Moodymann - Untitled JonasFJ

November 5, 2020
edited 30 days ago
The LP Contains 8 tracks not 7.
1: ???
2: Downtown
3: I Got Werk (Live)
4: Cotton 4 Daze
5: TiredOfLookin4UTime4U2ComeLookin4Me
6: ???
7: ???
8: I Need Another ____ (Extended)

Moodymann - Untitled Jomarriott

October 24, 2020
If anyone is wanting a digital version of this album let me know and I'll send it your way

Moodymann - Untitled Platter-Sunrise

December 2, 2020
id love a copy :) thank you so much!

Moodymann - Untitled flano10

November 26, 2020
Would love if you could send it on, thanks!

Moodymann - Untitled Fat_controller

November 26, 2020
Hey mate, would love a copy, please let me know if you can send it,

Moodymann - Untitled mauro.zomer1

November 24, 2020
Could you send the digital version my way? much appreciated! my email is:

Moodymann - Untitled roberttomlinson

November 20, 2020
Would love a digital version, thanks, ten words etc

Moodymann - Untitled ak47bratte

November 20, 2020
You are the saviour! thank you very much ;)

Moodymann - Untitled

November 16, 2020
I made my day - please let me know if I can do sth for you as well.

Moodymann - Untitled DrsFinests

November 11, 2020
Here my Friend :) maybe I can do something for you too

Moodymann - Untitled phuckedupdub

November 11, 2020
Wow - thanks for the offer.. - am gonna make a rip of the KDJ-27 comp so can return the favour!!

Moodymann - Untitled tttroy

November 6, 2020
Pretty Please! Would LOVE to hear this release 🙏 Thank You! I’m a fan w/o deep pockets

Moodymann - Untitled MrBalema

November 6, 2020
thanks jomarriott for offering this! would love to have the digital version too.

Moodymann - Untitled krib

November 1, 2020
Yes PLEASE! wow and wow that would vastly improve my 2020.

Moodymann - Untitled sankster

October 29, 2020
I'd love to get a digital!! hit me up if the offer is still live

Moodymann - Untitled Boe.

October 29, 2020
I’d love a digi of this! Email me here

Moodymann - Untitled matt2

October 28, 2020
I'll take a copy please. Thanks for offering. Really appreciate it.

Moodymann - Untitled mauro.zomer1

October 27, 2020
My man id love a digital version of this, could u hook me up?
Peace and love

Moodymann - Untitled soundsgroovy

October 8, 2020
Get in touch if you have the LP. word word word

Moodymann - Untitled

September 9, 2020
I am willing to give the super rare collection LP for this one
text me if you are interested