Erang ‎– The First Age

Out Of Season ‎– oos70, Out Of Season ‎– oos71
Box Set, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
2 × Cassette


Tome I
A1 Another World, Another Time 2:09
A2 No Apprentice This Year! 1:38
A3 Strange Eyes From The Trees 1:36
A4 A Wizard Is Never Late 2:14
A5 The Way Of The Horse Rider 3:25
A6 Woods Lullaby 2:57
A7 Ballad For Erang 2:09
A8 A Pale Green Light In The Night 1:23
A9 Servant Of The Nothing 5:12
A10 Dreams Of Youth Are Regrets Of Maturity 1:40
A11 Hereby Banished 1:55
A12 Ring A Dong Dillo! 2:21
A13 Deep Down Here By The Dark River 3:29
Tome II
B1 Casting The Ancient Spell Again 0:51
B2 The Dark Dungeon 3:17
B3 My Own Darkest Hours 2:45
B4 The Road Goes Ever On 4:16
B5 Trapped In The Frozen Forest 2:36
B6 People Of The Crystal Cave 2:23
B7 The Dead Oracle 2:57
B8 Dancing With An Evil Soul 1:41
B9 Ruins Of A Lost Underwater Kingdom 2:09
B10 Sparks In The Ice Cave 0:51
B11 When All Other Lights Go Out 2:42
B12 The Last Of My Name 2:43
B13 Epilogue 3:40
Tome III
C1 New Chapter In A Very Old Book 3:25
C2 Feast And Tales 2:45
C3 Loneliness Of The Stone Giant 3:06
C4 Summer Of The Troll 2:51
C5 Lands And Kingdoms 3:05
C6 Dawn Over The Crystal Mountains 3:18
C7 Sitting In A Dream 1:26
C8 Forgotten Passage To A New Realm 6:59
C9 The Drunken Tyrant 4:24
C10 A Lifetime In Jail 4:08
C11 The Hidden Child 2:21
C12 Horse Ride Through The Stars 1:32
C13 My Sad Farewell 4:31
Tome IV
D1 The One Who Comes Back From Another Realm 4:17
D2 Death Is A Silent Friend 3:50
D3 The Man With No Face 4:06
D4 Summon Your Dragon 3:11
D5 Forest Whisper 1:47
D6 School Of Elvish Harp 2:18
D7 Our Valley 4:17
D8 A Glimpse Of Magic 2:18
D9 Golden Age Of The Underwater Kingdom 1:49
D10 The Last March Of The Stone Giant 3:58
D11 Temple Of Elemental Evil 2:50
D12 Old And New Gods 3:18
D13 Within The Land Of My Imagination I Am The Only God 8:13


Deluxe Box Set limited to 100 copies.
Black jewelry box with gold hot foil stamp logo - Includes two pro-tapes containing the Tomes I, II, III and IV albums, download code for all albums, embroidered patch and 2 stickers.