Ernest Ansermet, L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande, Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyTchaikovsky (The Great Ballets - The Nutcracker - Sleeping Beauty - Swan Lake)

Label:Brilliant Classics – 94031
6 x CD, Album, Compilation, Stereo, Mono


Swan Lake
CD1-1Introduction (Moderato Assai) - No. 1 Scène (Allegro Giusto)5:43
CD1-2No. 2 Waltz (Tempo Di Valse)6:45
CD1-3No. 4 Pas De Trois - Intrada (Allegro) - Andante Sostenuto - Allegro Semplice - Presto - Moderato - Allegro - Coda (Allegro Vivace)7:00
CD1-4No. 7 Subject - No. 8 Dance With Goblets (Tempo Di Polacca)4:51
CD1-5No. 10 Scene (Moderato)2:36
CD1-6No. 11 Scene (Allegro Moderato - Allegro Vivo) - No. 12 Scene (Allegro)7:57
No. 13 Dances Of The Swans(2:16)
CD1-7I. Tempo Di Valse2:16
CD1-8V. Pas D'action: Odette Et Le Prince (Andante)5:43
CD1-9IV. Danse Des Petits Cygnes (Allegro Moderato)1:16
CD1-10VI. Danse Générale (Valse)1:32
CD1-11II. Odette Solo (Moderato Assai)1:44
CD1-12VII. Coda (Allegro Vivace)2:18
CD1-13No. 15 Scene (Allegro Giusto)2:55
CD1-14No. 17 Scene: Entrance And Waltz Of The Special Guests (Allegro - Tempo di Valse)3:34
CD1-15No. 18 Scene (Allegro - Allegro Giusto)1:53
CD1-16No. 21 Spanish Dance (Allegro Non Troppo: Tempo Di Bolero)2:17
CD1-17No. 22 Neapolitan Dance (Allegro Moderato - Andantino Quasi Moderato)2:09
CD1-18No. 23 Mazurka2:55
CD1-19No. 20 Danse Hongroise (Czárdás)2:28
CD1-20No. 5 Pas de Deux - Intrada - Valse - Andante - Valse - Coda (Allegro Molto Vivace)7:37
CD2-1No. 28 Scene (Allegro Agitato - Allegro Vivace)2:00
CD2-2No. 29 Scene Finale (Andante - Allegro Agitato - Alla Breve - Moderato E Maestoso)6:12
Variations on a Rococo Theme Op.33
CD2-3Variations on a Rococo Theme Op. 33
Abridged ByWilhelm Fitzenhagen
CelloMaurice Gendron
Symphony No.6 in B minor Op.74 'Pathétique'
Symphony No.6 in B minor Op.74 'Pathétique'
CD2-4I. Adagio – Allegro Non Troppo18:11
CD2-5II. Allegro Con Grazia7:05
CD2-6III. Allegro Molto Vivace9:40
CD2-7IV. Finale (Adagio Lamentoso - Andante)9:40
Sleeping Beauty
CD3-1Introduction (Allegro Vivo - Andantino) - Prologue: The Christening - No. 1 March (Moderato)7:52
Prologue: The Christening
CD3-2No. 2: Dance Scene (Moderato Com Moto)4:27
CD3-3No. 3 Pas De Six - Introduction - Adagio4:15
CD3-4No. 3 Pas De Six - Variation I: The Fairy Of The Crystal Fountain (Allegro Moderato)0:45
CD3-5No. 3 Pas De Six - Variation II: The Fairy Of The Enchanted Garden (Allegro)0:35
CD3-6No. 3 Pas De Six - Variation III: The Fairy Of The Woodland Glades (Allegro Moderato)0:56
CD3-7No. 3 Pas De Six - Variation IV: The Fairy Of The Songbirds (Moderato)0:31
