Various - T.K.Disco Re-Edited Vol.1 MJH1964

June 17, 2018
edited 10 months ago
There's a pressing flaw on sides C and D, in roughly the same spot on the Timmy Thomas and Ralph Macdonald tracks (just where Thomas's vocal comes in.) Sounds like the record is 'scratched' (but its a brand new record), which produces audible distortion. Def. not my set up, its in the vinyl. Frustrating.

Various - T.K.Disco Re-Edited Vol.1 LuckyIsOurDoggy

August 14, 2018
My copy of the original press had the same problem. But the repress seems to have almost entirely eradicated the problem – I've just bought a copy from Juno and there is no crackle on C2 and just a couple of audible scuffs at the very end of D2.

Various - T.K.Disco Re-Edited Vol.1 almondosfunk

June 27, 2018
Mine too, what a shame. And on such a decent record.