NONE (13)Life Has Gone On Long Enough

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1Bleak, Damp, And Dead2:51
2A World, Dead And Gray7:46
3Bed The Cold Earth7:44
7Life Is Long Enough7:56
8Illa Tiðandi6:03

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First press (this): 300 (accidentally CD-r - error from the CD plant)
Second press (NONE (13) - Life Has Gone On Long Enough): 300
Third /current press (NONE (13) - Life Has Gone On Long Enough): 500

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  • Matrix / Runout: RFD80M-79252 08 Q3

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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Life Has Gone On Long Enough (CD, Album, Repress)Hypnotic Dirge RecordsHDR 064-2Canada2018
New Submission
Life Has Gone On Long Enough (8×File, MP3, Album)Hypnotic Dirge Recordsnone2018
New Submission
Life Has Gone On Long Enough (8×File, FLAC, Album)Hypnotic Dirge RecordsnoneCanada2018
New Submission
Life Has Gone On Long Enough (LP, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo, Verdant Grave Edition)Hypnotic Dirge Records, Viridian Flame RecordsHDR 064, VRDN008Belgium2020
New Submission
Life Has Gone On Long Enough (LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Test Pressing, White Label)Hypnotic Dirge Records, Viridian Flame RecordsHDR-064V, VRDN008Belgium2020


  • garyrossiterjr766's avatar
    Another great album from a great band love all of there music.
    • ole.grung's avatar
      This album starts out like something from a horror movie. Unnerving ambient soft synth begins the adventure, like I am travelling to a dark swamp to that forgotten house at the end of the river. Subtle piano notes are joined by an even more subtle bass, and a distant horn of a great caliber is whooshing its sadness unto me. A soft guitar hints as to what is the theme of the next song. “A World, Dead And Gray” begins with the theme being hugely amplified in a distorted guitar. (Vocalist) screams “When the world is dead and gray” , as the destructive atmosphere unveils into a full tilt vortex of drums, saddened howls and guitar. Don’t let the simple outlay of the repetitive theme fool you, this is truly depressive, harrowing music at its finest. I wish this song would never end. It’s so full of emotion, so raw, yet so sublime. The smaller breakdowns succeed in further underlining the gut wrenching theme, letting you soak for a while in a pool of less amplified sounds and spoken word before being plunged into the bog of black, noisy psychiatrist material. As a suture, the recurring piano tones are heard again. Like an eternal echo of nothingness they follow the album, haunting its steps. Being more partial to Funeral Doom than Black Metal, I can really relate to this approach. This record really does get to me, and I have caught myself distracted every now and then by the sheer environment that NONE paints here. The droney landscape, the distant, yet heartfelt vocals, and the occurences of other melodic aspects throughout the journey makes it one to be remembered. Shining comes to mind as I listen, but I feel they don’t take the theme this sincere. Halfway through the album I am able to catch a break as “Corroded” fills my ears with ambient noise, an organ-like synth instrumental melody playing over the muffeled unintelligible voices of perhaps some escaped mental patients.
      “Desiderate” reminds me of my earliest introduction to the genre; synth, prolonged riffs and slow drums. The vocals drags along with the melody, screaming what none can hear; the wasted calls of a deserted soul. At this late stage in the album, its barely audible when the guitar is playing, and only given its room whenever I catch a break from the near constant riffing. A rasping cry and a wailing sample seems fitting to end an album filled with despair and sadness, before it’s muffled by a howling wind.
      Lastly, as a bonus song, they’ve added their own interpretation of Burzum’s “Illa Tiðandi” which, with its piano laden soundscape fits the album nicely. Perhaps it has even inspired them to make it.
      To summarize, this is really my cup of tea; slow, crushing riffs from the black ocean waves. An ocean of despair, the undercurrent pulling me under into the dark abyss. Some might find the ever recurring themes monotonous, but I prefer this approach. Funeral was always more to my liking than Death.



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