina
39-42Shade Smith From The Rumour (2)Talks About: Holy Morning
43-46Suzanne Lynch Aka. Suzanne*Talks About: Sunshine Through A Prism
47-52Bunny WaltersTalks About: Take The Money And Run
53-59Mike Chunn, Eddie Rayner From Split EnzTalk About: 129
60-62Craig ScottTalks About: When Jo Jo Runs
63-66Anna LeahTalks About: Love Bug
67-70Shona LaingTalks About: Show Your Love
71-75Neil Worboys From Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime BandTalks About: Everybody Knows
76-79Lindsay MarksTalks About: Son Of The Sun
80-83Alastair Riddell From Space WaltzTalks About: Fraulein Love
84-87John Hanlon (2)Talks About: Higher Trails
88-91Adele Yandall & Mary Yandall From The Yandall SistersTalk About: Sweet Inspiration
92-96Mark Williams (4)Talks About: Sweet Wine
Kiwi Gold Disc II 3A 1975-1980
1Waves (4)The Dolphin Song
2Fred DaggGumboots
3Mark Williams (4)It Doesn't Matter Any More
4Citizen BandJulia
5Golden HarvestI Need Your Love
6Suzanne*You Really Got A Hold On Me
7Hello SailorLyin' In The Sand
8Dragon (5)Are You Old Enough
9Dragon (5)Still In Love With You
10Toy LoveRebel
11Toy LoveSqueeze
12Mi-SexComputer Games
13Jon StevensMontego Bay
14Split EnzI Got You
15Sharon O'NeillAsian Paradise
16The SwingersOne Good Reason
17Marching Girls*True Love
18Coup D'Etat (2)Doctor I Like You Medicine
19Spelling Mistakes*Feels So Good
Kiwi Gold Disc II 3B 1975-1980 [Talk Disc]
1-8Graeme Gash from Waves (4)Talks About: The Dolphin Song
9-13John Clarke (10)Talks About: Gumboots
14-16Mark Williams (4)Talks About: It Doesn't Matter Any More
17-23Mike Chunn from Citizen BandTalks About: Julia
24-27Suzanne Lynch aka. Suzanne*Talks About: You Really Got A Hold On Me
28-33Harry Lyon from Hello SailorTalks About: Lyin' In The Sand
34-40Todd Hunter from Dragon (5)Talks About: Are You Old Enough
41-44Todd Hunter from Dragon (5)Talks About: Still In Love With You
45-49Chris Knox from Toy LoveTalks About: Rebel
50-52Chris Knox from Toy LoveTalks About: Squeeze
53-56Murray Burns from Mi-SexTalks About: Computer Games
57-61Jon StevensTalks About: Montego Bay
62-68Eddie Rayner, Neil Finn, Tim Finn from Split EnzTalk About: I Got You
69-76Sharon O'NeillTalks About: Asian Paradise
77-82Harry Lyon, Jan Preston from Coup D'Etat (2)Talk About: Doctor I Like You Medicine
83-87Julian Hanson, Julian Hanson & Warwick Fowler, The Spelling MistakesTalk About: Feels So Good
Kiwi Gold Disc II 4A 1980-1985
1Blam Blam BlamThere Is No Depression In New Zealand
2The MockersMy Girl Thinks She's Cleopatra
3Dave McArtney & The Pink FlamingosRemember The Alamo
4The CleanTally Ho
5Howard MorrisonHow Great Thou Art
6Screaming Meemees*Sunday Boys
7Split EnzSix Months In A Leaky Boat
8Body Electric*Pulsing
9DD SmashOutlook For Thursday
10Tim FinnFraction Too Much Friction
11Sharon O'NeillMaxine
12Dance ExponentsI'll Say Goodbye
13Split EnzMessage To My Girl
14Mi-SexBlue Day
15DD SmashMagic What She Do
16Satellite SpiesDestiny In Motion
17The NarcsDiamonds On China
18Peking ManLift You Head Up High
Kiwi Gold Disc II 4B 1980-1985 [Talk Disc]
1-4Don McGlashan, Tim Mahon from Blam Blam BlamTalk About: There Is No Depression In New Zealand
5-12Andrew Fagan, Gary Curtis from The MockersTalk About: My Girl Thinks She's Cleopatra
13-18Dave McArtney from Dave McArtney & The Pink FlamingosTalks About: Remember The Alamo
19-22Robert Scott from The CleanTalks About: Tally Ho
23-26Howard MorrisonTalks About: How Great Thou Art
27-30Mike O'Neill from The Screaming MeemeesTalks About: Sunday Boys
31-37Tim Finn, Eddie Rayner from Split EnzTalk About: Six Months In A Leaky Boat
38-42Alan Jansson from The Body ElectricTalks About: Pulsing
43-46Dave DobbynTalks About: Outlook For Thursday
47Tim FinnTalks About: Fraction Too Much Friction
48-52Sharon O'NeillTalks About: Maxine
53-59Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Eddie Rayner from Split EnzTalk About: Message To My Girl
60-66Murray Burns, Colin Bayley from Mi-SexTalk About: Blue Day
67-73Dave DobbynTalks About: Magic What She Do
74-78Andy Dickson, Tony Waine from The NarcsTalk About: Diamonds On China
79-85Margaret Urlich, Pat Urlich from Peking ManTalk About: Lift You Head Up High
Kiwi Gold Disc II 5A 1985-1990
1Dave DobbynYou Ought To Be In Love
2Peking ManGood Luck To You
3The ChillsI Love My Leather Jacket
4ArdijahTime Makes A Wine
5Crowded HouseDon't Dream It's Over
6Crowded HouseSomething So Strong
