Ghost (32) - Rats snuffrock

December 5, 2019
Here you can order it for ten euros ! It's still available, I just checked

Ghost (32) - Rats adde1974

October 3, 2019
Does anyone know how many copies were made of this one?

Ghost (32) - Rats Maurosis

September 12, 2019
Does this version also has rats instrumental version as b-side?

Ghost (32) - Rats scoop16

October 27, 2019
The B-Side has the regular version of 'Rats' with vocals.

Ghost (32) - Rats bcarbunescu

May 20, 2019

My copy was also warped pretty badly. But one week under some books, and there is a significant improvement. Plays well.

Ghost (32) - Rats snuffrock

April 3, 2019

Don't buy this anywhere else than on Loma Recordings : this is a 10€ shape vinyl.

Ghost (32) - Rats Bard1970

January 26, 2019

A bought to prints and both where bended. Also the hard plastic cover hat lots of wrinkles..

Ghost (32) - Rats slayerslayer

December 19, 2018
Hey, yes. unfortunately all shapes Show bendings. This is not an production error but a General issue. looks a bit strange with the tonearm going up and down but the record plays perfect though.

Ghost (32) - Rats Tubaruben

July 18, 2018
Got a copy today witch has some bend to it, but play ok though... Awesome looking anyway and as long as it plays, I don`t care too much.

Ghost (32) - Rats Dani_Navarro

July 18, 2018

Same here, the ends are bended but the inside (where the groove is) is flat so it plays fine.

Ghost (32) - Rats Edward_Hyena

June 28, 2018
I got one of these and it was concave / bowl shaped. When I contacted Loma Vista I was told "They were all like this." Can anyone confirm or refute this?

Ghost (32) - Rats brandonhowell1994

August 4, 2018
mine was too ive gotten alot of die cuts like this i think its just they way the warp when they cool down

Ghost (32) - Rats Zombi_Assassin

July 18, 2018
Hi mate,

I have two copies of it and both are as you describe, I also have issues with the poster being creased and torn!

Ghost (32) - Rats djnightmare666

July 18, 2018
Mine was bowel shaped as well.. I gave it a quick press, at a low temp, with my works heat press to flatten it......its playable now.

Ghost (32) - Rats Holdbrillan

July 17, 2018
Yes. I've got my second disc now. and it too is bowl-shaped. The maufacturer says in an email "this will not affect playback", but I dont think I'll even try to play it, since pict discs often are of less audible quality. But bowl-shaped. Yes.

Ghost (32) - Rats tboudewijns.tb

July 14, 2018
Same for me. All the copies I have seen have been dome shaped but have all played fine. It is an odd shape (or interesting shape depending how you look at it) picture disc that makes manufacturing flat difficult I guess.

Ghost (32) - Rats Hippiejames

July 6, 2018

yes mine is warped like that as well as many other people's I know. the bowl shape is a result of having all that extra plastic on the edges there, the warp does not effect sound most of the time, but if you contact Loma Vista and can prove the warp effects the sound they will replace it.

Ghost (32) - Rats Leighton3210

July 6, 2018
Very happy to say mine came flat as you'd want a vinyl too. Lucky by the sounds of it.

Ghost (32) - Rats captainfantasy

July 1, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
Mine had a major dish warp so bad that side a, the concave side would not play because the rat heads kept.hitting my tone arm. I sent them pictures and a complaint about the packaging. It was shipped in a box too small, appropriate for a regular 7", but not a shaped one. I explained that I believe the shipping caused this, not the manufacturing. After going around for a few days, they asked me to send a video of it (not) playing and they've now decided to send me a replacement. I've had no trouble with Loma Vista in the past, so we'll see.
Received replacement copy, it has the tiniest warp if any at all. It was shipped in a regular 12" record mailer. So it seems that if the warp is bad enough to affect play then they will replace it. Once again, I've never had a bad experience with them.

Ghost (32) - Rats mikerattail

June 29, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
Mine was also horribly bent. It was carelessly shipped in a box with other merchandise (the native sleeve was riddled with creases and folds), so I'm assuming the pressure of the other items caused it. Between this and the off-center B-side pressing of Prequelle, I'm never ordering from this company again.

Ghost (32) - Rats tsmokeyjoe

June 29, 2018
Mine too is warped. Despite the warp looking pretty bad I played it and it sounded great, better than my Prequelle. Go figure.

Ghost (32) - Rats Egypt20

June 17, 2018
Many Thanks Sixx for the tip. Ordered mine yesterday fro 10 euros!

Ghost (32) - Rats snuffrock

November 26, 2019
Here you can order it for ten euros ! It's still available, I just checked.

Ghost (32) - Rats Egypt20

September 20, 2018
Hi cdiscover,
Here's the link for the rats picture disc -

Good Luck!

Ghost (32) - Rats cdiscover

July 6, 2018
where did you order for 10 Euros? Please share...thanks! Cheers