CD3-8No. 3 Pas De Six - Variation V: The Fairy Of The Golden Vine (Allegro Molto Vivace)0:57
CD3-9No. 3 Pas De Six - Variation VI: The Lilac Fairy (Tempo di Valse)0:57
CD3-10No. 3 Pas De Six - Coda (Allegro Giusto)1:29
CD3-11No. 4 Finale8:10
Act One: The Spell
CD3-12No. 5 Scene (Allegro Vivo - Moderato)6:36
CD3-13No. 6 Waltz (Allegro: Tempo Di Valse)4:21
CD3-14No. 7 Scene (Andante) - No. 8 Pas D'action1:50
CD3-15No. 8 Pas D'action - Rose Adagio (Andante - Adagio Maestoso)6:06
CD3-16No. 8 Pas D'action - Dance Of The Maids Of Honour And The Pages1:59
CD3-17No. 8 Pas D'action - Aurora's Variation2:38
CD3-18No. 8 Pas D'action - Coda (Allegro Giusto)3:37
CD3-19No. 9 Finale5:40
Act Two: The Vision
CD4-1No. 10 Entr'acte And Scene (Allegro Con Spirito - Un Poco Più Tranquillo)2:46
CD4-2No. 11 Blind Man's Buff (Allegro Vivo) - No. 12 Scene: Dances Of The Courtiers1:39
CD4-3No. 12 Scene: Dances Of The Courtiers - Scene0:40
CD4-4No. 12 Scene: Dances Of The Courtiers - Dance Of The Duchesses (Minuet: Moderato Con Moto)0:51
CD4-5No. 12 Scene: Dances Of The Courtiers - Dance Of The Baronesses (Gavotte)0:46
CD4-6No. 12 Scene: Dances Of The Courtiers - Dance Of The Countesses (Allegro Non Troppo)0:32
CD4-7No. 12 Scene: Dances Of The Courtiers - Dance Of The Marchionesses (Allegro Non Troppo)0:45
CD4-8No. 13 Farandole: Scene (Poco Più Vivo) - Danse (Allegro Non Troppo)1:36
CD4-9No. 14 Scene: Prince Florimund And The Lilac Fairy4:46
CD4-10No. 15 Pas D'action - Aurora And Florimund (Andante Cantabile)5:00
CD4-11No. 15 Pas D'action - Aurora's Variation (Allegro Con Moto)1:25
CD4-12No. 15 Pas D'action - Coda (Presto)1:22
CD4-13No. 16 Scene (Allegro Agitato)0:46
CD4-14No. 17 Panorama (Andantino)2:49
CD4-15No. 19 Symphonic Entr'acte (The Sleep) And Scene (Andante Misterioso) - No. 20 Finale: The Awakening (Allegro Agitato)4:20
Act Three: The Wedding
CD4-16No. 21 March (Allegro Non Troppo)2:26
CD4-17No. 22 Polonaise: Procession Of Fairy-Tale Characters (Allegro Moderato E Brillante) - No. 23 Pas de Quatre4:29
CD4-18No. 23 Pas De Quatre - Introduction (Allegro Non Tanto)1:51
CD4-19No. 23 Pas De Quatre - Variation I: The Golden Fairy (Allegro: Tempo di Valse)1:03
CD4-20No. 23 Pas De Quatre - Variation II: The Silver Fairy (Allegro Giusto)0:58
CD4-21No. 23 Pas De Quatre - Variation IV: The Diamond Fairy (Vivace) - Coda (L'istesso Tempo)1:27
CD4-22No. 24 Pas De Caractère: Puss-In-Boots And The White Cat (Allegro Moderato)1:56
CD4-23No. 25 Pas De quatre - Introduction (Adagio)2:15
CD4-24No. 25 Pas De Quatre - Variation I: Cinderella And Prince Charming (Allegro: Tempo Di Valse)0:48
CD4-25No. 25 Pas De Quatre - Variation II: The Bluebird And Princess Florine (Andantino)0:45
