Michael Jackson - Invincible GiorgioSt

February 20, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
It is hard to understand, where the Rap on Unbreakable comes from; at least, it was for me. Here, it is only written: “Rap originally embodied on "I Can't Stop The Reign" courtesy of Twism and Bad Boy/Arista.“ Searching, I found this: Shaquille O'Neal ‎made an Album "You Can't Stop The Reign" in 1996. The song itself on the track-list on discogs seems to be named "Still Can't Stop The Reign". On YouTube it is named "Can't Stop The Reign". SO, first mistake, there is no song named "I Can't Stop The Reign" as is quoted here in explanations, that have been taken form the album, I presume.
So, in the song "Still Can't Stop The Reign" Shaquille O'Neal sings some Verses, but MORE songs are sung by The Notorious B.I.G.! Also, he sings the last verse, starting with the line "A lime to a lemon, my CeCe women" starting around minute 3.00. This verse also is completely on the Song “Unbreakable” from Michael Jackson, there starting at minute 3.53. That´s it!

I must say, I love some of the more subtle parallels, too (premised that I totally agree with Christo77 here, for me Invincible is the best Album from Jackson), that the word “Invincible” is also in the song "Still Can't Stop The Reign" and also the word “elevator” - where you hear an elevator at the beginning of Jacksons “Unbreakable”.
I love it that Michael Jackson sometimes included other musicians into his work, when he liked them or liked music from them.

Michael Jackson - Invincible dynamicdog03

June 16, 2018
That's one of the many things that keep bugging me about this album. Not only do they NOT get the title of the song and the writing and publishing credits right, they don't even mention who the artist actually was!

They've seemed to credit the actual writers of the SAMPLE within the original song (Loose End's "You Can't Stop The Rain") instead of the actual song's writers (which include the three previously-mentioned writers of the sample as well as Chris Jones, Chris Williams, Shaq and Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace himself). I assume they did this because Jackson and Darkchild still wanted a decent chunk of the royalties and not let them be awkwardly cut into pieces with a whole bunch of other writers (keep in mind, there are already 9 credited writers on "Unbreakable"!). Biggie eventually got a writing/publishing credit though (see the "Scream" album booklet and/or the "Unbreakable" listing on ASCAP's repertory).

I personally didn't think the Biggie rap even fit in the song anyway, It seems like it was supposed to be a placeholder (much like L.T.B's rap in "Black or White") but Michael must've liked it so much they kept it in anyway.