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    Rob CrowJoyful Noise 2018 Artist In Residence

    Label:Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR280 - JNR290, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR280, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR281, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR282, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR283, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR284, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR285, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR286, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR287, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR288, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR289, Joyful Noise Recordings – JNR290
    Series:Joyful Noise 2018 Artist In Residence
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Orange
    Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, Album, Etched, Clear
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Gold
    Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Purple
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Brown
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Baby Blue
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Maroon
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Olive Green
    Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Single, Etched, White
    Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Compilation, Etched, Red
    Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Genre:Rock, Pop, Stage & Screen
    Style:Indie Pop, Math Rock, Indie Rock, Post Rock, Soundtrack


    JNR280 ‎– Optiganally Yours ‎– "O.Y. In Hi-Fi"
    A1Optiganally YoursTheme From O.Y.nisqatsi
    A2Optiganally YoursHow Do You Feel?
    A3Optiganally YoursWhomever Watches You Sleep
    A4Optiganally YoursPirates And Monkeys
    A5Optiganally YoursHope In Your Eyes
    A6Optiganally YoursMartin (midori2tree)
    A7Optiganally YoursLemons And Tacos
    B1Optiganally YoursToo Close To The Sun
    B2Optiganally YoursNight Shop
    B3Optiganally YoursPrelude To O.Y.nisqatsi
    B4Optiganally YoursO.Y.nisqatsi
    B5Optiganally YoursBionic While
    B6Optiganally YoursThis Heart
    JNR281 – Thingy – "Morbid Curiosity"
    C2ThingyThere's A Dog Loose In The Wood
    C4ThingyGrounded, I Guess
    C5ThingySong For James Randi
    C6ThingyThe Great San Diego Major Label Scare Of '92
    C7ThingyNot To Follow
    C8ThingyNot How It Sounds
    D1ThingyDe Laurentis
    D3ThingyThis Isn't Heat
    D4ThingyIn His Last Few Seconds On Earth
    D6ThingyOld School San Diego Rock Song About People Who Talk In The Movie Theater
    D7ThingyYou're Not Alone, Kid!
    D8ThingyHaven't Slept For Days
    JNR282 – Byre – "Here In Dead Lights"
    E1ByreObject Permanence
    FeaturingRyan Grisham
    E2ByreGhost Blood
    FeaturingRyan Grisham
    FeaturingRyan Grisham
    E4ByreGallagher III
    FeaturingRyan Grisham
    E5ByreWith A Hammer
    JNR283 – Goblin Cock – "Roses On The Piano"
    F1Goblin CockI Love Your Smile
    F2Goblin CockThe Savers
    F3Goblin CockHammond Song
    Written-ByMaggie Roche
    F4Goblin CockThink About Your Troubles
    Written-ByHarry Nilsson
    F5Goblin CockCrescent Noon
    F6Goblin CockJanitor
    F7Goblin CockSummer Breeze
    Written-ByDash Crofts, Jim Seals*
    G1Goblin CockBlow Up
    G2Goblin CockBest Way To Travel
    Written-ByMike Pinder
    G3Goblin CockPorpoise Song
    G4Goblin CockScreen Gems
    Written-ByEric Siday
    G5Goblin CockCrazy Horses
    G6Goblin CockSister Sarah
    G7Goblin CockHead Over Heals
    Written-ByCurt Smith, Roland Orzabal
    JNR283-7 – Snotnose – "A Distraction"
    H2SnotnoseBlue Backpack 1
    H3SnotnoseYawning Fire
    H5SnotnoseCut From The Team
    H6SnotnoseCrowd Pleaser
    H7SnotnoseN Rays For Randi
    H8SnotnoseSomeone Else's Comb
    I1SnotnoseForeigner 4
    I2SnotnoseWhite Bags
    I3SnotnoseTongue Lashing
    I5SnotnoseBlue Backpack 2
    I6SnotnoseAction Figures For Boys
    I7SnotnoseFlowers For Girls
    I8SnotnoseGolden Boy (Rusty Razor)
    I10SnotnoseLess Rock, More Cock
