Skee MaskCompro

Label:Ilian Tape – ITLP04
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Techno, Ambient, Breakbeat


A2Session Add
B150 Euro To Break Boost
B2Via Sub Mids
B3Soundboy Ext.
C1Dial 274
C3Flyby VFR
D1Muk FM
D2Kozmic Flush
D3Calimance (Delay Mix)



Includes a download code for 320 kbps MP3 files.

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Compro (12×File, FLAC, Album)Ilian TapeITLP04Germany2018
Compro (12×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps)Ilian TapeITLP04Germany2018
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Compro (2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Yellow & Black Mixed)Ilian TapeITLP04Germany2018
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Compro (CDr, Album, Special Edition, Unofficial Release)Star Line (7)sl18365Russia2019
  • Qu0ta's avatar
    Dynamics aren't eye popping, but it sounds more than decent. Only issue I have with my copy is that the spindle hole on both records are frigging tight and I get nervous about catapulting it over my shoulder when I'm taking it off my turntable.
    • Meowstro's avatar
      Edited 4 months ago
      Love the album, but his decision to yank his music from all streaming platforms was as stupid as the choice to give this record a paper sleeve, which threatens to bend and blemish at the slightest touch. The disc itself plays fine but I am constantly bugged by the paper sleeve which I fear will fall apart if overused.

      Now for the elephant in the room - Skee's braindead war on streaming.

      With all due respect, Skee Mask is in too niche of a genre and isn't nearly big enough to be making brash, spiteful moves like boycotting streaming services. Seems his label cares less about the fans and more about the profits, which is ridiculously shrewd and shortsighted for what is an otherwise humble scene - at least that was what I garnered from the rude conversation I had on Twitter with Skee's manager. While Spotify may pay artists terribly, the long time fans they get from the algorithms and exposure go a far longer way. I wouldn't have known about Skee Mask were it not for Youtube - will they pull him from there for not getting enough money per view? I went so far as to buy his record, and without the assistance of these platforms that transaction would have never occurred.

      Unless he manages to top Compro, receding from the realm of streaming services will be the last nail in the coffin. So far he has fallen short with half-assed singles and re-releases.

      If Skee and his manager want to be a martyr in this war of theirs, then by all means. At the very least they are putting their money where their mouth is.

      • okshiro's avatar
        Edited 7 months ago
        One of the best starting points for young people and curious listeners of any age to start learning about masterworks of electronic music. Compro tours effortlessly through a half-dozen different sub-genres with a huge emphasis on ambient passages that allow a newer listener time to pace themselves.

        Bryan Müller is not a balanced composer. He focuses almost entirely on the lyricism and timbre of his percussion, treating all non-percussion melody-driving elements gracefully but as supporting afterthoughts. The talent he displays in sequencing his percussion stays exciting track after track, though, and he regularly manages to find ways to position the understated supporting melodic elements in a moving manner.

        From a pressing standpoint, Its hard to say enough good things about the Ilan Tape vinyl manufacturing process. The quality that goes into every single step here: Composition->Mix->Master->Lacquer->Press, its all phenomenal and world-class. These are discs clearly made by a crew that loves high quality vinyl records and have taken very seriously mastering all of the aesthetic elements of the industrial process.

        It's tempting to attribute the quality to Muller based on the stand-out talent that has him as the top selling artist on the label, but the fact is that this level of quality is evident throughout the label's roster. Even with older Stenny or Andrea 12"s, when you drop needle on a thick slab of Illan Tape wax, you know you are going to get massive signal pressure, gorgeous frequency reproduction from bottom to top, and responsive dynamics that sound great at any volume. They don't care as much about elaborate packaging design, but Ilian Tape discs are so well-made that they make many other modern popular record discs look, feel, and sound cheap in comparison.
        • eejasplund's avatar
          Excellent album. Every time I listen to it, I hear something I haven’t noticed before. Rolling breakbeats with a clever ingenuity. Glitch samples cycle through a variety of moods and atmospheres that are all emotionally relevant to the engaged listener. Skee Mask’s IDM-artifacted experimental feels familiar but still unpredictable. Pairs well with LTJ Bukem, sorta.
          • lelykely's avatar
            This one is a must for electronic music lovers, sounds superbly as well
            • patrickmillais's avatar
              The most prized record in my collection... just an incredible listen. Still finding new things to love about it 2 years later.
              • bgremel's avatar
                Here's an album needing to be played in sequence and in full. Definitely a few standout tracks DJs would love to pull into a set, but in whole, this album is greater than the sum of its parts. Atmospheric swells, shifting grooves and dramatic repetitions. You're in the year 2090 and there's still soul in electronic music.
                • escudieraustin's avatar
                  such a good album, great to listen to late at night and sounds great on wax
                  • Cooltek's avatar
                    An extraordinary album ! Nothing else to say, just listen, and repeat...
                    • Rarephylia's avatar
                      What a journey, this surely is without doubt one amongst the best releases of 2018.
                      Acid, atmospheric, ravey techno - breaks that will blow your mind. Sound design on point, the most complete work of Skee Mask.
                      I witnessed a live set from him in C2C and he broke the line up with his set based on this album.
                      Enlightening. Majestic.



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