Citrus - Fascination album cover
Label:Sublogic Recordings – SLRV003
Vinyl, 12", Reissue, Limited Edition, 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Breakbeat, Hardcore


B1Dave CharlesworthUniverse #1 (Citrus Remix)
B2The SorcererSpellbound5:33



Track B1 was previously unreleased.

A-Side 45 RPM, B-Side 33⅓ RPM.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Fascination (12", Test Pressing, White Label, 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM)Sublogic RecordingsSLRV003UK2008
Fascination / Universe Records #1 (Citrus Remix) (Acetate, 10")Fluid MasteringnoneUK2008



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    Edited 4 months ago
    Regarding the distortion on "Fascination" - when he was getting this cut, Will from Sublogic messaged me out of the blue on the Back To The Oldskool forum, asking to borrow my copy. We hadn't met, but he had read me wittering on about how much I love it - and he knew any mastering engineer would try to "fix" it, unless he had a copy of the original as a reference (which he didn't have himself).

    I realise this sounds like the lamest rave-related boast of all time :D But I mention it to show that it was very much a deliberate choice, both in the original record, and this repress - and they have done a good job at staying faithful to the original.

    That being said - even as someone who loves it (and the noisier end of hardcore in general) - I will admit, it is a bit of a mess. It was apparently originally made with the Dutch scene in mind - I suspect as an attempt to bridge the gap between the rougher UK breakbeat and the nascent Dutch sound - but instead of the full on distorted gabber 909, the kick isn't quite as focused - sounding more big than hard, with lots or reverb. Which could have worked alone, but combined with the rough amens, the final effect sounds like a rave in a wind tunnel. In fairness, even some of the early Dutch gabber had similar issues - some of the early Rave/Hard Stuff tracks like "Guestlist" and "De Dondergod" in particular

    Even at the big Dutch raves it was aimed at - I heard it a few years ago at Thunderdome on a huge rig (played by Lady Dana & Pavo), and it sounded pretty bad, no real power in it.

    Interestingly, Dave Charlesworth did try something similar for one of his other productions - the Edge Of Darkness tune "Hell Raiser" (original and remix) - which worked a lot better, I think because the kick alternates more with the breaks, so they don't overwhelm each other. As someone who loves both styles, I would love if he had explored the crossover more - but I think the two sounds were moving far too far apart for that to be likely. Although he did release a full on gabber EP the following year on Coolman, which is pretty decent.

    There is a remix from the following year in a less noisy breakbeat style. Although ironically, it is a Dutch remix - by DJ Weirdo, originally only on a compilation CD (Rave The City V), finally pressed to vinyl in the Netherlands by VIP Records around the same time as this repress. And for even more irony - there was a full on gabber version too - but this time, by a UK Producer: DJ Sass (RIP), who sampled it for his 1996 track "Fascinating".

    But despite all this - as much as I say the original is flawed, at the same time - I do still absolutely love it. If nothing else, it's really sums up the excitement of 1993 hardcore, when the music was exploding in so many different directions, and the possibilities were endless.
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      I picked up a copy of this re-release vinyl, unfamiliar with the original release. The 3 tracks are all high quality breakbeat rave, 'fascination' however leans towards the gabba hardcore spectrum with high speed compressed 4/4 over low fi breakbeats. I was very disappointed with the audio quality however. The tracks sound good during breakdowns and intros but as soon as the maniacal beats get going, it all falls apart, the audio then sounds like its been recorded through a cheap £100 dj mixer from Tandy (remember them?).
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        This is oldschool at it's best! Esspecially for you breakbeat lovers.

        The first run, there were made 300 copies of this record, and there might come another run of 100 copies, which seems unlikely at the moment, making this a very limited release! Must have for the oldschool collectors. Esspecialy because of the B1.
        Dave Charlesworth - Universe #1 (Citrus Remix) was never released, but is certainly worth a release, and putting it on this record was a great step!

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          Facinating reissue/repress of the Citrus monsterhit 'Fascination' of the early 90's! Sound quality is surprisingly good due to the usage of the original DAT. The B1 previously unreleased Citrus Remix of Universe #1 by Dave Charlesworth has the same energetic and massive sound(s) and breaks as the Facinating track. This is a great alternative for ol those oldskool lovers who can't afford the (rare and expensive) original on Paradise Records. Grab your chance now while this release is a Limited one!


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