DJ Format - The Meeting tommannix

December 31, 2020
I have a copy for sale. DM me if interested.

DJ Format - The Meeting f-ishmael

October 13, 2019
There are still copies available at Hum Records in Zurich

DJ Format - The Meeting Yemsky

February 13, 2019
Feb 13, 2019: Format has another 400 copies repress on sale. Check out his Insta.

DJ Format - The Meeting Andy3012

February 21, 2019

Mine is fine - totally flat. Arrived today with none of the dishing Matt warned about.

DJ Format - The Meeting midnightrunner

February 14, 2019
He did mention they are pressed a little bit "wobbly" though, so you may want to consider borrowing mam's steam iron so that you can fully flatten out your funk before giving it a spin

DJ Format - The Meeting midnightrunner

December 6, 2018
Ruddy heck, this is one smokin' hot slab of southern fried funk!! If you drop this on the dancefloor you better have some toilet paper handy coz this is some raw fire poo-poo! (I say "poo-poo" in case my mam is reading, she does not like me swearing)