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VariousThe Cyberflesh Conspiracy

Label:If It Moves... – IIM-002
CD, Compilation


1Chem Lab*Black Radio (In The Neon Blur)3:43
2Mentallo & The FixerBrutal Rapture
Written-ByGary Dassing
3Diatribe (2)Needle Park5:18
Written-ByDan Gatto
5Vampire RodentsBurial At Sea4:26
6Stabbing WestwardViolent Mood Swings
Written-ByJames Sellers*
7WatchmenMerciful Release
Written-ByDave Creadeau
8The Bleeding StoneSquirm
9Sleep ChamberEl Topo (Remix)4:08
10Creeping EruptionHarbinger Of Death
Written-ByMichael Lepper*
11We Of Sound MindMan Mind Machine
Written-ByJeff Foster (2)
1216 VoltMotorskills
Written-ByEric Powell (2)
13Pain EmissionBimbo3:36
14Red Red GrooveNo Tears
ManagementDavit Souders
Written-By [Uncredited]Mike Castle (2)
15TeknitionMan Is The Animal
Written-ByAlex Kane (4)
16U.T.O.Brain Dead
Written-BySteve Lenos

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[On inner sleeve:]
Track 1 appears on their "10 Ton Pressure" EP/MCD
Track 4 appears on their Flipside released 7" called "1991"
Track 9 appears on their "Sleep, Or Forever Hold Your Piece" LP/CD

• Don't Buy Ivory • Don't Buy Ivory • Don't Buy Ivory •

Printed in Canada

[On front sleeve, label:]
If It Moves... Presents an Electro-Threatbeat Compilation for the Feet as well as the Mind:

[On back sleeve:]
This national showcase of harsh electronic dance bands contains no experimental noise collages, synth-pop dry rot, or repetitive house tracks.

© IIM 1992

Printed in Canada

[Incidential info:]
Contains an earlier & exclusive version of Stabbing Westward's Violent Mood Swings.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 7 2324-86023-2 3
  • Barcode (Scanned): 723248602323
  • Matrix / Runout: IIM002 3/92 1DA1


bonnicon's avatar
There are so many labels floating around at the moment - indeed SOFT WATCH itself falls into the trap of printing them on it’s front cover - that it’s none too easy to keep up with each direction change (take the word HARDCORE for instance - it has been used for Thrash Punk, underground Electronics and the puréed easy-to-consume Electro-Dance stuff that makes the charts a touch more interesting). This album calls itself 'Hard-Edged Technocore That Does A Body Good’, which seems fair enough, although I’d point out that some of this actually falls into the literal category of Cyberpunk. It’s a highly collectable album - no obvious weak tracks, despite it’s blend of well-known and unknown groups, and recommended unreservedly to anyone into this music.
The CD opens with "Black Radio (In The Neon Blur)" from CHEM LAB’s "10 Ton Pressure" EP, a good, catchy, determined-sounding, interesting piece of dance-oriented electronic music which twists and turns in a myriad directions. “Brutal Rapture” by MENTALLO & THE FIXER opens on delicate bubbly synth but soon establishes itself as a medium-slow but determined piece of music, flailing drums stab the air & white-out voice rages in bassless storms. "Needle Park" by DIATRIBE comes next, a fine example of Cyberpunk in frenetic action - fast simplistic Punk music with clean white sheets of noise & sudden flurries into wild excess. “Mindfuck” comes from BABYLAND’s contribution to the FLIPSIDE 7" called “1991”, opening with muzzy looped muzak, then setting forth with another piece of Cyberpunk with leanings towards the ANTLER-SUBWAY sound. Seemingly simplistic but effective. “Burial At Sea” by VAMPIRE RODENTS is another medium-slow piece, darker & more dramatic than the rest. It churns along like a mild threat while 'Wicked Witch Of The West' vocals cackle and snarl. "Violent Mood Swing” by STABBIN WESTWARD is not unlike a more straightforward version of something off the “Buried Dreams” CLOCK DVA album crossed with something more commercial - say a ground-down KMFDM. And there’s some nice panning across the stereo field in this - effective. Strange cross? Well, it works! "Merciful Release" by WATCHMEN is another simplistic-sounding piece. The thing which stands out with this track is the voice or rather the lyrics, although they are fully capable of kicking up a cloud of dust when they want to. "Squirm" by THE BLEEDING STONE is a throbbing pulsing thing which races along at a good tempo. Again it appears to be simple, based on a scampering sequencer which runs around exploring possibilities like a young and eager terrier. "El Topo" I have reviewed before (it’s taken from the "Sleep Or Forever Hold Your Piece" album - see under FUNFUNDVIERZIG) - not my favourite SLEEP CHAMBER track, but indicative of their style and should get you hungry for more. "Harbinger Of Death" by CREEPING ERUPTION is next, again a good example of this style of music, it’s actual ‘tune’ hidden beneath a determined, but almost melodic thudding rhythm. "Man Mind Machine” by WE OF SOUND MIND has an intro again like something from "Buried Dreams", although it soon shows itself to be akin to the others on this album. Max Headroom-type samples appear now and then, while the vocalist attempts to menace the musicians with his snarls. “Motorskills” by 16 VOLT is a rather tasty dance piece with a pulsating impulsive compulsive beat. This one should get people moving if played at your local disco. The vocalist whispers in white waves, barely discernable, like a Dalek with a throat infection but it’s the music you play it for. "Bimbo" by PAIN EMISSION is another dancy thing, a little more aggressive than the previous track. Again showing kinship to Punk with it’s fuzz guitar sounds and phlegm-filled voice barking over the top. “No Tears” by RED RED GROOVE comes next, a wave of sampled voice washing it in. Again it’s a fast electronic piece of music, but this time with leanings towards commercialism - it’s a sort of Pop song over smart attractive electro surge. Apart from the well-known names, i’d put my money on this group to gain success in years to come. TEKNITION offer us "Man Is The Animal" - an angry statement, if my guess is right. It’s a medium-paced thing with savage vocals - the music itself is heavy but seemingly simple, but again probably danceable. The album closes with "Brain Dead" by U.T.O., a little different from the others, a large sound with snarly vox & less than subtle lyrics, it still should get people moving.

All groups have addresses printed inside the booklet for you to contact if you wish to hear any more from them. A good album for DJs to leave playing while they nip off to the bar.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.
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the bleeding stone now has a website with live video's and myspace with the 4 song E.P silent insanity...
we are currently reformed and writing new material..