Solar Stone* - The Impressions E.P. as reviewed by geo79

April 29, 2009

What can i say about this tune! Back in the day Hooj was responsible for releasing such great tracks and i think that this one is easily one of their finest.Hooj's honcho Red Jerry takes all the credits for his work Powerfull bassline with percussive stabs, a memorable vocal plus a killer melody near the end!
Still remember Sasha dropping this at 3am at Cream in Liverpool and getting hysterical respond from the crowd.
the other mix from sunship is also beautiful but can't beat the power of Red Jerry's mix. Highly recommended!

Solar Stone* - The Impressions E.P. martROX

April 24, 2012
I recently came across both 12"'s in my collection and played them at 33 1/3rd rpm. They sound great and chilled at this speed (to my ancient ears anyway). It wasn't until I played the video's that I realised the should be at 45rpm! Oh the joys of vinyl! Martrox.