Pulp - His 'N' Hers as reviewed by mr.furikuri

June 4, 2018
-Sound Quality on the 1994 original pressing is by far the best of the 3 separate issues of this album. '94 original is nice and loud, and the sleeve art is top notch. The only hitch to this pressing is the omission of the hit song "Babies."
-The overall sound on the 2012 MOV repress is good, albeit quieter than the original pressing. The sound does not pack as much of a punch as the '94 pressing. However, "Babies" along with an entire second LP dedicated to bonus tracks is included and is exclusive to this particular release. As for the sleeve art, it is good but not as crisp as the art on the '94 original.
-The 2016 Universal repress sound almost identical to the 2012 MOV release (I suspect they used the same master), unfortunately "Babies" is omitted on this release for some reason (Perhaps they wanted to replicate the '94 pressing). I'd only recommend this issue if you cannot afford the '94 pressing (I wouldn't blame you) or if you do not mind the omission of "Babies." The sleeve art is over saturated and nowhere near as crisp as the art on the '94 original.
-If you want the best sound and sleeve art, go for the '94 original. If you want the album's complete track list present and some extra songs, go for the 2012 MOV reissue. If you for some reason, do not mind the omission of the immaculate "Babies" and do not have $50 to spend, go for the 2016 reissue. As for myself, Babies is one of my favorite pulp tracks so I had to get the 2012 MOV repress.

Pulp - His 'N' Hers Disorderyan

February 29, 2012
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Pulp - His 'N' Hers Ramzy

August 22, 2010
Why is 'Babies' missing from this? I assumed it was a matter of length but, even with it, side A would have been shorter than side B, which remains unedited. Was it an early tracklist? Did they press the LP significantly earlier than the CD/cassette? A marketing strategy? I can't believe they expected to get sufficient LP sales to justify the inclusion of a 'bonus track' on the CD: this wasn't released in 1987.

Pulp - His 'N' Hers fidelbarquiel

July 25, 2017
Yes but in the gift recordings is the original version, the version incluided in the cd version and The sisters EP are the 1994 remix version.