David Axelrod - Earth Rot inshreds66

January 20, 2019
edited 4 months ago
Does anyone else think their copy's artwork is very dark, compared to the photos added on this release and the original artwork?

David Axelrod - Earth Rot zattar

December 30, 2018
the copy I picked up is a terrible pressing, not sure if they are all this way... Lots of surface noise, pops and crackling. Intermittent on sides A/B and present throughout sides C/D. Absolutely ruins the listening experience for this grail. Huge disappointment as the first two in this series sound great.

David Axelrod - Earth Rot shedshrine.

December 2, 2018
edited 5 months ago
Having really liked Axelrod’s arrangements from his instrumental records Songs of Experience, Songs of Innocence and Seriously Deep, I checked out Earth Rot a few years back and was turned off by the choral vocals. I didn’t get it and I didn’t bother to find out what they were talking about, I had just been hoping for more of his instrumental arrangement work. And finding the Earth Rot lp on vinyl was a pricy proposition as well.

When I saw the title in the Record Store Day list I looked into it again, This time read the lyrics. It’s written from the perspective of the Earth spirit, basically saying, fine, if you humans want to trash the place, not pay attention to the consequences and end up serving your own demise, that’s not a problem because the earth will heal itself and be better off without you anyway.

What is really cool about this particular reissue is that it’s a 2 lp set, with the additional record being instrumental versions of the original. And these aren't just the original tracks minus the vocals, they are different takes with instrumental solos in place of the choral story tellers. If you are into Axelrod, it's a nice score.

David Axelrod - Earth Rot as reviewed by discogstu

November 25, 2018
wicked release. wish they had re-printed the original inner bag with the gas mask (a la Tim Buckley's 'Greetings From L.A.')

David Axelrod - Earth Rot TABLISTURNED

May 19, 2019
edited 4 days ago
Yeah this is a real shame, is the original inner sleeve specific just to this record, or did it appear as an inner sleeve on any other capitol releases? Was thinking of selling my original copy but now having second thoughts because of this!!

David Axelrod - Earth Rot MrWordsWorth

November 24, 2018
Sadly, United pressed this and screwed it up, with side B being quite off-center. Fortunately, Now-Again is helping me with this, but United is absolutely incompetent to an alarming degree

David Axelrod - Earth Rot meelertime

November 28, 2018
Mine is jacked up too, B is off-center and hole is not cut properly.

David Axelrod - Earth Rot shedshrine.

November 25, 2018
edited 5 months ago
With my copy the label for side B is a little off center but the vinyl disc and grooves themselves are centered correctly.

David Axelrod - Earth Rot this_is_a_document

November 23, 2018

I have no original to compare this to, but this pressing sounds amazing just like the last two reissues on Now-Again. They've done us a great service by remastering and re-releasing these masterpieces!