    I11SnotnoseSasquatch's Lament
    JNR284 – Third Act Problems – "The Sun Setting Over The Argosy Book Store"
    J1Third Act ProblemsSeltzer
    VocalsDevon Goldberg
    J2Third Act ProblemsDecember
    Written-ByPrescott*, Crow*
    J3Third Act ProblemsGnossiennes No. 1
    Arranged ByCrow*
    Composed ByErik Satie
    J4Third Act ProblemsSundowning (Scent Of Your Heart)
    Written-ByPrescott*, Crow*
    J5Third Act ProblemsHopped Up On Goofballs
    J6Third Act ProblemsReturning Grey
    TrumpetCarl Prescott
    Written-ByPrescott*, Crow*
    K1Third Act ProblemsStalling
    ClarinetGabe Sundy
    SaxophoneCochemea Gastelum
    K2Third Act ProblemsPlague Mask
    TrumpetCarl Prescott
    Written-ByPrescott*, Crow*
    K3Third Act ProblemsGiulietta II
    K4Third Act ProblemsPreferably On Fire
    Written-ByPrescott*, Crow*
    K5Third Act ProblemsPhantom Inventory
    TrumpetCarl Prescott
    Written-ByPrescott*, Crow*
    K6Third Act ProblemsYiddle
    JNR285 – Other – "For The Purposes Of This Conversation"
    L1Other*Your Eyes Closed
    L3Other*Neither Do You
    L5Other*So Green
    M2Other*Baby Talk
    M3Other*Diving Casualty
    M4Other*Heaven Knows
    M5Other*Esoteric Enterprise
    JNR286 – Remote Action Sequence Project – "The Semi-Glorified Demos Of Remote Action Sequence Project"
    N1Remote Action Sequence ProjectInstrumental 2
    DrumsTyler Lindgren
    N2Remote Action Sequence ProjectClown Paw
    N3Remote Action Sequence ProjectHit
    N4Remote Action Sequence ProjectCreases
    N5Remote Action Sequence ProjectThe Mystery Of Short Round
    DrumsTyler Lindgren
    N6Remote Action Sequence ProjectChef's Hat
    N7Remote Action Sequence ProjectChindeenine
    O1Remote Action Sequence ProjectGo Cart Day
    O2Remote Action Sequence ProjectJostler
    DrumsTyler Lindgren
    O3Remote Action Sequence ProjectNot My Rat
    O4Remote Action Sequence ProjectChicken Little
    Backing VocalsJason*
    O5Remote Action Sequence ProjectA.T.
    Backing VocalsJason*
    O6Remote Action Sequence ProjectSunrise
    DrumsTyler Lindgren
    JNR287 – Physics – "3"
    P1Physics (3)Level 4
    P2Physics (3)Seventh Elevenths
    Q1Physics (3)Carry The One
    Q2Physics (3)On Delay
    JNR288 ‎– Rob Crow – "Everything's OK: Season 1 Original Soundtrack"
    R1Rob CrowEOK Theme
    R2Rob CrowA Happy Place_A Scare Place
    R3Rob CrowUn Uneasy Amble
    R4Rob CrowA Darkness, A Light, A Darkness
    R5Rob CrowYour Father
    R6Rob CrowJMercial
    R7Rob CrowArid
    R8Rob CrowDirtball
    R9Rob CrowPipes
    R10Rob CrowSmall Talk
    R11Rob CrowEnter Badlady
    R12Rob CrowMarlon
    R13Rob CrowRat Talk
    R14Rob CrowPress The Button
    R15Rob CrowRat Queen
    R16Rob CrowRun Away
    R17Rob CrowIt's Safe To Drink
    R18Rob CrowAnother Amble
    R19Rob CrowIt's A Coppella
    S1Rob CrowThis Thing Again
    S2Rob CrowRobot Dawn
    S3Rob CrowSwanky Items
    S4Rob CrowNews
    S5Rob CrowThe Phone Is On My Head
    S6Rob CrowMore Garbage
    S7Rob CrowHi Mom
    S8Rob CrowAnnoying Song
    S9Rob CrowSpeech
    S10Rob CrowHit It
    S11Rob CrowMore Running
    S12Rob CrowGoodwill
    S13Rob CrowGoing South
    S14Rob CrowClosing In
    S15Rob CrowNot So Good
    S16Rob CrowDismal Failure (Hold Me Stay Away)
    S17Rob CrowEOK Theme (Long Version
    JNR289 ‎– Pinback – "ROJI (The Roshomon Effect)"
    T1PinbackROJI (The Roshomon Effect)
    JNR290 ‎– Anal Trump – "The First 100 Songs"
    That Makes Me Smart EP
    U1Anal TrumpYou Gotta Treat Em Like Shit
    U2Anal TrumpPTSD Is Gay
    U3Anal TrumpSome Mexicans Aren't Rapists
    U4Anal TrumpI Like The Soldiers Who DON'T Get Captured
    U5Anal TrumpMy Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass
    U6Anal TrumpPoor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents
    U7Anal TrumpThere's An African American!
    U8Anal TrumpBlood Coming Out Of Her Wherever
    U9Anal TrumpMexican Judges Don't Count
    U10Anal TrumpJournalism Is Gay
    U11Anal TrumpI'd Date My Daughter
    U12Anal TrumpGrab Em By The Pussy
    U13Anal TrumpTake His Coat
    U14Anal TrumpBreast Feeding Is Gay
    U15Anal TrumpTed Nugent Is Cool
