灰野敬二*魂の純愛 = Soul's True Love

Keiji Haino - 魂の純愛 = Soul's True Love album cover


Concert From The Genyasai Festival
1-1Lost Aaraaf*叫喚地獄 = Hell Of Screams29:02
1-2Lost Aaraaf*最後の審判 = The Lost Judgement29:11
Suite Reverberation: The Third Heart
2-1Keiji Haino突き出された七つめの心臓 = The Seventh Heart Projected1:37
2-2Keiji Haino聖獣の恥じらい = Blushes Of The Holy Beast8:14
2-3Keiji Haino霞んでゆく君が居たというこの時間と香り = Dimming, The Time And Scent Where Once You Were5:12
2-4Keiji Hainoこの憂鬱な一言はいずこから = From Whence This Melancholy Word?0:51
2-5Keiji Haino忘れ去られてゆく輝いた孤独 = Glittered Solitude Fades From Memory12:33
2-6Keiji Hainoまだ輝いた孤独が関係性を保っていた頃 = When Glittered Solitude Still Preserved The Connectedness3:07
2-7Keiji Haino今にも消え入らんとする我が実体 = Even Now My Being Attempts To Vanish1:14
2-8Keiji Hainoこれほど染みついてしまっている懐疑性をいたわることのできるのは君かな?= Are You The One? The One Who Can Console Skepticism Stained This Deep1:31
2-9Keiji Haino溢れ出た優しさという種族の残党 = The Remnants Of A Tribe Called "Tenderness Overflowed"2:06
2-10Keiji Haino我が故郷,灰色の太陽が昇る地を訪ねたとき = When I Visited My Home, The Land Where A Gray Sun Rises5:34
2-11Keiji Haino地底の神々と美意識の密約 = The Secret Pact Between Beauty-Awareness And The Gods Of The Underworld10:47
2-12Keiji Hainoさらにさらに黄昏の中に = Further, Further Into The Twilight2:26
Suite Reverberation: Forest Of Spirits
3-1Keiji Haino組曲言霊~第一楽章:まばらになってゆく自分自身の記憶を追いゆく言霊 = 1st Movement: The Reverberation That Pursues Its Own Growing Sparse Memories23:42
3-2Keiji Haino同~第二楽章:下界に色彩を感じ始めている言霊 = 2nd Movement: The Reverberation That Becomes Aware Of Colours In This World16:41
3-3Keiji Haino同~第三楽章:水の中に滲みたいと望む言霊 = 3rd Movement: The Reverberation That Wishes To Blur In Water6:35
3-4Keiji Haino同~第四楽章:すべての力を自分自身の中に取り戻そうとする言霊 = 4th Movement: The Reverberation That Attempts To Take Back All Energy Into Itself26:36
4-1Fushitsusha無駄ということと1×1=?という認識の決戦 = The Decisive Battle Between That Called "Futility" And The Understanding That "1x1=?"13:50
4-2Fushitsusha滴り落ちる一粒の神経 = A Drop Of Nerves Falls8:07
4-3Fushitsusha浴びせかけられた誉れなる屈辱の部屋で… = In A Room Where I Am Showered With Honoring Insults28:43
4-4Fushitsusha今があるだけ~ここに居る~あいつは生きている~みんな同じ = All There Is Is Now - Being Here - He Lives - Everyone The Same17:17

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Disc 1 recorded at Nihon Genyasai, 1971. Disc 2 is home recordings from 1969 to 1972. Disc 3 is a suite for dance, recorded in 1973.

Thanks to Miyabe Kazuhiko & Tanaka Jun.

© ℗ 1995

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI L302
  • Matrix / Runout (PT-001): PT-01 OP5Y2A
  • Matrix / Runout (PT-002): PT-02 OP5Y2A
  • Matrix / Runout (PT-003): PT-03 OP5Y2A
  • Matrix / Runout (PT-004): PT-04 OP5Y2A




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