Silver Jews - American Water Anmas

January 22, 2021
All of the money went into producing the actual record, which was a smart move; There may be no more talented human in history as Miles Showell, in regards to cutting a startlingly perfect lacquer and giving us an impeccable mastering of the original album. Supreme American laureate Berman, and his band, deserved no less for this crowning achievement. Showell's next Abbey Road masterpiece will be Arthur Verocai, to be reissued for Mr. Bongo.

Silver Jews - American Water as reviewed by FraRock

August 18, 2020
Poor paper inner sleaves, very disappointed. I think they should have done better with the whole packaging. Still, it sounds good.

Silver Jews - American Water misjaz

September 8, 2020

Mine came with a poly lined paper inner sleeve, so that was pretty good

Silver Jews - American Water as reviewed by luke_richardson

December 3, 2018
Sounds great, but I expected more from this reissue. No additional booklet, and a cheap paper insert.

Silver Jews - American Water FraRock

August 18, 2020
Hi luke, does your copy also have some background noise?