Have A Nice LifeDeathconsciousness

Label:Enemies List Home Recordings – EL01
2 x CDr, Album, Slim DVD-Case
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Industrial, Experimental


The Plow That Broke The Plains
CD1-1A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut7:52
CD1-3The Big Gloom8:06
CD1-6Who Would Leave Their Son Out In The Sun?5:19
CD1-7There Is No Food4:00
The Future
CD2-1Waiting For Black Metal Records To Come In The Mail6:17
CD2-2Holy Fucking Shit: 40,0006:28
CD2-3The Future3:50
CD2-4Deep, Deep5:25
CD2-5I Don't Love6:13



According to the website the cat for this release is el01.

The album title is consistently referred to as DEATHCONSCIOUSNESS in all caps.

This is the second pressing of this CD-R. Comes with the 75 page booklet: “On An Obscure Text”.

"All songs were recorded at 2 Brainard in Middletown, Connecticut."
"Have A Nice Life at separate times during this recording, included Thao, Brian, Will, and Cody."

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Deathconsciousness (2×CDr, Album, Slim DVD-Case)Enemies List Home RecordingsEL01US2008
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  • vinsclortho's avatar
    I bought this lp from a local shop but my variant is like none listed. It's like a teal with marbled black and green. I know it's from the recent 2022 pressing but it doesn't even seem like it could be a messed up version of any of those listed. I'm just curious if anyone else has a blue one.
    • faithlessss's avatar
      How to add a Galaxy (Deathwish Inc. (EU) Exclusive) - version to my collection?
      • Fadedsun's avatar
        Received one today that is standard black. I don't see it anywhere on here to add from the 2021 presses. If I scan my barcode, I get a list of all the colored variants, but I don't see black.
        • Multi_s's avatar
          hello, When is the next pressing of this album in vinyl?
          • 2drui's avatar
            Very good album full of emotions sad and uplifting.
            I want to buy a vinyl, which one can I chose as long as I see here there is lot of poor sound quality pressing?
            • jcmuellr's avatar
              anyone else missing bloodhail from their copy of this
              • jcmuellr's avatar
                how come it says this is the second pressing but there's no first pressing entry on discogs?
                • irving3434's avatar
                  Anyone noticed that the jacket gets horribly smudged when you lay a single finger on it?
                  Is there any way to remove these smudges?
                  • darex-'s avatar
                    • Shadowstorm's avatar
                      I’ve wanted to write about this band and their music for quite some time now but never could discover the words that I wanted to use to describe them. I think that one of the main reasons why I’ve become so attracted to this record is that I hadn’t quite heard something played in this fashion and in such continuity before and done to a degree that I’ve come to appreciate over the course of a few years. Having been released in early ’08, the record itself has had time to settle throughout its respective musical circles and suffice it to say, it has managed to hold its own particularly well despite similar releases of comparable sounds.

                      This double album is not so much about any one genre; indeed, many musical elements are showcased here. A lot of shoegaze is present as is a bit of post-rock and even drone at points. The shoegaze elements work particularly well – I don’t find too many albums these days who have been able to replicate the effect that is played throughout Half a Nice Life’s music. The third track perhaps most heavily hints at this with vocals sounding like they’ve been partially submerged as well as liberal use of effect pedals and other equipment that produce a certain dreamlike quality to it reminiscent of 80s and early very early 90s shoegaze groups (think The Jesus and the Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine).

                      However, I don’t think that these reasons alone account for the band’s consistent appeal since I’ve known about them. The fact that they do so many things in the album and do it well should indeed speak for itself. It flows very well from the very first track. Texturally rough, but beautiful and seductive. It took me a fairly lengthy amount of time to fully appreciate the record for what it is and I’m still finding small details about it that make that even more pronounced.

                      What’s interesting is that the people behind the Connecticut, US-based band took almost eight years to put out their very first full length album when it was formed in 2000, perhaps more involved in other projects at the time including bands like The Danger Strangers and then-active In Pieces. Their second release entitled Time of Land was released two years later comprising of just four tracks and although of equal caliber to Deathconciousness, not much else has been heard from this group that we know of, at least not in any official capacity.

                      “Bloodhail” and “The Big Gloom” proved to be surefire hits, however there is a lot more to be discovered as you listen throughout the album including “Holy Fucking Shit, 40,000″ as well as “I Don’t Love” found within the second half of the album: an incredible washed out wall of sound that really satisfies and compliments the entire album very, very elegantly.

                      Double albums are usually very ambitious and prove themselves out with their reception. And despite the hype that this band got when Deathconciousness was released, Half a Nice Life has honestly out done themselves with such a fine quality release and I have no doubt that the record will continue to be a staple of the genres that it represents.


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