Nick Drake - Fruit Tree as reviewed by pwurg

June 14, 2019
I thought these were terrible generic pressings. I sold the records but kept the box, the excellent booklet and magic DVD. The box makes a nifty storage container for Nick's other releases/compilations/bootlegs. For the three albums, these versions sound (and are pressed) HEAPS better:

Nick Drake - Fruit Tree wrongcharlie

January 1, 2019
edited 9 months ago
This is a decent release but I've no originals to compare against. There are some pressing flaws here and there but the master sounds good. No paper scuffs on mine but plenty of greasy marks from the pressing plant. I bought this new from HMV in 2007 when it was released, it cost me £25.95...... how times have changed.....

Nick Drake - Fruit Tree as reviewed by RNEvans

December 16, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
This set was published in 00s and I'm not sure by who, obviously Island but also I suspect organised by his estate run by Gabrielle Drake. The graphics on the box aren't great but they're certainly adequate. It is a re-run of the original 70s Fruit Tree box set. The pressings are new pressings on 180 gram, they are as good as any new pressing. The covers of 5 Leaves and Pink Moon are gatefold - as originally released. The inlays are slightly strange, they are images of the original inserts but that's the way Nick's albums were re-released. Of course the only way to listen to him is through these three albums, they are the way he wanted it and in the order he wanted it. Your probably not going to be able to buy an original mint Pink Moon for $500 so this box set is really the best way to get them all on vinyl. The booklet is almost self published - almost like photocopies stuck together in a cd size but it's AMAZING, every song dissected, it's glorious reading if your a fan. The DVD is also great but easily watchable on youtube. For the price you can't get a much better way to get properly into Nick Drake.

Nick Drake - Fruit Tree as reviewed by elizabeththefirst

December 3, 2010
This box set contains some of the most moving instances of British Singer Songwriting ever released and included a DVD of a Documentary that has been unavailable until this point so why am I so angry at it?

The sleeves are poor quality and split by the time they leave the factory, the vinyl has noticeable pressing noise on some sides and most known copies have paper scuffs on Five Leaves Left, the booklet looks like it was printed up for a CD box set not a vinyl one, the DVd comes in a cheap slipcase and the box is made of light thin card.

Come on Island - Nick Drake deserves better than this.