Gas - Rausch as reviewed by Cardia1

November 12, 2018

I find this to be one of the less interesting GAS Albums in my opinion, all tracks sound very like much the same, nevertheless its a satisfying experience that can have its strength when listened during heavy rainy nights , specially surround by dark forests. I hope there will be more of GAS Albums to come in the future.

Gas - Rausch as reviewed by kelvah

July 22, 2018

I just love it. but the cd packaging is a little weird.

Gas - Rausch JoshuaFlathom

July 13, 2018
I really wish this CD packaging was presented like Narkopop! Kind of a let down, but oh well!

Gas - Rausch as reviewed by kholkhoz

July 8, 2018
The latest installment in Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas project, combining orchestral passages drowned in an ocean of reverberation with murky dub-techno rhythms. With a template so fixed and inflexible, the variations on the theme from one album to the next is nearly microscopic and largely subjective. I would say that Rausch is by far the most sinister installment, bordering on rage and misanthropy. But maybe that’s just me.

Gas - Rausch as reviewed by Mark_Anthony

May 31, 2018
There's a beep on the kick drums that I didnt notice until my friend pointed it out to me. Now I hear the beep. Sick release I love it beep or no beep.

Gas - Rausch as reviewed by genocyber

May 27, 2018

hes gone completely off the rails. i get that narkopop was supposed to be a darker version of pop but this album is the sonic equivalent of a dumpster fire.

Gas - Rausch as reviewed by sdwilson

May 25, 2018
Sounds like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean slowed the heck down!

Gas - Rausch as reviewed by Candy_Guru

May 21, 2018

The sixth instalment of the series is definitely the darkest one so far. After the first movement, which kind of bridges "Rausch" with "Narkopop", there's a growing sense of unease. The pulsating 4/4 rhythm is slightly heavier (often paired with a deep snare kick on every second beat), the background drones create a constant tension.
Just listen to the part 5; there's a rhythmic high-pitched noise which sounds almost like an emergency alarm, while throbbing filtered horns ominously follow the beat, threatening to crush anything on their way.

Gas - Rausch jdcapshew

May 21, 2018

Well said, I agree with your review. This series is essential listening .