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    VariousKiwi Gold Disc

    Label:NZ On Air – KGD
    Series:Kiwi Gold Disc – Kiwi Gold Disc I
    Box Set, Compilation, Promo
    10 x CD
    Country:New Zealand
    Genre:Rock, Reggae, Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Pop, Folk, World, & Country


    Kiwi Gold Disc 1A 1965-1970
    1-1Dinah LeeDo The Blue Beat
    1-2Ray Columbus & The InvadersHappy In A Sad Kind Of Way
    1-3Ray ColumbusTill We Kissed
    1-4The Gremlins (3)The Coming Generation
    1-5The La De DasOn Top Of The World
    1-6The La De DasHow Is The Air Up There
    1-7Maria DallasTumblin' Down
    1-8Larry's RebelsPainter Man
    1-9Larry's RebelsLet's Think Of Something
    1-10Mr. Lee Grant*Thanks To You
    1-11The Underdogs (4)Sitting In The Rain
    1-12Allison DurbinI Have Loved Me A Man
    1-13John RowlesIf I Only Had Time
    1-14The Simple ImageSpinning Spinning Spinning
    1-15The Avengers (2)Love Hate Revenge
    1-16The Fourmyula*Come With Me
    1-17Shane*Lady Samantha
    1-18The Fourmyula*Nature
    1-19Hi-Revving Tongues*Rain And Tears
    1-20The Rebels (24)My Son John
    1-21Suzanne*Yesterday When I Was Young
    Kiwi Gold Disc 1B 1965-1970 [Talk Disc]
    2-1Dinah LeeTalks About: Do The Blue Beat
    2-2Ray ColumbusTalks About: Happy In A Sad Kind Of Way
    2-3Ray Columbus, Billy Kristian* & Dave Russell* From Ray Columbus & The InvadersTalk About: Till We Kissed
    2-4Glyn Tucker* & Ben Grubb From The Gremlins (3)Talk About: The Coming Generation
    2-5Kevin Borich From The La De DasTalks About: On Top Of The World
    2-6Kevin Borich From The La De DasTalks About: How Is The Air Up There
    2-7Maria DallasTalks About: Tumblin' Down
    2-8Larry Morris & Viv McCarthy From Larry's RebelsTalk About: Painter Man
    2-9Larry Morris & Viv McCarthy From Larry's RebelsTalk About: Let's Think Of Something
    2-10Lee GrantTalks About: Thanks To You
    2-11Lou Rawnsley from The Underdogs (4)Talks About: Sitting In The Rain
    2-12Allison DurbinTalks About: I Have Loved Me A Man
    2-13Barry Leef From The Simple ImageTalks About: Spinning Spinning Spinning
    2-14Clive Cockburn From The Avengers (2) And DalvaniusTalk About: Love Hate Revenge
    2-15Wayne Mason And Martin Hope From FourmyulaTalk About: Come With Me
    2-16Shane HalesTalks About: Lady Samantha
    2-17Wayne Mason & Martin Hope From FourmyulaTalk About: Nature
    2-18Chris Parfitt (3) & Mike Balcombe From Hi-Revving Tongues*Talk About: Rain And Tears
    2-19Viv McCarthy From The Rebels (24)Talks About: My Son John
    2-20Suzanne*Talks About: Yesterday When I Was Young
    Kiwi Gold Disc 2A 1970-1975
    3-1David CurtisWheel Of Fortune
    3-2Quincy ConserveRide The Rain
    3-3Craig ScottSmiley
    3-4HeadbandGood Morning Mr. Rock 'n' Roll
    3-5The Rumour (2)L'amour Est L'enfant de la Liberte
    3-6TicketCountry High
    7Timberjack (2)Come To The Sabbat
    3-8BlertaDance All Around The World
    3-9Bunny WaltersBrandy
    3-10HeadbandLove Is Bigger Than The Whole Wide World
    3-11Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime BandMiss September
    3-12Creation (7)Tell Laura I Love Her
    3-13John Hanlon (2)Damn The Dam
    3-14Shona Laing1905
    3-15Steve Allen (4)Join Together
    3-16John Hanlon (2)Lovely Lady
    3-17Space WaltzOut On The Street
    3-18Mark Williams (4)Yesterday Was Just The Beginning Of My Life
    3-19RockinghorseThrough The Southern Moonlight
    3-20Split EnzMaybe
    Kiwi Gold Disc 2B 1970-1975 [Talk Disc]
    4-1David CurtisTalks About: Wheel Of Fortune
    4-2Dave Orams & Malcolm Hayman From Quincy ConserveTalk About: Ride The Rain
    4-3Craig ScottTalks About: Smiley
    4-4Jimmy Hill (3) & Billy Kristian* From HeadbandTalk About: Good Morning Mr. Rock 'n' Roll
    4-5Shade Smith From The Rumour (2)Talks About: L'amour Est L'enfant De La Liberte
    4-6Rick Ball* From TicketTalks About: Country High
    4-7John Donoghue From Timberjack (2)Talks About: Come To The Sabbat
    4-8Corben Simpson & Beaver (3) From BlertaTalk About: Dance All Around The World