    U16Anal TrumpDave Mustaine Is Cool
    U17Anal TrumpTrump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls
    U18Anal TrumpPoll Watcher
    U19Anal TrumpSome Things Saddam Hussein Did Well
    U20Anal TrumpChanging Diapers Is Gay
    U21Anal TrumpBuild That Wall
    U22Anal TrumpAlex Jones Is Smart
    U23Anal TrumpI'm In Astonishingly Excellent Health
    U24Anal TrumpStay In Your Pens
    U25Anal Trump911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally
    U26Anal TrumpMake America Great Again
    U27Anal TrumpNobody Respects Women More Than Me
    U28Anal TrumpHarriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3
    U29Anal TrumpI Demand An Apology!
    U30Anal TrumpThat Makes Me Smart!
    To All The Broads I've Nailed Before EP
    U31Anal TrumpMammograms Are Gay
    U32Anal TrumpNasty Woman
    U33Anal TrumpBefore I Proceed, I'd Like To Hear The Other Side Of The Argument Against Cervical Cancer
    U34Anal TrumpFlip Your Panties
    U35Anal TrumpThe Fat Picture
    U36Anal TrumpIf I Don't Respect Women, Then How Come I Own A Beauty Pageant?
    U37Anal TrumpSome Of My Best Friends Know Some Woman That They Still Have Yet To Sexualize
    U38Anal TrumpThe Trump Rule
    U39Anal TrumpWorking Wives
    U40Anal TrumpWhom I'd Sleep With 2000 (In Order)
    If You Thought Six Million Jews Was A Lot Of People, You Should Have Seen My Inauguration EP
    U41Anal TrumpTake The Hebe Outta Holocaust
    U42Anal TrumpThe Old State Department Library
    U43Anal TrumpChristian Discount
    U44Anal TrumpRace Detector
    U45Anal TrumpAnne Frank Memorial Bagel Chips
    U46Anal TrumpLet's See Some I.D.
    U47Anal TrumpIt It's Alright With Putin
    U48Anal TrumpThe ACLU Is Gay!
    U49Anal TrumpNuclear Football Photo-Op
    U50Anal TrumpDoes This Cross Make Me Look Fat?
    If You Wanted To Qualify For Health Insurance, Then Maybe You Shouldn't Have Gotten Raped EP
    U51Anal TrumpSick People Are Gay
    U52Anal TrumpFor All My Friends!!
    U53Anal TrumpAsking For It?
    U54Anal TrumpVictory Lap
    U55Anal TrumpOld People Are Gay
    U56Anal TrumpThe Jobs You'll Get
    U57Anal TrumpIt's My Hat Now!
    U58Anal TrumpCan You Believe It?
    U59Anal TrumpRiot Receipt
    U60Anal TrumpKill The Poor, Then Fuck The Poor, Then Bill Their Families
    Make America Say Merry Christmas Again EP
    U61Anal TrumpMake America Say Merry Christmas Again?
    U62Anal TrumpBaby, It's Cold Outside
    U63Anal TrumpJingle Pence
    U64Anal TrumpIt's Always A White Christmas For Jeff Sessions
    U65Anal TrumpThe Bible Is My Favorite Book
    U66Anal TrumpSanta Is Real, But Climate Change Is A Hoax
    U67Anal TrumpIs Alex Jones Doing Sandy Hook Claus Again This Year?
    U68Anal TrumpWhere's My Parade?
    U69Anal TrumpTic Tacs And Mistletoe
    U70Anal TrumpCarol Of The Pence
    Thoughts EP
    U71Anal TrumpMy Cabinet Is Nuances As Shit
    U72Anal TrumpNormalize It!
    U73Anal TrumpI Only Like The Prequels
    U74Anal TrumpWhere's My Apology?
    U75Anal TrumpWhat's A Few Dead Kids Between Business Partners?
    U76Anal TrumpI Alone Can Fix It
    U77Anal TrumpThe "Southern White House" IS Totally A Thing!
    U78Anal TrumpCan't Get To Heaven Fast Enough
    U79Anal TrumpMelania (A Love Song)
    U80Anal TrumpDroppin' Bombs While Droppin' Bombs While Droppin' Bombs
    Prayers EP
    U81Anal TrumpFaith Initiative
    U82Anal TrumpBiblically Qualified
    U83Anal TrumpA Soft Sensuality
    U84Anal TrumpPotty Law!
    U85Anal TrumpA Widow's Applause (Delicious)
    U86Anal TrumpChecks/Balances/Gay
    U87Anal TrumpIt's Just Business
    U88Anal TrumpThe Hand Shake
    U89Anal TrumpCan A Brother Get An RT?
    U90Anal TrumpSee Sex Tape
    The Golden Age Of Willful Ignorance EP
    U91Anal TrumpAutocorrect Is Gay
    U92Anal TrumpUnpresidented
    U93Anal TrumpRenewable Resources Are Gay
    U94Anal Trump"Experts"
    U95Anal TrumpComputers Are Stupid
    U96Anal TrumpRational Discourse Is Gay
    U97Anal TrumpLast Night In Sweden
    U98Anal TrumpHuman Checkers
    U99Anal TrumpThe President Of Australia Is Gay
    U100Anal TrumpI'm Like A Smart Person

