Vitamin HMC* - 100% Juice scherben

April 9, 2019
edited about 1 month ago

Life Support System: What an incredible funky acid tune this is. It'll have you dancing around as a grinning loon; even if your hair's as grey as a Manchester sky.

Vitamin HMC* - 100% Juice V-Agent

December 28, 2018
Don't worry about the original Adelaide pressing, it's shit. No.. seriously. Thin, flimsy, it was crackly fresh out of the store. Some sketchy Melbourne pressing plant if I remember correctly. Old, worn out equipment, recycled, almost flexy vinyl. The Music Man version is the one you're after if you actually want to play this and actually have it sound like it didn't come special delivery through a string out of the end of a can.

Oh and it's Australia's best Techno record. Fite me.