Steven Dale - Together Forever as reviewed by e-control

June 4, 2018
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absolutely amazing, wonderful record, one of my absolute favourites! very emotional and passionate, and even the sleeve underlines it's understatement. i can easily imagine that the producer / singer had put all his emotion in the tracks to show his love for a woman - the love of his life - but an unrequited love ...? a very emotional, private production that goes "all in", the creator shows he "means it serious"- true emotion-wise.

besides the fact that this is basically what especially italo is about, he is capturing that unique mood, shows he has really something to say, and did not just produce any other "trendy" track.
in my opinion, this record is an absolute milestone, and i would go so far to say, the kind of "b-class mixing / voice", here even is an absolute advantage, music stripped down to the essence; the idea + "emotion of the time/moment", instantly recorded and transformed to acoustically reproducable emotion for similar feeling people, staying absolutely true / real all the time, the opposite of "wannabe-singers", although not a professional singers voice!
and the additional, great effect - it keeps superficial people that only want catchy productions with tight mixdown that works in commercial clubs away - they will not understand, neither the voice, nor the sound, nor the whole world of emotion that's in it.

sadly, as the previous reviewer said, there is no other production from the guy, what i would have loved to hear for sure! - but maybe ... maybe, even this is an advantage. as this record is perfect, maybe there was simply no need to make another one :-)

this record, and that for sure, will remain one of my absolute favourites until i die.


Steven Dale - Together Forever looking.for.treasure

April 16, 2020
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Well said. Just wanted to add that it was also produced in 1989, the times when the worst production in this genre was coming out.

Steven Dale - Together Forever as reviewed by Diman-Italoboy

December 3, 2012

It's really fantastic song+B-side '' timeless love '' amazing too!!! Very sad that he has not other singles((( very sad

Most wanted to collectors