7KnightshadeThe Physical You
8Shona LaingDrive Baby Drive
9The ChillsRain
10Dave DobbynLove You Like I Should
12The WarratahsMaureen
13Jenny MorrisShe Has To Be Loved
14Chris ThompsonThis Is The Moment
15Margaret UrlichNumber 1
16Rikki MorrisHeartbroke
17When The Cat's AwayFree Ride
18Mark Williams (4)Show No Mercy
19World Gone WildShy Shy Jenny
Kiwi Gold Disc II 5B 1985-1990 [Talk Disc]
1-5Dave DobbynTalks About: You Ought To Be In Love
6-10Margaret Urlich, Pat Urlich from Peking ManTalk About: Good Luck To You
11-15Martin Phillipps from The ChillsTalks About: I Love My Leather Jacket
16-21Ryan Monga from ArdijahTalks About: Time Makes A Wine
22-25Neil Finn from Crowded HouseTalks About: Don't Dream It's Over
26-27Neil Finn from Crowded HouseTalks About: Something So Strong
28-31Alan Grady & Rik Bernards from KnightshadeTalk About: The Physical You
32-35Shona LaingTalks About: Drive Baby Drive
36-39Martin Phillipps from The ChillsTalks About: Rain
40-42Dave DobbynTalks About: Love You Like I Should
43-46Dilworth Karaka from HerbsTalks About: Listen
47-52Barry Saunders from The WarratahsTalks About: Maureen
53-57Chris ThompsonTalks About: This Is The Moment
58-62Margaret UrlichTalks About: Number 1
63-67Rikki MorrisTalks About: Heartbroke
68-69Annie Crummer from When The Cat's AwayTalks About: Free Ride
70-71Mark Williams (4)Talks About: Show No Mercy
Kiwi Gold Disc II 6A 1990-1995
1Parker ProjectTears On My Pillow
2Headless ChickensCruise Control
3The Exponents*Who Loves Who The Most
4The Exponents*Why Does Love Do This To Me
5Push PushTrippin'
6Moana & The Moa HuntersBlack Pearl
7Annie CrummerSee What Love Can Do
8Greg Johnson Set*Isabelle
9Jan HellriegelThe Way I Feel
10JPS Experience*Breathe
11StrawpeopleHave A Little Faith
12Jenny MorrisBreak In The Weather
13The Mutton BirdsNature
14Headless ChickensJuice
15Tim FinnPersuasion
16The Mutton BirdsIn My Room
17Hello SailorNew Tattoo
18Tama RenataOnce Were Warriors
Kiwi Gold Disc II 6B 1990-1995 [Talk Disc]
1-7David Parker (4)Talks About: Tears On My Pillow
8-13Fiona McDonald From Headless ChickensTalks About: Cruise Control
14-19Jordan Luck From The Exponents*Talks About: Who Loves Who The Most
20-22Jordan Luck From The Exponents*Talks About: Why Does Love Do This To Me
23-29Mikey Havoc From Push PushTalks About: Trippin'
30-37MoanaTalks About: Black Pearl
38-42Annie Crummer, Dilworth KarakaTalk About: See What Love Can Do
43-48Greg JohnsonTalks About: Isabelle
49-53Jan HellriegelTalks About: The Way I Feel
54-60Dave Yetton From Jean-Paul Sartre ExperienceTalks About: Breathe
61-66Mark Tierney From StrawpeopleTalks About: Have A Little Faith
67-70Don McGlashan From The Mutton BirdsTalks About: Nature
71-76Fiona McDonald From Headless ChickensTalks About: Juice
77-81Tim FinnTalks About: Persuasion
82-85Don McGlashan From The Mutton BirdsTalks About: In My Room
86-92Graham Brazier From Hello SailorTalks About: New Tattoo
93-96Tama RenataTalks About: Once Were Warriors


The Kiwi Gold Disc II box set released in 1998 contains 6 double CDs. Disc A contains music tracks, Disc B [Talk Disc] contains comments by the artist(s) about the associated track.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Mastering SID Code (Discs 1A, 2B, 3A, 4A): IFPI L282
  • Mould SID Code (Discs 1A, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B): IFPI 4606
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1A): NZKGD1MDA
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1B): NZKGD1TDB
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2A): NZKGDZMDA
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2B): IFPI 4621
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2B): NZKGD2TDB
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3A): NZKGD3MDA
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3B): NZKGD3TDB
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4A): NZKGD4MDA
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4B): NZKGD4TDB
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 5A): IFPI 4601
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5A): NZKGD5MDA
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5B): NZKGD5TDB
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 6A): NZKGD6MDA
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 6B): NZKGD6TDB



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