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Kode9 & BurialFabriclive 100

Label:Fabric (2) – fabric200
Series:FabricLive – 100
CD, Mixed
Genre:Electronic, Classical
Style:Grime, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Contemporary, Acid, Glitch, House, Juke, Techno, Jungle, Ambient


1Unknown ArtistUntitled0:46
2Klein (11)Hurry
Written-By, ProducerKlein (11)
3Cooly GMagnetic
ProducerCooly G
Written-ByM. Campbell*
4Julz Da DeejayDeaths Effect
ProducerJulz Da Deejay
Written-ByJulian Smith (11)
5Roman RodneyTriple Beat1:31
6TLC FamSkim Skam (DBN Dance)1:44
7Nazar (6)Konvoy
Written-By, ProducerA. S. J. Simoes
8Lechuga ZafiroAgua y Puerta
Written-By, ProducerPablo Raul de Vargas Martinez*
9Hyph11EBlack Pepper (Tzusing Remix)
RemixTzusing Tho*
Written-By, ProducerTess Sun
10Luke SlaterI Can Complete You
ProducerAlan Sage, Luke Slater
Written-ByLuke Slater
11Virgin (16)B9
Written-By, ProducerNikolaos Rafail Chatzilaskaris
12NUT-E-1Underwater Fireworks
Written-By, ProducerJoe Lawrence
13David HykesRainbow Voice
Written-By, Recorded By, Performer, ProducerDavid Hykes
14Jungle BuddhaDrug Me
Written-By, ProducerMark Loy
15Black AcidBlack Acid
Written-By, ProducerAdam Routh, Gordon Matthewman
16Vladislav DelayOtan Osaa
ProducerVladislav Delay
Written-BySasu Ripatti
17DJ SpinnMake Me Hot
ProducerDJ Spinn
Written-ByM. Harper*
18Mr Fingers*Spy (Kode9 Remix)
Written-By, ProducerLarry Heard
19Scratcha DVA* Feat. Clara Le San*Pink 33 (DJ Phil Remix)
ProducerL. Smart
RemixDJ Phil (4)
Written-ByC. La San*, L. Smart
20DJ TreA House Hybrid
ProducerDj tre
Written-ByE. LaPLace III
Written-By, ProducerYuki Nakano (2)
22DJ RashadLet It Go
ProducerDJ Rashad
Written-ByR. Harden*
Written-By, ProducerONTHEGROUND
24IntenseThe Quickening
Written-By, ProducerBeau Thomas, Dan Duncan, Simon Vispi
25GenecomPolyphonic Raid
Written-By, ProducerAdam Beyer, Peter Benisch
26ClementineThe Opening
Written-By, ProducerL. Slater*
27Victim RebirthMetamesonyxtia Narkogyra
Written-By, ProducerNikolaos Rafail Chatzilaskaris
28Friends, Lovers & FamilyThe Lift
Written-By, ProducerL P Elliott-Potter*, N Howes*, W Frost*
29AK1200 Feat. Junior ReidJunior's Tune (Digital Remix)
Written-ByDavid Minner*, Junior Reid
30Okzharp & Manthe Ribane*Treasure Erasure
ProducerManthe Ribane*, Okzharp
Written-ByG. Gordon*, M. Ribane*
31Ben FrostIonia (Jlin Remix)
Written-By, ProducerBen Frost
32.1DJ TayeNu Summer Shit
ProducerDJ Taye
Written-ByDante Sanders-Houston*
32.2BabyfatherProlific Deamons
Written-ByD. Blunt*
33Jacob's Optical StairwaySolar Feelings (Claude Young's Kyoto Soul Dub)
ProducerDego, Marc Mac
RemixClaude Young
Written-ByD. McFarlane*, M. Clair*
34Proc FiskalDishwashing
ProducerProc Fiskal
Written-ByJ. Powers*
35DJ Chap (2)Brujeria
Written-By, ProducerChristian Castellanos
36DJ TreA Hammond Jam
ProducerDj tre
Written-ByE. LaPLace III
37RP BooWicked'Bu
Written-By, ProducerKavain Wayne*

Companies, etc.



This release comes in the standard Fabric packaging of a metal case with a outer card sleeve.

Track 1 includes excerpt from David Hykes - Rainbow Voice (from Hearing Solar Winds = À L'Ecoute Des Vents Solaires).

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 0802560020029
  • Matrix / Runout: KEYPRODUCTION.CO.UK FABRIC200 A00
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPL557

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
Fabriclive 100 (4×LP, Compilation)Fabric (2)fabric200LPUK2018


