Jack White (2)Live At Third Man Records - Nashville & Cass Corridor

Label:Third Man Records – TMR-572
Series:Third Man Records Vault – Package 37
Vinyl, LP, Black
Vinyl, LP, Blue Translucent
Vinyl, LP, White
All Media, Album, Limited Edition
Style:Alternative Rock, Country Rock, Blues Rock


Live At Third Man Records - Nashville 03.16.18
A1Battle Cry2:49
A2Over And Over And Over3:33
A3Wasting My Time3:17
A5Why Walk A Dog?2:54
B1Connected By Love5:31
B2Hello Operator2:42
B3Fell In Love With A Girl2:28
B5Catch Hell Blues4:32
C1Little Bird4:02
C2Missing Pieces6:07
C3Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground4:59
C4Ice Station Zebra3:53
D2I'm Slowly Turning Into You4:32
D3Respect Commander4:33
D4Sixteen Saltines2:52
D5Seven Nation Army4:39
Live At Third Man Records - Cass Corridor 04.18.18
E2Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground4:01
E3Over And Over And Over3:53
E4Why Walk a Dog?2:31
E6Love Interruption2:56
F3Little Bird2:53
F4Catch Hell Blues6:23

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Released as part of Vault package 37, 3 LP set stored within a die-cut gatefold.

Sides A-B-C-D : Nashville, the 16th March of 2018
Sides E-F : Cass Corridor, the 18th April of 2018

Included in the set is:
- 3 LPs, each being a different color with the first being black, the second blue translucent, and the third being white
- Die cut gatefold sleeve with small windows
- 3 inner sleeves with photos of the concerts
- 3 glossy 8x10 professionally-shot photos from both performances
- Jack White logo flag

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A (black LP)): TMR-572 AI WTS HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW?
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B (black LP)): TMR-572 II BI WHO KNEW CUT SIXTY?
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C (blue LP)): TMR-572 CI WTS BS WITH THE SCAIPEL
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D (blue LP)): TMR-572 DI Cfade like a road WTS
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E (white LP)): A TMR-572 II A LONG WAY FROM ...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F (white LP)): B TMR-572 COOL RANCH UNDER THE BRIDGE



  • aopps42's avatar
    The Flag has to be one of the most useless things ever included in a vault. Seems like this particular vault was on the light side to me.
    • guitarcharlie's avatar
      Blue and Black are fine, white has a very slight warp. Sound is quite good. My doesn't seem quiet.
      • pohlman0's avatar
        No warps here. I was nervous about it since the Beefheart set arrived warped. The flag is a nice touch but I agree that this seems like a slim package otherwise.
        • The_Northern's avatar
          Glad I’m not the only one with warped records, played fine but still had Third Man send me replacements for them
          • Seirius's avatar
            Edited 5 years ago
            My package first arrived with all 3 records warped (badly bowled) but I spoke to the TMR support and they got all 3 replaced really quickly. They sent the new records as the originals should have been - with a double layer thick card sandwiching the records. Problem is, LP3 had the Side F label on both sides :(

            I contact the TMR support team again about this, and they sent the replacement for LP3! Listening to it now, and its perfect. No warping, no incorrect labels. I feel bad for the shipping team, the pressing team, and support team because this whole package (as nice as it is) has been a bit of a shit show on the warping front. I feel even worse for those that don't know they can contact the team and get them replaced.

            Fingers crossed the next Raconteurs vault arrives without any issues! For the sake of everyone involved.
            • swazies's avatar
              Edited 5 years ago
              I have warping issues, the first disk looks like it is bent with two hands, the second record is like a bowl....... waiting on the third. It’s just so disappointing to see now that they press in house and it’s what they stand for. I will be contacting third man myself shortly. There is a second subscriber in my household, will have to check in, seems like a common issue. Looks like all three discs are warped, I am sure they can make good on this, they have never let me down yet in all these years.
              • axoun's avatar
                Great songs, Great Sound.
                But the Three Vinyls are warped.
                I'm waiting for an answer of third man records to fix this.
                • bluntlaser's avatar
                  Yes its not the best value for money this time around. A sturdier sleeve would have been nice and its annoying that you'd have to take all the records out of the plain sleeves and put them in the picture sleeves for them to fit in the outer cover. A minor complaint but for this much money you do expect slightly better quality.
                  • RockNurse's avatar
                    Really should have come with a download card - it's a cool package, but when you're paying this much for a record, being able to have the convenience of digital (say, for the car, or at work) is essential in my book.
                    • WaywardRecords's avatar
                      So the new Third Man Vault arrived today after sitting at the Post Office all weekend. I’ve unpacked everything but the flag so far. All in all a nice package but with a few issues.
                      First, the actual album sleeve for the 3 LP’s to go in is a bit on the flimsy side. I like the Physical Graffiti style picture popouts, but it feels like the sleeve itself is a bit on the weak side.
                      More worrying is the fact that all three LPs are warped out of the box. Album one is only slightly warped, but two and three have a decent bowl warp and some ring warping. I had to put a weight on record three to get it stable enough to play ok. I’ve already reached out to Third Man to see what they can do. So be forewarned and check all three when they come in and be wary if you’re buying second hand.
                      The audio is great and overall it’s a nice set, I’d just possibly expected a bit more on the quality side. This is the first one from Third Man Pressing that I’ve had a problem with.


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