Psychedelic Ensemble. ‎– LIVE AT THE CLINIC

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1 New Breakthrough (Intro) 1:07
2 A Rather Special Visitor Indeed!
Featuring – Blu (2)
3 Villain's Monologue / The Vision For The Clinic (Interlude)
Featuring – Sidewalk Kal
4 Wise Words From A Stupid Man
Featuring – Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire
5 Vampire
Featuring – Denmark Vessey
6 Alien Signals
Featuring – Yung Morpheus
7 Robert Augustus Plays The Drums 00:47
8 Sunset Got Me
Featuring – Pink Siifu
9 Hot Ninja
Featuring – Zeroh
10 Nimbus
Featuring – Alix Villanueva
11 The Popularity Of The Clinic Is A Gift And A Curse (Interlude) 02:34
12 Daffi At The Clinic
Featuring – Jeremiah Jae
13 Hermann Ehrlich's Quick Experimental Piece (Interlude) 00:54
14 Laced
Featuring – Nyyjerya
15 Parallel Park the Coupe / Second Opinion (Interlude)
Featuring – ThaGodFahim
16 One In Your Melon
Featuring – ThaGodFahim
17 Expiration Date
Featuring – Sidewalk Kal
18 Got Power
Featuring – Nyyjerya
19 Injecting Life Into The Music (Interlude) 02:06
20 Drone
Featuring – Kent Loon
21 Drive Home Safe
Featuring – Argyle



Liner Notes

Historical account of THE CLINIC, as told by Robert Augustus:

"I started THE CLINIC in 2014 with the intention to promote pure artistry. To me, a pure artist is someone with hunger to create. To her or him, creation is a need so strong, it is reminiscent of an obsession. At THE CLINIC, one received the opportunity to push and release this obsession over live instrumentation performed by my band, psychedelic ensemble.

Every individual invited to THE CLINIC was observed throughout a long period of time. I admired their creative progression over the years, and became eager to contribute to their expanding catalogues.

THE CLINIC started out in the heart of London, where psychedelic ensemble. and I are based. With time, as its popularity grew, the venue attracted Instagram influencers, YouTube vloggers, clout chasers, hypebeasts and aesthetics specialists. The club's focus shifted from creativity and musicality to visual attractiveness. In late 2015, word of THE CLINIC reached a corporation which shall remain unnamed and I was offered to convert it into a boxing arena for internet celebrities. I refused. Unfortunately, the corporation would not let go. Its aggressive tactics, supported by financial strength and political connections, ran the venue to the ground.

I was penniless. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to let my vision for THE CLINIC go down the drain. I decided to go underground, and start all over.

Since the club was closed down in early 2016, every performance associated with THE CLINIC has been hosted at a different location, communicated via strictly regulated mailing lists. We performed anywhere we could - bars, abandoned warehouses, friends’ flats, you name it. Although it took a lot of financial sacrifices, the healthy and creative environment was resurrected. In 2017, the word spread overseas, and THE CLINIC became bigger than it had ever been. It was an international phenomenon, but it reached this status on my own terms.

With this release, I am proud to present the first instalment of recordings from sessions at THE CLINIC. Each performance was restored to the best of my capabilities, although my resources and access to high end technology were limited.

I would like to thank every performer with utmost gratitude. THE CLINIC is what it is thanks to you. At the same time, every supporter, fan and contributor is equally important to the success and survival of the movement. This album is for you."

Robert Augustus is the sole owner of THE CLINIC. He currently manages acts such as Bobby Smokes, psychedelic ensemble. and Hermann Ehrlich. He has an Arts History Master's Degree from Humboldt University of Berlin. During his studies, he developed a strong passion for unconventional and experimental music. In his free time, he practices drumming.