    4-9Bunny WaltersTalks About: Brandy
    4-10Alan Quinnell & Jimmy Hill (3) From headbandTalk About: Love Is Bigger Than The Whole Wide World
    4-11Neil Worboys From Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime BandTalks About: Miss September
    4-12Greg Christiansen* From Creation (7)Talks About: Tell Laura I Love Her
    4-13John Hanlon (2)Talks About: Damn The Dam
    4-14Shona LaingTalks About: 1905
    4-15Allen Stevenson* AKA Steve Allen (4)Talks About: Join Together
    4-16John Hanlon (2)Talks About: Lovely Lady
    4-17Alastair Riddell & Eddie Rayner From Space WaltzTalk About: Out On The Street
    4-18Mark Williams (4)Talks About: Yesterday Was Just The Beginning Of My Life
    4-19Clinton Brown (2), Wayne Mason & Carl Evensen From RockinghorseTalk About: Through The Southern Moonlight
    4-20Eddie Rayner & Mike Chunn From Split EnzTalk About: Maybe
    Kiwi Gold Disc 3A 1975-1980
    5-1Max Merritt And The MeteorsSlipping Away
    5-2Hello SailorGutter Black
    5-3Mother GooseBaked Beans
    5-4Split EnzBold As Brass
    5-5Split EnzMy Mistake
    5-6Dragon (5)April Sun In Cuba
    5-7Hello SailorBlue Lady
    5-8John RowlesTania
    5-9Sharon O'NeillLuck's On The Table
    5-10Citizen BandRust In My Car
    5-11Jon StevensJezebel
    5-12Mi-SexBut You Don't Care
    5-13Sharon O'NeillWords
    5-14Split EnzI See Red
    5-15Th' Dudes*Be Mine Tonight
    5-16Th' Dudes*Right First Time
    5-17The CrocodilesTears
    5-18Pop MechanixNow
    5-19Streettalk*She's Done It Again
    5-20Th' Dudes*Bliss
    Kiwi Gold Disc 3B 1975-1980 [Talk Disc]
    6-1Max MerrittTalks About: Slipping Away
    6-2Dave McArtney, Graham Brazier & Harry Lyon From Hello SailorTalk About: Gutter Black
    6-3Peter Dickson* & Steve Young (19) From Mother GooseTalk About: Baked Beans
    6-4Neil Finn & Eddie Rayner From Split EnzTalk About: Bold As Brass
    6-5Neil Finn & Eddie Rayner From Split EnzTalk About: My Mistake
    6-6Marc Hunter From Dragon (5)Talks About: April Sun In Cuba
    6-7Graham Brazier & Harry Lyon From Hello SailorTalk About: Blue Lady
    6-8Sharon O'NeillTalks About: Luck's On The Table
    6-9Geoff Chunn AKA Geoffrey Chunn* & Mike Chunn From Citizen BandTalk About: Rust In My Car
    6-10Jon StevensTalks About: Jezebel
    6-11Murray Burns From Mi-SexTalks About: But You Don't Care
    6-12Sharon O'NeillTalks About: Words
    6-13Neil Finn & Eddie Rayner From Split EnzTalk About: I See Red
    6-14Dave Dobbyn & Ian Morris From Th' Dudes*Talk About: Be Mine Tonight
    6-15Dave Dobbyn & Ian Morris, Th' Dudes*Talk About: Right First Time
    6-16Jenny Morris & Fane Flaws From The CrocodilesTalk About: Tears
    6-17Andrew Snoid From Pop MechanixTalks About: Now
    6-18Hammond Gamble & Mike Caen From Street Talk (2)Talk About: She's Done It Again
    6-19Dave Dobbyn & Ian Morris From Th' Dudes*Talk About: Bliss
    Kiwi Gold Disc 4A 1980-1985
    7-1Blam Blam BlamDon't Fight It Marsha (It's Bigger Than Both Of Us)
    7-2Dave McArtney & The Pink FlamingosPink Flamingo
    7-3Graham BrazierBilly Bold
    7-4Pop MechanixJumping Out A Window
    7-5The Screaming MeemeesSee Me Go
    7-6The SwingersCounting The Beat
    7-7Dance ExponentsVictoria
    7-8Prince Tui TekaE Ipo
    7-9Split EnzDirty Creature
    7-10Coconut RoughSierra Leone
    7-11DD SmashWhaling
    7-12HerbsLong Ago
    7-13The ChillsPink Frost
    7-14The MockersForever Tuesday Morning
    7-15The NarcsHeart & Soul
    7-16Netherworld Dancing Toys*For Today
    7-17Peking ManRoom That Echoes
    7-18Sonny Day (3)Saving Up
    7-19The MockersOne Black Friday
    Kiwi Gold Disc 4B 1980-1985 [Talk Disc]
    8-1Don McGlashan, Mark Bell (2) & Tim Mahon From Blam Blam BlamTalk About: Don't Fight It Marsha (It's Bigger Than Both Of Us)
    8-2Dave McArtney From Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos And Harry LyonTalk About: Pink Flamingo
    8-3Graham BrazierTalks About: Billy Bold
    8-4Andrew Snoid From Pop MechanixTalks About: Jumping Out A Window
    8-5Andrew McLennan* From The SwingersTalks About: Counting The Beat