CD4-26No. 25 Pas De Quatre - Coda (Presto)1:30
CD4-27No. 26 Pas De Caractère: Red Riding Hood And The Wolf (Allegro Moderato)1:20
CD4-28No. 27 Tom Thumb (Allegro Agitato - Tempo Di Valse - Vivace Assai)1:17
CD4-29Cinderella And Prince Fortune2:31
CD4-30No. 28 Pas De Deux (Aurora And Florimund) - Entrée (Allegretto - Allegro Moderato) - Adagio (Andante Non Troppo)3:40
CD4-31No. 28 Pas De Deux (Aurora And Florimund) - Variation I: Florimund (Vivace - Prestissimo)1:00
CD4-32No. 28 Pas De Deux (Aurora And Florimund) - Variation Ii: Aurora (Andantino)1:26
CD4-33No. 28 Pas De Deux (Aurora And Florimund) - Coda (Allegro Vivace)1:23
CD4-34No. 29 Sarabande2:04
CD4-35No. 30 Finale And Apotheosis - Finale (Allegro Brillante: Tempo Di Mazurka)3:56
CD4-36No. 30 Finale And Apotheosis - Apotheosis (Andante Molto Maestoso)1:54
The Nutcracker
CD5-1Miniature Overture3:10
Act One
CD5-2No. 1 The Decoration Of The Christmas Tree4:10
CD5-3No. 2 March2:27
CD5-4No. 3 Children's Galop And Entry Of The Parents2:14
CD5-5No. 4 Arrival Of Drosselmeyer5:17
CD5-6No. 5 Grandfather's Dance5:35
CD5-7No. 6 Scene: Clara And The Nutcracker6:35
CD5-8No. 7 Scene: The Battle3:30
CD5-9No. 8 Scene: In the Pine Forest3:23
CD5-10No. 9 Waltz Of The Snowflakes6:09
Act two
CD5-11No. 10 Scene: The Kingdom Of Sweets4:01
CD5-12No. 11 Scene: Clara And The Prince4:42
CD5-13No. 12 Divertissement - Chocolate: Spanish Dance1:11
CD5-14No. 12 Divertissement - Coffee: Arabian Dance3:10
CD5-15No. 12 Divertissement - Tea: Chinese Dance1:03
CD5-16No. 12 Divertissement - Trepak: Russian Dance1:07
CD5-17No. 12 Divertissement - Dance Of The Reed Pipes2:15
CD5-18No. 12 Divertissement - Mother Gigogne2:42
CD5-19No. 13 Waltz Of The Flowers6:26
CD6-1No. 14 Pas De Deux5:36
CD6-2No. 14 Pas De Deux - Variation I: Tarantella0:41
CD6-3No. 14 Pas De Deux - Variation II: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy1:59
CD6-4No. 14 Pas De Deux - Coda1:23
CD6-5No. 15 Final Waltz And Apotheosis5:01
Suite For Orchestra No.3 In G Op.55
Suite For Orchestra No.3 In G Op.55
CD6-6I. Elégie9:33
CD6-7II. Valse Mélancolique5:46
CD6-8III. Scherzo4:39
CD6-9IV. Thème Et Variations17:37
Suite for Orchestra No.4 in G Op.61 'Mozartiana'
Suite for Orchestra No.4 in G Op.61 'Mozartiana'
ViolinRuggiero Ricci
CD6-10I. Gigue1:51
CD6-11II. Menuet5:01
CD6-12III. Preghiera5:05
CD6-13IV. Thème Et Variations14:15

Companies, etc.



Booklet with 12 pages.

Track CD1-1-CD2-2: 1958, Victoria Hall, Geneva
Track CD2-3: 1953
Track CD2-4-CD2-7: 1956 Victoria Hall, Geneva
Track CD3-1-CD4-36: 1959 Victoria Hall, Geneva
Track CD5-1-CD6-5: 1958 Victoria Hall, Geneva
Track CD6-6-CD6-13: 1966

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