crowth123's profile picture
Jesus, what a way to sign off on the Fabriclive series... Maybe I just don't get it, but the tracks are horrendous, would even go as far to say this is the worst album I own. Is this really what Kode9 & Burial were about?
John_Shaka's profile picture
I like it. Ive never really liked kode9 to be fair but always give him a go. Got to trust the experts. It's a piece of art and set in stone now, it is what it is and sure, not for everybody. Good in the right mood, listen with an open mind... something a bit different and clearly creative. Worth buying for sure! 3.5/5
dj_norf_yurksha's profile picture
I've been buying mix comps and DJing for 24 years now, this is the not the kind of music I would buy or play as a DJ so my review isn't biased in anyway.
I had to buy this as the concept excited me. First time I listened to it it blew my mind. You will either love it or hate it, it is that extreme.
It's a compilation of influences more than it is a DJ mix, I'm not even sure if there is much beat mixing on it? Not that it matters, the music is presented in such an interesting and unique way.
Tempos and styles are all over the place, it's anti smooth DJing and beat mixing, we've heard all that before.
To me it sounds like you've just tuned into a London pirate radio station. There is garage, grime/dubstep, acid techno and played fast too not slow, jungle/breakbeats all rolled into one with loads of vinyl crackle, background ambience and distortion. I guess that is the Burial influence?
If you want something fresh, new, exciting, different, uncompromisingly difficult, not straight, defies all the rules and constraints of genre specifics and sticks 2 fingers up to conformity then I suggest you listen to this.
Listen to this as a whole with a very open mind and you might enjoy it... or you will hate it, either way I think a strong reaction is better than "It's ok".
I LOVE IT!!! I have to be in the right frame of mind for it though.
giantreptile's profile picture
This is a real let down. I realize Kode9 likes to play with expectations, but I'm just not on board with this mix. Sometimes enjoying the output of your favorite artists doesn't always equate to you liking the music that inspires them.
VazgenSolwork's profile picture
Unfortunately as much as I wanted to like this mix, I listened to it several times, it didn’t do anything to me. I ended up cancelling the vinyl order with Fabric couple of days before they started shipping out.... what can I say, not my cup of tea.
Escherichia's profile picture
Edited 3 years ago
I can see myself listening to this mix a lot. I just got it and already I've played it twice -- that's rare for me with anything, let alone a DJ mix. There's just so much going on, but all so tightly controlled, that it's like listening to multiple mini-mixes back to back to back. Preconceptions should be checked at the door, because while elements do reflect that beautiful Burial sound, he and Kode9 are clearly trying to do something different here with a new-meets-old approach that works surprisingly well. The addition of the Luke Slater track gets a lot of attention, and rightly so, because that's the kind of curveball that keeps a mix like this exciting, and makes you wonder what's coming next. Bravo on this one; it's one of the most unique mixes I've heard, and it's a fitting end to the Fabriclive run.
StephaneDERAIME's profile picture
The Best New Record I heard in 2018. Its content will mesmerize you, whoever you are into Dance Cutlure. I couldn't think of a better illustration for the Rythm Evolution we went through starting late 80's. And it Features Solar Feelings = I am speechless seeing this pearl near the end, last Live volume. Thank you DJz !
goodbooking's profile picture
Edited 3 years ago
this mix is unbelievable good. Introducing so many new artists I do not know , like Julez Da Deejay and so many other ureleased trax. Thx for Luke Slater track , good trax never die . Fabric 100 aniversary !!!

maxiqum123's profile picture
Edited 3 years ago
Ok, i try to defend the concept of this release.
First of all, clearly this one has a plan. This mix has 5 parts. First part let’s say is “Fashionable tendencies” by kode9 (tracks 1-9 culminating in that Tzusing remix, much unreleased exclusive material, underground of today and tomorrow) and very important part is it’s mixed. Why it’s mixed? The concept of this part - you are at the party right now. This seamless mixing is your searching imagination, feelings of the moment and you don’t need to call to memory, this part is not about it.
Then the ambience starting (you may close your eyes and remember something, some moments of your clublife existing - that robotic voice, I heard that in 2002, “i can complete you” or i can “something like that err, you know that feeling bro, when you remember the vibe but you don’t know the stuff that voice singing, hell it doesn’t matter, i remember the vibe, that was 2002 in the main room, tiga played that clearly or not.
Then you walking back home 5am and take old tape from back in the days: “acid trance man, wow jungle, wow dat bass man” who played that? When was that moment? «Ah, never mind, i had my pillows that day, fanfckntastic». That was great night tho.
You know it’s me again not you. Second part is all about memory. It can be mixed but with pain in the ass. You remember like 30 seconds from 95, then some minutes from 97 but you remember all your pillows right? The music? Nah, give me a drink. That acid trance, that hardcore is long-time dead, right? You can’t mix it seamlessly, because your memory has that. full of this ambient absence like braindead man. Some things here and there through your life.
Track 16 is a groundbreaking moment in the mix. Through some bullets loading in the gun (i cannot do anything with this, i think it’s more of a vhs-recorder switching tapes).
Why i talked so much about that, because from tracks 17 to 22 it’s mixed again. Party is happening again. You are at the epicenter: “good girl, let’s bouncing dat ass”. Some heavy stuff, some seems clowny but whatever, it’s the music of today like it or not. It’s positive, it’s peaking, we’re not agressive anymore, times of Cream, Renaissance, Up Yer Ronson, Trade had passed. We’re not fighting for our rights, we don’t need that agressive dark stuff.
One more thing is the white noise besides the old recordings part. It’s really that great moment which also is the big part of the whole concept. That noise is theeeee past. That noise is also the soul of you in the past. Your courage, your willingness to life. And this clear sound is the future. It’ the life of youngsters. But does it important to you? Come on man, give me that bottle.
Parts 4 (23-29) and 5 (30-37) working the same way. You try to remember some more, when the grass was more green, and the sky was blue like never again, but all your remember is that pillow was yellow, that was red, some mc tried to freestyle on ragga jungle, and after all, the clearest moment of that day - you spilling guts in the toilet room of your friend which is completely whacked out within a stone’s throw.
But hey again we’re in the party again, you live like 76 minutes as a listener but hey it’s like you lived some years as a club’s first-nighter. And last track is collapsing in the end, man we don’t have pillows today.
VazgenSolwork's profile picture
This mix doesn't do anything for me.. In my opinion, it's more of a Kode9 mix, than Burial's, with exceptions of Jungle tunes. Yes, we all know that probably we won't hear Untrue material from Burial, and he evolved as an artist in so many ways. However, as a farewell to legendary series FabricLive 100 is absolutely weak - 3/5.0 in my books. AND I pre-ordered vinyl release as soon as they announced... so probably it is going to be sealed on my shelf.