    8-6Jordan Luck & Dave Gent From Dance ExponentsTalk About: Victoria
    8-7DalvaniusTalks About: E Ipo
    8-8Neil Finn, Eddie Rayner from Split Enztalk about: Dirty Creature
    8-9Andrew McLennan* From Coconut RoughTalks About: Sierra Leone
    8-10Dave Dobbyn From DD SmashTalks About: Whaling
    8-11Dilworth Karaka From HerbsTalks About: Long Ago
    8-12Martin Phillipps From The Chillstalks about: Pink Frost
    8-13Andrew Fagan & Tim Wedde From The MockersTalk About: Forever Tuesday Morning
    8-14Andy Dickson & Liam Ryan From The NarcsTalk About: Heart & Soul
    8-15Nick Sampson, Malcolm Black & Annie Crummer From Netherworld Dancing Toys*Talk About: For Today
    8-16Margaret Urlich & Pat Urlich From Peking ManTalk About: Room That Echoes
    8-17Sonny Day (3)Talks About: Saving Up
    8-18Andrew Fagan & Tim Wedde From The MockersTalk About: One Black Friday
    Kiwi Gold Disc 5A 1985-1990
    9-1Dragon (5)Rain
    9-2Dave Dobbyn & HerbsSlice Of Heaven
    9-3HerbsSensitive To A Smile
    9-4Shona LaingGlad I'm Not A Kennedy
    9-5Tex PistolGame Of Love
    9-6The WarratahsHands On My Heart
    9-7ArdijahWatching You
    9-8Dave DobbynLoyal
    9-9Fan ClubSensation
    9-10Holidaymakers*Sweet Lovers
    9-11Rhythm CageBreak Our Backs
    9-12Rikki Morris & Tex PistolNobody Else
    9-13When The Cat's AwayMelting Pot
    9-14Margaret UrlichEscaping
    9-15Shona LaingSoviet Snow
    9-16Tim Finn & HerbsParihaka
    9-17NgaireTo Sir With Love
    9-18The ChillsHeavenly Pop Hit
    Kiwi Gold Disc 5B 1985-1990 [Talk Disc]
    10-1Marc Hunter & Alan Mansfield From Dragon (5)Talk About: Rain
    10-2Dave Dobbyn And Dilworth Karaka From HerbsTalk About: Slice Of Heaven
    10-3Dilworth Karaka & Charlie Tumahai* From HerbsTalk About: Sensitive To A Smile
    10-4Shona LaingTalks About: Glad I'm Not A Kennedy
    10-5Ian MorrisTalks About: Game Of Love
    10-6Wayne Mason, Barry Saunders & Clinton Brown (2) From The WarratahsTalk About: Hands On My Heart
    10-7Ryan Monga & Betty-Anne Monga* From ArdijahTalk About: Watching You
    10-8Dave DobbynTalks About: Loyal
    10-9Malcolm Smith (2) From Fan ClubTalks About: Sensation
    10-10Peter Marshall (4) & Barbara Griffen From The HolidaymakersTalk About: Sweet Lovers
    10-11Dave Parker* From Rhythm CageTalks About: Break Our Backs
    10-12Rikki MorrisTalks About: Nobody Else
    10-12Annie Crummer & Margaret Urlich From When The Cat's AwayTalk About: Melting Pot
    10-13Margaret UrlichTalks About: Escaping
    10-14Shona LaingTalks About: Soviet Snow
    10-15Dilworth Karaka From HerbsTalks About: Parihaka
    10-16NgaireTalks About: To Sir With Love
    10-17Martin Phillipps From The ChillsTalks About: Heavenly Pop Hit


    The first Kiwi Gold Disc box set released in 1996 contains 5 double CDs. Disc A contains music tracks, Disc B [Talk Disc] contains comments by the artist(s) about the associated track. The original release was in a slipcase made of thin card. This set was later re-released using the much thicker card used for Kiwi Gold Disc II & III. The re-release adds the Roman numeral "I" to the cover and inlay spines but the CDs themselves are the same in both releases.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Mastering SID Code (Discs 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 4A, 4B): IFPI L282
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1A): KGD1MDA
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1B): KGD1TDB
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2A): KGD2MDA
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2B): KGD2TDB
    • Mastering SID Code (Discs 3A, 3B, 5A, 5B): IFPI L281
    • Mould SID Code (Discs 3A, 5A): IFPI4621
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3A): KGD3MDA
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3B): KGD3TDB
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4A): KGD4MDA
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4B): KGD4TDB
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5A): KGD5MDA
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5B): KGD5TDB