Hidehito Aoki, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Shoji Meguro, Okibe Misaki*Persona ~ Be Your True Mind ~ Original Soundtracks

Hidehito Aoki - Persona  ~ Be Your True Mind ~ Original Soundtracks  album cover
Label:SonMay Records – A&G-077~079
3 x CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Genre:Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style:Abstract, Ambient, Soundtrack


1-1Kandori's Theme ~ Silence2:05
1-2Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter0:54
1-3Maki's Theme ~ Bright0:54
1-4Dungeon ~ Police Station2:53
1-5Mark's Theme1:04
1-6Dungeon ~ Abandoned Factory Underground Passage2:20
1-7Dungeon ~ SEBEC Above Ground2:52
1-8Dungeon ~ SEBEC Underground Research Lab3:36
1-9Kandori's Theme ~ Ambition1:31
1-10Dimension Road0:19
1-11Aki's Theme1:11
1-122nd Ward Disaster1:56
1-13Dungeon ~ Ruins2:35
1-14Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter 21:11
1-152nd Ward1:48
1-16Dungeon ~ Black Market2:04
1-17Bar Attacked by Harem Queen1:40
1-18Dungeon ~ Kama Palace3:54
1-19Shadow ~ Serious2:18
1-20Mai's Theme1:36
1-21Dungeon ~ House0:52
1-22Deva-Yuga Appears0:29
1-23Kandori's Theme ~ Sorrow2:12
1-24View of Deva-Yuga Beyond Dimension Road0:14
1-25Dungeon ~ Deva-Yuga2:51
1-26Lapse of the Distaizer0:28
1-27Reiji's Theme1:46
1-28Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter 30:58
1-29Soap Bubble of Consciousness0:16
1-30Maki's Theme ~ Sad2:26
1-31Dungeon ~ Pandora's Den (Deepmost Area)2:14
1-32Encounter with Pandora1:24
1-33Pandora Enters0:22
1-34Battle ~ Pandora3:11
1-35Philemon Movie ~ SEBEC Chapter 41:27
1-36SEBEC Chapter Good Ending6:10
1-37SEBEC Chapter Bad Ending 23:09
2-1School Infirmary (Former Dungeon ~ Saeko-Sensei)1:53
2-2Yukino's Theme2:03
2-3Frozen School0:31
2-4Snow Queen's Theme ~ Main1:31
2-5Philemon Movie ~ Ice Queen Chapter 10:59
2-6Ice Castle0:21
2-7Dungeon ~ Ice Castle2:13
2-8Door, Frozen Shut1:15
2-9Dungeon ~ Former Ice Castle2:23
2-10Conversation ~ Generic 10:43
2-11Toro Confesses to Ayase1:08
2-12Snow Queen's Theme ~ Violent2:00
2-14Entering Hypnos Tower0:17
2-15Dungeon ~ Hypnos Tower3:00
2-16Normal Battle1:13
2-17Spring of Restoration0:39
2-18Philemon Movie ~ Snow Queen Chapter 20:58
2-19Dungeon ~ Reverse Dream World2:05
2-20Theme of Nemurin Love1:56
2-21Entering Nemesis Tower0:18
2-22Dungeon ~ Nemesis Tower2:42
2-23Snow Queen's Theme ~ Sad1:42
2-24Conversation ~ Generic 20:48
2-25Entering Devil's Peak0:17
2-26Dungeon ~ Devil's Peak2:44
2-27Time Count Event (Unused)1:39
2-29Entering Thanatos Tower0:15
2-30Thanatos Tower3:09
2-31Saeko-Sensei's Theme2:31
2-32Asura Queen Enters0:22
2-33Battle ~ Night Queen3:43
2-34Snow Queen Chapter Bad Ending 10:28
2-35Restored School0:30
2-36Last Event2:10
2-37Snow Queen Chapter Good Ending5:09
2-38Snow Queen Chapter Bad Ending 23:22
3-2Daydream 10:36
3-3Daydream 20:37
3-4Name Entry0:54
3-5Elly's Theme1:37
3-6Dungeon ~ School (After School)1:25
3-7Nanjo's Theme0:58
3-81st Ward Tranquility0:51
3-9Dungeon ~ 1st Ward Shopping District (East Entrance)2:13
3-11Convenience Store1:02
3-121st & 2nd Ward Shopping District (West Entrance)2:11
3-14Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy Song1:00
3-15Fast Food1:13
3-16Sennen-Mannen Hall0:42
3-18Battle ~ Hospital (Before the Disaster)2:23
3-19Generic BGM-B1:19
3-20Battle ~ Awakening1:25
3-21Dungeon ~ Hospital (After the Disaster)2:05
3-221st Ward After the Disaster1:50
3-23Shrine (Philemon's Voice)2:53
3-24Agastia Tree1:29
3-25Dungeon ~ 1st Ward School (Revisited)2:39
3-26Battle ~ Mid-Boss2:18
3-27The Cave Behind the Gym0:48
3-28Brown's Theme1:32
3-29Battle ~ Tesso1:56
3-30Ayase's Theme0:58
3-31Velvet Room2:06
3-32Velvet Room ~ Fusion Scene0:42
3-33SEBEC Chapter Bad Ending 10:42
3-34Maki's Theme ~ Loneliness1:20
3-35Maya's Theme2:24
3-36Dungeon ~ No. 12:29
3-37Foolish Boss Theme1:32
3-38Satomi Tadashi Drugstore Song ~ Ore Version1:25
3-39Satomi Tadashi Drugstore Song ~ JAZZ Version1:59

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Persona: Be Your True Mind Original Soundtracks (3×CD, Album, Compilation, CD, Minimax, Single)AtlusKICA-5033~5Japan1999




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