SoliPsiK* - See-Saw / Chambermusik as reviewed by Crijevo

June 30, 2016
Some of the earlier SPK's finest single work, most definitely. "See-Saw", a sinister non-album track with an Eastern vibe, along the group's then-notorious white noise backing and Sinan in her more bearable spoken-word mode, blurred along distorted syncussion. "Chamber Music" already appeared, albeit in a radically different mix, on the album "Leichenschrei" - here it's driven by its own extreme noise horror, using the basic synthesized drill pattern (that is also audible in the album version) with a hint of basic rhythmic structure. Too bad the CD editions by The Grey Area of Mute didn't revisit these in one of their SPK releases back in the early 90s. This way, the very 7" is an oddity overpriced beyond belief. But then, who can blame the sellers - you cannot really tell there's "sentimental value" in SPK... :) or perhaps there is?

SoliPsiK* - See-Saw / Chambermusik Sawade

October 24, 2017
Sorry, totally off-ball. This is Neil Hill (Ne/H/iL from SPK), his wife Margaret (Suishi), Kit Katelogue (Kitka) and Paul Charlier (Charliev). This predates Leichenschrei. It is also, thankfully, completely Sinan-free.