R.A.W. (2) & DJ Trance ‎– Wake Up L.A.!!!

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Cassette, Mixed


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February 25, 2018
want to buy cassette is there anybody that has one for sale?


March 3, 2017
I had just moved to Colorado from SoCal and brought with me my tape collection, this being one of them. Soon found out hardcore techno and jungle hadn't hit the people of Colorado yet. That was 1994. When I saw a flyer with DJ Trance and R.A.W. playing in Denver, I had to go. I brought some of my new friends who finally get to see the stuff I came from and the talent behind it. Needless to say, the live sets were f'ing awesome. R.A.W. on three (four?) turntables plus a synthesizer, scratching, mixing, sampling, and going ape shit on them all at the same time. Mind boggling beat jockeying they were. It made me appreciate this tape even more. Fast forward to 2017, this tape is a fine hearty slice of L.A. underground history.
Cheers,keeping it old skool.


May 28, 2013
I have different version my wake up l.a. Is just r.a.w no dj trance on it. It starts off with r.a.w talking shit about sf dj......and have this untitled set with dj trance but start off totally different I think wake up l.a. Was one of those tapes that was like a missing link side the one with trance is side two of what was suppose to be the whole set of wake up l.a. ....r.a.w spins jungle and dj trance spins some dope oldskool trance...... Both are sick with their sets.....


June 26, 2008

This was the first hardcore tape i ever heard. Every track on this tape is slammin. This was what the Los Angeles "Rave Scene" was all about, Back when break crews still threw down. Great records by Foul Play, Smd, Origins Unknown and many others, The F*ck San Fransisco sample has to do with La Dj's hating on what the Sf Dj's were doing at this period, Trending to the house side of things. And just the wack dj's in general. This tape is why i spin records. Raw shows his turntable skills with his flawless mixing skillz that we come to expect from him, While Dj Trance shows his amazing ability to choose records that continue to improve on the mood of his set all the way until the end.
HardCore Will Never Die