    Companies, etc.



    2018 Artist In Residence box set containing ten (10) LPs and two (2) 7"s, all featuring Rob Crow-related projects. Each box is numbered out of 475 copies.

    JNR280 ‎– Optiganally Yours ‎– "O.Y. In Hi-Fi"
    Blue vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    ©℗ 2018 Joyful Noise Recordings & Optiganally Yours
    2000-2017 sessions produced by Pea Hix & Rob Crow
    1969-1973 sessions produced by Mike LeDoux and Marshall Pearlman, et al.
    Mastered at Infrasonic Sound
    Published by Robcore (administered by Secretly Publishing) and Forbidden Peanut

    JNR281 – Thingy – "Morbid Curiosity"
    Orange vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    © & ℗ 2018 Joyful Noise Recordings & Thingy
    Published by Robcore (administered by Secretly Publishing)

    JNR282 – Byre – "Here In Dead Lights"
    Single-sided clear vinyl with B side etching
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    © & ℗ 2018 Joyful Noise Recordings & Byre
    (Mud Center, BMI; Robcore - administered by Secretly Publishing, ASCAP; Benny Franks Gold, ASCAP)

    JNR283 – Goblin Cock – "Roses On The Piano"
    "An album of cover songs for the discriminating palette"
    Gold vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve with credits written in Rune
    © & ℗ 2018 Joyful Noise Recordings & Goblin Cock
    Published by Robcore (administered by Secretly Publishing)
    Originally performed by:
    F1 – Shanice
    F2 – Perrey & Kingsley
    F3 – The Roches
    F4 – Harry Nilsson
    F5 – Carpenters
    F6 – Suburban Lawns
    F7 – Seals & Crofts
    G1 – Human Sexual Response
    G2 – The Moody Blues
    G3 – The Monkees
    G4 – Eric Siday
    G5 – The Osmonds
    G6 – Helios Creed
    G7 – Tears For Fears

    JNR283-7 – Snotnose – "A Distraction"
    Black vinyl

    JNR284 – Third Act Problems – "The Sun Setting Over The Argosy Book Store"
    Purple vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    Recorded by Rob and Chris at each other's places
    Published by Robcore (administered by Secretly Publishing)

    JNR285 – Other – "For The Purposes Of This Conversation"
    Brown vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    Recorded and mixed at Singing Serpent
    Published by Robcore (Administered by Secretly Publishing)

