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ConcernedApeStardew Valley Complete OST

Label:Fangamer – FG12
Box Set, Album
Vinyl, LP, Pink Marble
Vinyl, LP, Green Marble
Vinyl, LP, Orange Marble
Vinyl, LP, Silver Marble
Genre:Stage & Screen
Style:Soundtrack, Video Game Music


A1Stardew Valley Overture2:26
A2Cloud Country1:30
A3Grandpa's Theme1:02
A4Settling In1:48
A5Spring (It's A Big World Outside)3:56
A6Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)4:23
A7Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam)4:05
B1Pelican Town2:17
B2Flower Dance0:30
B3Fun Festival1:57
B4Distant Banjo1:55
B5Song Of Feathers (Emily's Theme)1:46
B6Emily's Dance1:02
B7Pickle Jar Rag (Haley's Theme)1:05
B8A Glimpse Of The Other World (Wizard's Theme)1:46
B9Frozen Pizza And Eggs (Shane's Theme)1:14
B10Load Game1:52
C1Summer (Nature's Crescendo)3:28
C2Summer (The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky)3:38
C3Summer (Tropicala)3:22
C4Calico Desert2:08
C5Country Shop1:04
C6The Stardrop Saloon1:23
C7Luau Festival1:30
D1Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies1:51
D3Starwatcher (Maru's Theme)1:40
D4A Sad Song (Alex's Theme)0:56
D5A Dark Corner Of The Past0:37
D6Violin Solo0:23
D7Alex's Keepsake0:41
D9Journey Of The Prarie King (Overworld)1:44
D10Journey Of The Prarie King (The Outlaw)1:06
D11Journey Of The Prarie King (Final Boss & Ending)1:23
D12Band Practice0:15
D13Sam's Band (Electronic Version)1:03
D14Sam's Band (Pop Version)1:04
D15Sam's Band (Bluegrass Version)1:02
D16Sam's Band (Heavy Version)1:01
E1Fall (The Smell Of Mushroom)3:33
E2Fall (Ghost Synth)2:37
E3Fall (Raven's Descent)2:49
E4Buttercup Melody1:04
E5Wedding Celebration0:42
E6The Adventure Guild0:53
E7The Library And Museum1:48
E8Stardew Valley Fair Theme1:54
E10Festival Game0:55
F1Spirit's Eve Festival2:09
F2In The Deep Woods2:09
F3Piano Solo (Elliott's Theme)0:25
F4A Stillness In The Rain (Abigail's Melody)1:04
F5Music Box Song1:15
F6Pleasant Memory (Penny's Theme)1:00
F7Mines (Star Lumpy)1:44
F8Mines (A Flicker In The Deep)1:25
F9Mines (Cloth)1:46
F10Mines (Crystal Bells)2:52
G1Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)3:20
G2Winter (The Wind Can Be Still)2:51
G3Winter (Ancient)3:05
G4Mines (Icicles)1:41
G5Mines (Marimba Of Frozen Bones)1:54
G6Mines (Visitor To The Unknown)2:08
G7Mines (The Lava Dwellers)2:59
H1Mines (Magical Shoes)1:47
H2Mines (Danger!)1:52
H3Echoes (Sebastian's Theme)0:43
H4Land Of Green And Gold (Leah's Theme)1:24
H5Grapefruit Sky (Dr. Harvey's Theme)1:14
H6Winter Festival1:25
H7Night Market2:12
H8Submarine Theme2:08
H9Mermaid Song1:10
H10A Golden Star Is Born1:57

Companies, etc.



Records housed in a large slipcase with printed inner sleeves.

All songs ©ConcernedApe 2016-2018.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): FG12 A CP18-0223 A TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.1(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): FG12 B CP18-0223 B TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.2(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C): FG12 C CP18-0223 C TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.3(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D): FG12 D CP18-0223 D TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.4(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E): FG12 E CP18-0223 E TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.5(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F): FG12 F CP18-0223 F TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.6(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G): FG12 G CP18-0223 G TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.7(2)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H): FG12 H CP18-0223 H TELEGRAPH-GONSA 31615.8(2)...
  • Barcode (Found on 2022 Restock): 850021028138

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
Stardew Valley Original Soundtrack (LP, Blue, Dark Blue & Green Tricolor, LP, Orange, Purple & Blue Tricolor, All Media, Album, Limited Edition)Gamer's EditionGE002UK2017
New Submission
Stardew Valley Original Soundtrack (LP, Album, Repress, Blue and Green Split, LP, Album, Repress, Orange and Purple Split)Gamer's EditionGE002UK2017
New Submission
Stardew Valley Complete OST (2×CD, Album, All Media, Album, Gatefold)FangamernoneUS2017
New Submission
Stardew Valley OST (74×File, FLAC, Album)Not On Labelnone2017
New Submission
Stardew Valley Original Soundtrack (Cassette, Album, 'Spring Green' Edition)Yetee RecordsYTR-00064US2020
9monkeyman9's avatar
My restock has a different barcode: 850021028114
Any ideas, guys?
steoneill's avatar
One of the best things i've had the pleasure of listening to on vinyl. I was a bit on the fence about buying it, as some record represses aren't so great, but this is well worth the money.
Bgraszer's avatar
This is a great set. The artwork is beautiful, as are the records themselves. There is a very minor bit of surface noise, but you will only hear it between tracks. No pops, no hissing. This is well pressed and sounds great. A must have for stardew fans.
mathull777's avatar
n3bbian's avatar
Did I miss a restock? There was only one copy for sale about a week or two ago, and now there are nine.
Morvngos's avatar
If there is any chance, I'm searching this box set.
If you'd like to sell it, let me know in DM.

Feel free to delete my post if inappropriate.

Many thanks!
thomase99's avatar
Honestly the best bang for your buck. for 4, coloured, audiophile records, 59 bucks is a steal. This sounded beautiful, Fangamer added so much goodies in it. Mondo, as much as I love them, needs to take a hint from Fangamer when it comes to audio quality. This will be on repeat in my household for many years to come
Sophienem's avatar
This is by far the best box set I have ever received for the price. Quality packaging, beautiful records, and great sound. Fangamer should be the model for all VGM releases instead of worse labels like iam8bit.
phreakbrain's avatar
yeah, from the packaging to the sound quality, I can't say enough good things about it. Fangamer's output should be looked upon as a model for every other company making VGM vinyl.
quixotic120's avatar
From the restock batch: excellent and very high quality packaging. Good sound quality with no hiss or pops noted during the duration although to be fair I had it on as background music so my attention wasn’t 100%. Mastering is pretty good and sounds exactly as you’d expect it to