Jazkamer ‎– Art Breaker

Smalltown Superjazzz ‎– STSJ135CD
CD, Album


1 Art Is Magic Delivered From The Lie Of Being Truth 1:50
2 Pure Phenomenology Is The Science Of Pure Consciousness 1:04
3 The Focus Of Subjectivity Is A Distorting Mirror 0:23
4 Nothing Can Have Value Without Being An Object Of Utility 0:56
5 The Great Tragedy Of Science 0:21
6 Domination Delegates The Physical Violence On Which It Rests To The Dominated 0:53
7 Dreaming In Public 0:05
8 By Virtue Of Consciousness 0:42
9 Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely 0:12
10 The Original Is Unfaithful To The Translation 0:18
11 The Evidence Of One's Senses, The One-Stroke Method 0:33
12 Two Dogmas Of Empiricism 0:28
13 World As Will And Representation 0:23
14 The Appeal To The Given 0:27
15 Stripped Of Ethical Rationalizations And Philosophical Pretensions 0:20
16 Change Alone Is Eternal, Perpetual, Immortal 0:10
17 Emotion Re-Presented, Distilled 0:22
18 The Total Imaginative Experience 0:20
19 Work And Truth, Two Conceptions Of The Future 0:24
20 To Die For A Religion Is Easier Than To Live It Absolutely 0:07
21 Only The Hand That Erases Can Write The True Thing 0:09
22 Democracy Is An Abuse Of Statistics 0:18
23 Life Has Become The Ideology Of Its Own Absence 0:20
24 Every Work Of Art Is An Uncommitted Crime 0:23
25 Locomotives Of History 0:06
26 Intelligence Is A Moral Category 0:18
27 Normality Is Death 0:14
28 The Whole Is The False 0:11
29 The Gods Look In Pleasure On Penitent Sinners 0:13
30 The Web Of Domination Has Become The Web Of Reason Itself 0:09
31 Life Itself Is A Quotation 0:13
32 Necessity Is Blind Until It Becomes Conscious 0:11
33 Everybody Dances With The Grim Reaper 0:16
34 Reality Is Not Always Probable, Or Likely 0:07
35 The Slaying Of A Beautiful Hypothesis By An Ugly Fact 0:12
36 No Emancipation Without That Of Society 0:15
37 Is The Circularity Vicious? 0:07
38 Speaking With The Vulgar 0:12
39 New Riddle Of Induction 0:08
40 The Presence Of Relevant Falsehood 0:10
41 Probability As Certainity 0:10
42 Transcendence Constitutes Selfhood 0:09
43 Useful As A Form Of Employment For Economists 0:11
44 Physical Evils Are Beacon Lights To Warn Us From Vice 0:08
45 Out Magic Delivered From Vulgar 0:06
46 Absurdness Is The Essential Concept And The First Truth 0:07
47 The View Only Changes For The Lead Dog 0:12
48 Weakness, Re-Processed, Vicious 0:13
49 Sold By The Unprincipled To The Utterly Bewildered 0:11
50 Autumn Is A Second Spring When Every Leaf Is A Flower 0:10
51 The Cry Of Men In Face Of Their Destiny 0:13
52 All Currency Is Neurotic Currency 0:07
53 Finally The Sacrifices Are Brought To Completion 0:07
54 To Depend On The Presence Of The Crowd Is Weakness 0:05
55 Real Progress Lies In Learning To Be Wrong 0:08
56 No Fate That Cannot Be Surmounted By Scorn 0:07
57 Out Of Discord Comes The Fairest Harmony 0:06
58 Art Breaker 0:13




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June 2, 2008

This album has really got the sound of those old school noise core records. It's dirty, intense and not too long. I've heard a lot of music of those old 80's and 90's noise core records which is pretty much sounding like this, but Jazkamer has chosen a good tracklist for this album. 17 minutes of pure noise core, and what do you know. Once again Jazkamer seems to be creating another fantastic record doing something new. I love it, but it's enough for today.