    JNR286 – Remote Action Sequence Project – "The Semi-Glorified Demos Of Remote Action Sequence Project"
    Baby blue vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    Initial recording done at Hypno Loft
    Additional recording done at Rob's, Jason's, and Tyler's

    JNR287 – Physics – "3"
    Maroon vinyl
    Includes printed inner sleeve
    All songs written 97-99
    Recorded at Points Of Action studio

    JNR288 ‎– Rob Crow – "Everything's OK: Season 1 Original Soundtrack"
    Olive green vinyl
    Published by Robcore (Administered by Secretly Publishing)

    JNR289 ‎– Pinback – "ROJI (The Roshomon Effect)"
    Single-sided white vinyl with B side etching

    JNR290 ‎– Anal Trump – "The First 100 Songs"
    Single-side red vinyl with B side etching
    Includes insert
    ©/℗ 2018 Joyful Noise Recordings & Anal Trump
    Published by Robcore (Admin. by Secretly Publishing)

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode (JNR280): 714270692581
    • Barcode (JNR290): 714270693588
    • Label Code: LC 38043
    • Matrix / Runout (Side A): O.Y. IN HI-FI - JNR280 A 173246E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side B): THANKS MIKE! - JNR280 B 173246E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side C): PIRATES PRESS - JNR281 A 179974E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side D): PIRATES PRESS - JNR281 B 179974E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side E): PIRATES PRESS - JNR282 179975E1/B
    • Matrix / Runout (Side F): PIRATES PRESS - JNR283 A 179976E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side G): PIRATES PRESS - JNR283 B 179976E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side H): PIRATES PRESS - JNR283-7 A 179977O1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side I): PIRATES PRESS - JNR283-7 B 179977O2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side J): PIRATES PRESS - JNR284 A 179978E1/B
    • Matrix / Runout (Side K): PIRATES PRESS - JNR284 B 179978E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side L): PIRATES PRESS - JNR285 A 179979E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side M): PIRATES PRESS - JNR285 B 179979E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side N): PIRATES PRESS - JNR286 A 179980E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side O): PIRATES PRESS - JNR286 B 179980E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side P): PIRATES PRESS - JNR287 A 179982E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side Q): PIRATES PRESS - JNR287 B 179982E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side R): PIRATES PRESS - JNR288 A 179984E1/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side S): PIRATES PRESS - JNR288 B 179984E2/A
    • Matrix / Runout (Side T): PIRATES PRESS - JNR289 179985H1/B
    • Matrix / Runout (Side U): PIRATES PRESS - JNR290 A 179986M1/A
    • Rights Society: ASCAP
    • Rights Society: BMI


    subgeniusguy's avatar
    #135 in TN. I would also like to thank those that compiled the information for this release. Pinback brought most of us to Rob Crow. I was familiar enough with some of his other current and past projects that purchasing the box was not much of a risk. I’ll admit that a couple of the discs are not my cup of tea, but the positives far outweigh the negatives given the immensity of this project. There’s hours of great music here well worth the price. The quality of the box and pressings are outstanding especially given the very limited nature of the release. It’s a comprehensive testament to the works of Rob Crow.
    michaeljthieme's avatar
    279 in Brooklyn ... thanks for the data entry, overwhelming.
    trail_spin's avatar
    There is a special place in hell for the person who is selling all the records in this box set individually.
    eclipsed's avatar
    I've got #311 in Alaska....Fantastic set, worth every penny. OY, Thingy, and Other are probably my favorites...
    referent's avatar
    I am so envious of all that received copies. May you treasure them forever.
    jcb1976's avatar
    Almost at the end of the run at #456 but, boy, is this incredible output for only a year's worth of releases. And major thanks to those who helped enter all of the info into Discogs.
    BigShemp's avatar
    An absolutely amazing set and worth every penny! #375 in Los Angeles.
    CultLeaderLettuce's avatar
    #450 in Marietta, GA. This is one of the best boxsets that I've ever spent money on, and I'm so glad that this thing gave Rob the chance to finally finish the Thingy and Optiganally Yours records.
    ruddyferd's avatar
    so far mine are straight as arrows. sounds great, looks great, super stoked. working my way through :) #066 in halifax, ns.
    trail_spin's avatar
    thank you to whoever added this entry to Discogs! you the real MVP... Anyway i got #224 in Atlanta GA..